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Found 5 results

  1. Is there a way to gain more that one resonance, or to separate the powers that lead to their creation so that they don't wash each other out? Could you do this by somehow separating the powers you hold, and then only allowing the ones you want to make resonances to mix with one another? Maybe a Bondsmith could manipulate the Connections within a person's spiritweb to edit them in the ways necessary to make this work? At the very least, if you had a resonance and wanted to keep it, then were to gain another power via Hemalurgy it probably wouldn't change, weaken, or remove your previously existing resonance since Hemalurgically gained powers don't normally grant resonances themselves.
  2. Since hemalurgic spikes don’t usually grant resonances, would they also not interfere with any resonances that you could develop naturally? For example, could Marsh gain a resonance if he somehow got another power without the use of hemalurgy, without needing to worry about his many spikes interfering?
  3. If someone who has developed a resonance by holding two or more powers suddenly has those powers disappear permanently, would the resonances persist even without those powers? For example, if Pattern needed to break his bond with Shallan, would her mnemonic abilities stay, or would they vanish?
  4. So I was wondering what new resonances might occur if a Radiant from one order got a hold of a Honorblade of another Order could new resonances be discovered between surges . Then something dawned on me . We have seen something similar on screen and it didn’t require an Honorblade ; therefore it may be quite possible we may see something new in the future . When Dalinar and Shallan got together and made the map they were blending lightweaving and Tension perhaps . ( I’m really not sure what surge Dalinar was using ) but they did create a new resonance . This got me thinking Dalinar and Mullata or another Dustbringer could probably create complex statues , designs and statues to form architecture . Sounds boring ? Yeah probably .... but it lead me to Jasnah and shallan working together to blend lightweaving and transportation : they could send Holograms at a long distance ! How could this be useful ? Sending messages back and forth to someone in shadesmar . Sending messages from Thaylan city to Urithiru without using a spanreed. Long distance communication is always a good thing . Can anyone think of any cool effects from blending two surges ?
  5. Several days ago I mentioned somewhere (I did, didn't I?) that Brandon is maybe considering backpedaling on some savant... stuff. I felt that his original comment to me was unclear, so I reached out and asked for a bit of clarification. Here it is: The TL;DR of all of this is: Wax was intended to be a savant of the combination of Allomantic Steel and Feruchemical Iron. Originally, savantism was meant to come with a consequence, a danger to it (e.g. see Spook) Three three published Wax & Wayne books don't seem to explore that - Wax experiences no downsides to his savantism So it's possible that some stuff will change in the future - whether it is Wax's status as a savant, whether it is how savantism and/or resonances work, whether it is some slight retcon, nobody knows ('cause it might not even happen). So take all this as a word of warning that any discussion about how savants work might end up being wrong and/or incomplete, even if all the information in it is currently accurate.