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Found 6 results

  1. turtle and Orchid were sitting around in a dark room, thinking about how to best keep the HI contained. Unfortunately, they eventually heard an ominous beeping coming from outside the room. When they got up to investigate, and opened the door, they just saw a small box with a countdown. Unfortunately, they did not realize that it was a bomb. Devotary of Spontaneity has died! They were a Loyal Feruchemist and Hemalurgist. eltruT has died! She was a Loyal Regular and Hemalurgist. GM Notes: -The day will end on November 2nd, at 5:00 PM EST. -The following player is receiving a warning for inactivity: @Mist. If she does not post this cycle, she will be replaced. -If you need a vote count, just @mention me and I'll give you one ASAP! -Remember that PMs are closed during the day. Player List:
  2. Elandera was a normal mechanic on the ship. She didn't particularly care about any magic, so she just ignored it. If the ship worked, it worked. Except, one day, the ship wasn't working quite right. The captain was dead, and the Hemalurgic Intelligence was mutinous. Before long, everything had gotten even worse, and two more loyal mechanics were dead. Suffice to say, Elandera was quite surprised when a mob came for her. After all, she hadn't been involved in anything suspicious. Elandera has died! She was a Loyal Regular. Vote Count: Elandera (4): Amanuensis, Araris Valerian, Flyingbooks42, TJ Shade Condensation (2): Elandera, Shard of Reading eltruT (2): Elkanah, Whysper Shard of Reading (2): Devotary of Spontaneity, Illwei Illwei (1): Mist Mist (1): The Windrunner Supreme GM Notes: -The night will end on October 28th, at 5:00 PM EST. -Don't forget to get your actions in! -PMs are open! Remember to include me and Matrim. -Experience and Orlok still haven't shown up, so they're set to be replaced at the start of the next day. Player List:
  3. Day 3 The night was quiet. Ordinarily it would be peaceful, but tonight was tense. People were scared. A murder had happened last night, and nobody wanted to be out in case it happened again. A twisted knife glinted in the moonlight as a hooded figure took it out of its hiding place in their robes.The figure examined it and fond memories arose. The color of rubies, the smell of iron. TJ was relaxing in their home, signing trade documents and drinking tea. They were engrossed in terms and conditions, they didn’t hear the window crack open, or the slippered feet that barely made the floorboards creak. They didn’t feel the blade, or the tea they spilled. TJ Shade has died! They were a Loyal Merchant and a Kingpin. The cycle will end in ~48 hours on Saturday the 3rd, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item market: Contract Market: Player List:
  4. Night 2 Akiia spoke swiftly and passionately, looking out at the crowd of their fellow merchants. They felt a bead of sweat roll down their brow. The crowd grew more galvanized the more Akiia spoke, every word seemingly driving nails deeper into their coffin. Their arguments made sense! Why wouldn't anyone understand what they said? The crowd pushed in onto Akiia and their words became more frantic, more heated, and rhetoric turned into heated argument. When Akiia had come to Kae, they had admired how deep and rich the culture there seemed. The elantrians ruled fairly and AonDor was a staple that permeated life in Arelon. But after the Raod, Kae seemed to lose its depth, the layers of culture were being stripped away and what was left was hunger and a struggle for power. The power hungry merchants they were currently fending off had started to turn rotten, like an onion left out in the sun. They were sickening. Akiia spent their final words spitting acid at those who accused them, but they could not stop the horde from taking them to the gallows. The rope waited for Akiia, and a small part of them welcomed it. Illwei has been lynched! They were a Loyal Merchant and an Actor. Vote Count: Illwei (3): Venture, Matrim’s Dice, Lotus Xinoehp (2): Elkanah, Ashbringer Venture (2): Mist, Illwei Lotus (1): Ventyl Mist (1): TJ Shade There were votes on four separate players, Socialites can now create group PMs. The Night cycle will end in ~24 hours, on Thursday October 1st, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market Player List:
  5. Night 1 Kadio fumed as the merchants closed around him. They suspected him for the letters he had dropped in the market square, his persecution of the judge, and his general defensiveness. All adequate reasons to be fair, but this was not how he wanted to die. He wanted to ravage the world as the disease had ravaged his body. He wanted to watch the merchants fall before him, diseases meaning nothing when revolution was nigh. He wanted so much more than this. This measly, insignificant death, simply a stepping stone on the path to greater things. Meaningless compared to what could have been. What should have been. "You filthy merchants," he snarled. He was the greatest of hypocrites, in the end. Kadio was hung in a brand new gallows, everything went smoothly, the carpenter was pleased with his work. Gears has died! They were a Loyal Merchant and a Trademaster! Gears (8): Xino, Venture, Matrim’s Dice, Vapor, Mist, Kings Way, Ashbringer, Devotary Lotus (3) TJ Shade, Gears, Ventyl Xino (1) Elkanah @Gears Thanks for the RP! There was a majority vote! A Conference has been invoked. The "create PM" action can now be taken during night turns. Assembly can now be triggered. A Trademaster has died, the prices in the Item Market have been raised by 10%. Item Market: Contract Market: The night turn will end in ~24 hours, on Monday the 28th at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Player list:
  6. From the album House Kholin Zine

    Cover page, now with bad photo quality and extra glare!