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Found 7 results

  1. rhythm of war spoilers

    OK before I start spoilers for a rhythm of war so what’s going on with adolin it’s obvious in the book that Maya is getting better so what does that mean for adolin well he become a radian maybe a edgedancer Since Maya is a cultivation spren Or maybe something else it seems like in the book he doesn’t want to become a radiant I don’t know what do you guys think
  2. There is more you can do with breaths than just using them to awaken non-sentient objects. In Warbreaker, we see Vasher help a girl forget a traumatizing experience somehow, using breath. Probably by teaching her how to store memories in breath since, furthermore, in Rhythm of War we see that Wit does just this uses his breath as a storage system for memories. But one of the most fundamental aspects of breath is that they can be given to someone else. So what happens if you give a breath that holds some of your memories to someone else? To me, it would make sense that they now have access to those memories. Probably, it would require the right Intent to let them- maybe you need to modify the Command a little bit. " My life to yours, my Breath become yours. See what I have seen" or something. But I simply refuse to believe that if you can store your memories in Breath, and share Breath, that you can't allow other people to access those memories. (And possibly you could even make some kind of projector that can be Awakened to display memories in the Breaths it has, given the right Command, but that's extra speculative and probably we won't see anything like that for a while). We don't know exactly how how storing memories in Breath works, so maybe I'm completely off-base here, but I'd like to speculate further- why does it have to stop with memories? If you can store memories, could you store other things in breath? Strength? Speed? This sounds a lot like feruchemy and in many ways it is, so it's possible Brandon might not have made it work this way simply to keep the systems separate. But what we know of the memory thing does sound a lot like use of copperminds, so I also wouldn't be surprised if there were other similarities. Now, even if you can use breath to store strength, I doubt you can use it to give yourself super strength like you can with feruchemy. There's not multiplacativeness. You can store 10% of your strength in a breath, which means you'll be at 90% strength until you retrieve it and you're back up at 100%. You wouldn't be able to ever be at 110% strength like you can with feruchemy. But what you could do with Breath is to share that extra 10% of your strength with someone else. If you allow someone who's already at 100% strength to access your 10%, they could be at 110%. But that means you'll be stuck at 90% strength unless and until that person gives it back to you. I just think it would make sense if Endowment's magic system allows you to endow others with your own attributes, and this theory seems to be consistent with what we know so far.
  3. So, does anyone else thinks that Gavilar wasn't actually looking towards bringing something like Everstorm, but just looking to free all singers from their bondage? As we know Restares is Kelek who, from the epigraphs, knew about the effect of Ba-ado-Mishram's imprisonment on Roshar and perhaps guessed that Radiants gave up their powers for this reason (probably) as they felt guilty for causing such drastic change to Roshar and its native population. So he decided to restore the singers and the only way to do that was to bring back Taln from Braize, thereby freeing fused and suing for peace. He had anti-voidlight already prepared and ready to destroy fused as a backup incase they don't work with him. It's such a marvel that we still can't figure out what Gavilar wanted. While he was an asshole towards his family, may be here he wanted to do something good. What do you people think?
  4. Odium is hatred incarnate. Odium is passion. Odium is fervor, rage, divine wrath. And it's also unfathomable power, the power of a god. It's not going away. One way or another, odium is gonna be around at the end of the series. Now, there are of course a few ways you can make that fact less of a problem. The first is, of course, shattering Odium, like honor was shattered. I could certainly see that being the way this ends up being resolved. But there's another way to resolve this problem, too, and imo this resolution is a better fit for the themes of the stormlight archive. Someone takes up Odium who will channel it toward something good. Hatred and rage aren't inherently bad things. We like to think that hate is bad and love is good but in reality it's just not that simple. Love can cause you to excuse and overlook things you really shouldn't. To put up with abuse. And on the other hand, hatred can be justified. Sometimes, people do things that truly deserve to be hated, that the victim simply can't forgive them for. And sometimes, systems are built on the backs of people for whom hatred is a completely logical response. Systems like slavery, and dictatorships, and racism. And not even just hatred for the people on top of those systems (though not not for that either), but also for the systems themselves and the conditions that led to their creation. Odium can be channeled for good; for giving Passion to the downtrodden and oppressed. A force for change, a fuel to the fire within. Personally, I think someone taking up the power to use it for this purpose would be a more fitting resolution than simply shattering the power. Cause stormlight archive is a story about a war against odium, yes, but it's also a story about oppressive systems and the horrors they create. Shattering Odium may be a thematic ending to the first of these, but not to the second. Now, onto the question I know a lot of you have: Moash??? Yes, moash. Now, big disclaimer: This is something I'd expect to see at the end of his character arc (at least within this series- if he becomes a shard, we'll presumably be seeing him afterwards) which means he is absolutely not there yet. If he took up odium right now, it would not go well. But we still have one to six more books for him to evolve and grow. I see this coming after a long redemption arc. Stormlight is a series all about redemption and second chances, afterall. Right now, he's a character consumed by hatred, but I think a much more interesting resolution than learning to let go of that hatred is learning to channel it for something good. Cause honestly, he has all that hatred for a very good reason. And I think that Moash taking up Odium could be the force for change that roshar desparately needs. Now, there are other characters who could fill in this role as well. Chief among them, Kaladin. Kaladin has had very similar feelings as moash- they are narrative foils after all- and has every reason to personally hate oppression. He's currently in a much better emotional position to be able to do good with the power of odium than moash currently is. And at the end of Rhythm of War, we saw his eyes turn golden as he attacked the Pursuer, which is clearly setting up something, some kind of connection to odium, which means he might be in a good position to be able to take it up since you do have to be aligned with a shard in order to really hold onto it. I'll be honest, if Sanderson does go down the path of having someone take up Odium as a force for change, I fully expect it to be Kal. But I'm a moash girlie and in my heart of hearts I want it to be him, so here's my flimsy justification for why it should be. Kaladin's character arc has been more about leaving behind his hatred, and moving toward protecting people. Basically, he's been moving away from the parts of himself that are aligned with odium, while Moash has been running full force into them. And right now of course, that's really not going so well for himself or anyone around him. For Kaladin to be "odious" enough, his character would have to go backwards from where he is now to get him in a mental state more similar to the first book, whereas Moash could make forward progression and become a better person while still holding onto the odiousness that he has now. TL;DR Having someone take up Odium and channel the power to be a force for social change would be a good resolution to multiple plots, themes, and problems presented by the books, and moash's arc could take him to where he'd be in a good position to be that person.
  5. I found this: My question is if she got access to an Honorblade, could she utilize Stormlight to fuel her Surges in addition to metabolizing food into Lifelight? From there, could she figure out how to internally mix and/or separate the power into Towerlight with the right intention? Maybe she just eats a prism to separate it? I'm imagining something on the back 5 where something goes wrong with the Sibling and Lift just jams herself into the workings and makes it work anyway. At any rate, having a Radiant on standby at Urithiru that can be directly fueled by the Sibling and Bondsmith could be really useful. Sure Dalinar can open a perpendicularity and eventually Navani will be able to as well I assume, but making it so Lift is doing funky stuff that only Bondsmiths do would be... fitting and hilarious. I still don't know how she was sneaking into Dalinar's visions. Thoughts?
  6. When I say this do I mean should Moash get a redemption arch? No, not in the way that you're thinking. I do feel that Moash is beginning to lose what makes him a compelling bad guy. Many understandably hate him for what he has done but I feel that the things he has done most recently have begun to be less captivating(I'll explain what I mean in a minute). So, my question remains, could he be redeemed and become a more compelling character. My explanation why he is less compelling. In WoR when he conspires against Elhokar there is the belief from his perspective that he is doing something that will bring revenge to his grandparents but also borders on helpful (The example of a surgeon removing the infected part of the body is a good example to me). It may not be the best decision, but it's comprehendable there is an argument as to why it could be helpful. Current Moash seems like a much simpler person. "Give my pain to Odium and get a big bad guy sticker stuck on my head." He'll kill people cause he can, but why? I don't think that Odium's influence is a good enough excuse. I get the feeling that he's on the same path as Amaram, who started out super compelling but became a simple man and was killed off. It just left me wanting and I don't want it to happen again. When I think of what Moash is missing a couple of classic villain's come to mind. Thanos/Killmonger/(even Todium) all had a purpose that they were working towards albeit a bit extreme but in thier minds is for the greater good. The greater good can be debated, but that's what makes them compelling. Right now Moash feels like a Valda/Joker type person who just does bad things. You bring them up and it's a consensus that, "Yeah, they suck". I know there is a Moash did nothing wrong crowd but unless Moash gets a bit of a 'redemption' arch in a way that makes his character more compelling he seems to be fading away into a sunset of badness. As for me, I do believe that Moash is redeemable. I listened to the most recent "Intentionally Blank" podcast episode where Brandon and Dan discuss the Wheel of Time and Brandon mentions a couple of things he would have done in the last episodes. They're great ideas, our man still has it. [Wheel of Time spoilers.. kinda] . So, as for me and my belief... I think he can do it, my fingers are crossed that it happens.
  7. Intro I have returned for yet another attempt to theorize and understand one of the many magics of the Cosmere. This time I am tackling breath, one of my favorite magic systems, though I do love them all. As many of you undoubtedly know, everybody's favorite wanderer has shown us a less than well known use for breath. While there was prior evidence of breath being tied to memory from two scenes in Warbreaker (the little girl, and the offer to Denth) this aspect has yet to be explored or explained much. I apologize in advance if their is a WOB that already talks about this, I keep forgetting to read them all. Some Background In very typical fashion for me, I felt compelled to try and understand this more. So I turned to the wonderful coppermind and Warbreaker itself. In it I found a most peculiar note, "If enough Breaths are collected, they can start to affect the personality of the person holding them. "Breaths do bring some things along with them,", but they are not "terribly individual" depending on their original owner. For example, Vahr's resolve was strengthened because of the similar mindsets of those he collected his Breaths from, but the effect only manifested due to the large amount of Breaths he had." The Theory one: How Breath Connects To The Bearer Now given textual evidence and assuming this is accurate I propose. Breath actually has an impact on a person in all 3 realms to a greater extent than the average magic system (which to me makes sense for Endowment). Though one could argue it is simply because one can acquire more of it more easily than most other Cosmere magic systems. The physical is easily seen, as many of the heightenings provide benefits that are at least tangentially physical (and arguably cognitive). As for the cognitive aspect, I think that like a cognitive shadow, breaths imprint slightly upon a person's spirit web and or their cognitive aspect. Hence how they can influence a person's personality if they collect a lot of it. However, due to the relatively small amount of investiture per breath this effect is greatly diminished. Likely only picking up a modicum of a person's thoughts and feelings that is only noticeable if those you get the breath from have a similar mindset. Finally, there is the spiritual aspect to consider. While there is really only one concrete example I think Susebron gives us some idea what this entails. Although he is no sliver, the sheer quantity of investiture bound to him would in my eyes on some level expand his soul in a similar if lesser manner. Given we do not know as much about the greater levels of heightening I sadly cannot back this up with much evidence. Though I do believe the way in which the more breath you have makes you better at awakening when you first begin might tie into a spiritual connection with endowment and awakening as a magic system. Yet, I could see an argument for this being a cognitive not spiritual effect. Theory two: How This Connects To Memory Now assuming I am at least on the right track. Then the question is, how does this allow you to store memories in them? I would propose given the ties to multiple aspects of a person (particularly cognitive and spiritual) there is a way to exploit this to impact memory. When Vasher tells the little girl to speak a certain command, Vivenna notices her breath flickers. To me this implies a portion of the breath and the cognitive tie to that memory have been severed from the girl. As for Hoid using it as a memory storage, once again. Given the impact memory can have on your cognitive aspect, and how are memories shape our identity. It does not feel like a great leap in logic to assume that one could use those breaths to store those memories. As the breaths in question are tied to a person in just about every way. Though whether using them to awaken or storing the breaths in something like clothes would degrade or destroy the memories I do not know. Granted I imagine it requires a great knowledge of investiture to do this, but many things are possible with the right application of knowledge. Afterword Just wanted to say thanks for reading everyone. Happy to discuss further if you feel so inclined. Sorry if my thought process is hard to follow or I seem to be making too great a leap in logic. Also hope people like the new format I am using for my theories. Feel like it helps make them more digestible and easy to follow.