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Found 1 result

  1. Phase 4: The Shadow's Hame "I am Haliax and no door can bar my passing." Aorais sat alone in the forest, lute on his lap, singing a ditty to himself. "Seven things stand before The entrance to the Lackless door. One of them a ring unworn One a word that is forsworn" The others were arguing over who to kill, or something unsavory like that. . . . "I know you're one of them! I saw what happened when you touched that iron!" a trouper shouted, red in the face, a finger jabbing at Fifth Daughter Resterford and invading her personal space. She tilted her head slightly, looking at the trouper with polite interest. For the life of her, she couldn't remember his name. "That so?" she asked, taking a step towards the man. The man took a step back, and the other troupers tensed around the pair. "Well, always one way to find out," another one said, slowly making a way through the throng of Ruh. The monk. She couldn't remember the monk's name, either. They were holding an iron drab in one hand. "You seriously think I could be one of them?" she asked with a look of genuine curiosity. Behind her, the campfire began to darken noticeably, and the troupe shifted uneasily. "Take it," the monk spoke, presenting the drab to her. This wasn't going according to plan, ever since the Amyr had gotten involved. Fifth Daughter Resterford sighed. Than she opened her palm, allowing the iron drab to drop into her hand. Immediately, it began to smoke in her palm. She smiled slightly as the shadows around her started to stir, pulling in closer to her and taking on a certain depth. At once, the last remnant of the glammourie disintegrated. Haliax threw the smoking drab down at the monk's feet. A soft, inhuman laughter emanated from the well of shadows that was now his face. "Congratulations... You have found me. It is I, Haliax," he spoke. Then every light in the area simultaneously flickered out of existence, and the camp was consumed by shadows. There were sounds of struggle, but even sound seemed to be muffled by the oppressive darkness. Disoriented as they were, the troupers felt a sort of baleful presence among them emanating from Haliax. Slowly, the feeling began to fade, and the lights gradually began to flicker back into existance. . . . Haliax retreated through the woods a short distance away, after having left the camp in disarray. Some of the troupers were already pursuing him. He nearly tripped over a man who was sitting on the forest floor, softly playing a lute to himself, and singing too: "One a time that must be right One a candle without--" Haliax drew a broad, charcoal-black blade from his side with inhuman speed, and stabbed down, cutting off the lutist's song. Once. Twice. Thrice for good measure. "Without light," Haliax finished the verse calmly, stepping over the swiftly dying trouper. He moved to continue on his way, slightly annoyed by the delay. "Nowhere left to run," the monk said from behind him, sounding satisified. Haliax whirled around, holding his blade out, poised to strike the monk should they get close enough. A trouper tackled Haliax from behind. Then another. In an instant, he was completely surrounded, dog-piled by a mass of Edema Ruh. Haliax opened his mouth to speak a name, only to have somebody cram a handful of holly into his mouth. He gagged and tried to spit it out. The trouper's worked quickly, lashing Haliax down... Down, onto something made of iron, for his skin began to smoke. Haliax strained against the bonds to look down. If one could have seen his face through all the shadows, they would have seen a horrified expression of dawning comprehension. Not again... Haliax thought. He was tied onto a large wheel, one forged entirely of iron. Beneath it, there lay the workings of an unlit bonfire. The humans had prepared themselves for this. Haliax screamed in protest as the troupers backed away from his prison, cursing every one of them in languages long forgotten. He strained against his bonds, but they held. He screamed all the louder as one of the troupers lit the fire beneath him with great fanfare, the flames rapidly spreading across the pile of lumber. Then wheel started to grow hotter... There was no relief from the pain. Neither sleep, nor forgetting, nor madness, nor death. The troupe watched grimly as Haliax was burned on the iron wheel. His body slowly unraveled, bits of shadow flying away from the fire, darker than mere smoke. And then there was nothing. Haliax was banished. . . . Wonko the Sane has been banished! They were Encanis! Aonar Faileas has died due to the filter! They were a Lutist! Vote Count Wonko (7)- Eternum, Devotary, Fifth, Snipexe, Alvron, Megasif, Bard Bort (2)- Xinoehp, I think I am here Arinian (1)- Arinian Xinoehp (1)- Bort Aonar (1)- Cadmium Drake (1)- Aonar Cast 1. Elandera as Ahnya Cyphus2. Eternum as Enerin3. Droughtbringer as Pyra Mainiak4. Aonar Faileas as Aorais Kipthorn Lutist5. Devotary of Spontaneity as Gaskana6. Walin as Nelden Dastardly7. Fifth Scholar as Marne8. Snipexe as Snip9. Alvron as Laon10. Steeldancer as Squick Flutist11. Megasif as Mega12. Xinoehp512 as Reyalp Nwoknu13. Arinian as Ray Fox14. I think I am here as Itiah II15. Arraenae as Alev16. Bort as Master Ash17. Wonko the Sane as Fifth Daughter Resterford Encanis18. Cadmium Compounder as Deric Watar19. Young Bard as Neris Countdown