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Found 16 results

  1. Introduction Well, this is one of the most incoherent theories I've ever cobbled together. But I think I have something, at the very least. Regardless, here we go. I will first state the theory, for the sake of retaining reader attention, then explain the evidence I have to prove it. Whatever the case, I believe I have found the nature of whatever resonance the Truthwatchers possess, or at the very least an ability they somehow employ. I will delay no further; I believe the Truthwatchers had the ability glimpse the future. Please understand, I have not taken temporary leave of my sanity. I know Renarin is not a true Truthwatcher, and I understand the Surges as well as any Cosmerenaut. Allow me to present my evidence, such as it is. Evidence 1: The Urithiru Gem Archive I think everyone who's closely read the epigraphs has flirted with this theory at one time or another. I quote below an entry made by an unknown Truthwatcher, detailing their plan to deny Voidlight to the parsh armies. See below: It has already been established that the gem type corresponds with the Order of Knight who recorded the message. I invite all to look at the final message, recorded in "a particularly small emerald." Obviously, whoever recorded it must have felt a need to record their foresight. Now, this can be taken two ways. The Truthwatcher had an uncannily acute sense of foresight, and very accurately judged the eventual findings and conclusions of a group of scholars, tacticians, and warriors. The word "foresaw" was used in a more literal sense. I'm inclined to believe the latter, for the fact that the gem was "particularly small" as well as the Truthwatcher's evident need for secrecy. Evidence 2: The Surgebinding Chart It is interesting to note how specifically the Truthwatchers are placed. Directly below the Bondsmiths. Not only this, but a strange line connects the two, completely unrelated to the surrounding art. I am not the first to note this; indeed, another user asked a question concerning it. Brandon admits that there is some significance to this placement, and that Truthwatchers are different from other Orders in much the same way a Bondsmith is. How interesting, especially in light of Evidence 1. Evidence 3: The Nature of Resonances We have some details concerning the nature of resonances. Kaladin and Shallan---and to a certain extent, Jasnah and Lift---have all demonstrated abilities that occur from their two Surges interacting. Kaladin can adopt far more squires, and those of far more power, than any other order. Shallan has uncanny mnemonic abilities that Brandon attributes to her order. The same goes for Kaladin. Jasnah is noted by Wit as having an uncanny sense of direction, leading to some speculation among the fanbase. Then Lift, who displayed a very keen sense of comprehension in the face of street slang worse than that of Spook's. What's interesting is how all these resonances seem have certain common characteristics. These are the ones I have noted. The resonances we do have, and some suspected ones, are at least tangentially related to the Surges that produce them. The resonances, at least in the case of Knights Radiant, seem to follow their order's underlying themes. There seems to be an almost thematic connection between the Surges and the resonance. Evidence 4: Renarin Fear not, intrepid readers, for I yet retain my sanity. I bring up Renarin only to point out the connection between this theory and one of Renarin's main abilities. As a Cosmerenaut, I do not believe much in coincidences, and find it very convenient that a Truthwatcher of old "foresaw" something, and Renarin, a corrupted Truthwatcher, sees the future in intermittent fits. Putting It All Together From all these pieces of evidence, I believe enough data has been gathered to draw conclusions. So, diving right in, we start with the very high likelihood that a Truthwatcher past somehow saw the future. This was something he fear, or was ashamed of, but regardless felt necessary to maintain secrecy over. Evidence 2 introduces the thought that Truthwatchers have some abilities that almost resemble those of a Bondsmith. At the very least, they have something Cognitively and Spiritually related. We know that seeing the future involves the Spiritual Realm, where time has no meaning. The conclusions drawn from Evidence 3 are the shakiest I have to offer, but I'll do my best to be clear. Truthwatchers of Ideals surrounding the nature of truth, and seeking it out. Thus, they are commonly scholars and scientists. They seek to banish lies and understand the world better. More than that, the Surges exclusive to Truthwatchers are those of Progression and Illumination. What an interesting combination. Looking at these purely thematically, a combination of the two might illuminate a future path, a way of progressing forwards. Finally, Renarin. Again, I find it far too coincidental how he can see the future. And perhaps this provides some insight as to the nature of Sja-anat's Enlightening. Maybe Enlightened spren almost lean into the resonance, and that is the pattern of affected Orders. Conclusion None of these pieces of evidence alone serve to help prove this theory. When taken together, however, the connections drawn follow some common paths. If you have any thoughts over this, please comment so. Any and all criticism are welcome. Many thanks for reading, Longshot97
  2. Anyone else notice how Wayne is uncannily good at picking up information before it happens or doing the exact right thing at the exact right time to save the day? I'm starting to think it's supernatural. Here's a few off the top of my head. Alloy of Law Came to Elendel right before the wedding that Steris was kidnapped at. This could be a writerly reason. Comments on how innocent looking stuff is always exploding around Wax a few minutes before Tillaume blew up Swiped the tea that Tillaume had poisoned for Wax When Wax shot the bullet in midair, Wayne dropped the bubble at exactly the right time (okay, there's been discussion on Wax's accuracy, but the timing on that is insane the more I look at it, unless they have specifically practiced over and over with this kind of stunt, which is likely. This is the closest they have to firing out of a speed bubble) Bands of Mourning Finds and steals the Bands of Mourning within minutes of arriving at the Sovereign's Temple Swaps the Bands of Mourning for ReLuur's spike in Marasi's bag, right where and when she needed it. This is just after thinking about how he doesn't pay attention to what society says something is worth, unless by itself it's worth more than a house. This one is really suspicious to me. I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones I remember easily. Anyone have any others they can think of? Are these coincidences or does this have something to do with Wayne's resonance? Does Wayne just have insanely good instincts? Is Wayne's mind broken enough that Harmony can nudge him (Wax would probably say so in jest, but I dunno)? Here's what has been noted about Wayne's resonance: I'm wondering if something about his accelerated time and tapping into his Spiritual self while storing and withdrawing health is giving him a bit of instinctive future sight, but I'm not good with resonances. Thoughts?
  3. So, we know each Radiant Order has a "resonance" that occurs through having two different surges, much like Twinborn do in Mistborn. For example, it's known the Windrunners have a vastly increased number/strength of Squires, and the Lightweavers have some sorta memory ability. But what about the other orders? Any ideas? Off the top of my head, it seems to have something to do with the spiritual identity of the surges, since you could argue spiritual gravitation (drawing people to you) and spiritual adhesion (uniting people) would have that sort of effect.
  4. I couldn't find the quote, but Sanderson has said that there is more investiture in surgebinding than allomancy. I believe this to be the reason why a twinborn's resonance to be less pronounced than a radiant's; there's simply less innate investiture involved in the system. Any thoughts on this?
  5. During the pre-release, Shallan's perfect sense of direction immediately jumped out at me: The reason for this is because geolocation was the hypothesis for the Elsecaller resonance based off of the end of WoR, where it looks like Jasnah knows exactly where to go despite being dropped in the middle of the wilderness (and because it seems like the natural thing to associate with someone who can travel magically): So my immediate, WAG was that somehow Shallan had also been bound as an Elsecaller, which would potentially be hard to distinguish since they share similar abilities to Lightweavers, or possibly affected by her interactions with the Unmade. I actually misread the original interaction with the deadeye Adolin runs into (I thought it was an inkspren, since I was looking for one, and not a cryptic), which I thought explained it... But of course, that's not actually what appears to have happened. So the question still remains - why does Shallan have geolocation? The resonance of Memory appears to be the established one for Lightweavers. It's possible that the geolocation Resonance is just an extension of that ('memorize direction') or that this ability is actually distinct from the one Jasnah appears to have (knowing where you've been - odometry - is not the same as knowing where you are relative to a global frame), but the two abilities seem pretty close, colloquially (it's also possible Jasnah just knew the direction to go, similar to what Shallan seems to experience, rather than explicitly knowing where she was). There doesn't seem to be any evidence that any other Lightweaver exhibits this, either, though the evidence is scant (to the point of non-existence?) in either direction. If any other Lightweavers did exhibit this, it seems like it would be something that would have come up during Shallan's internal description, though. One important consideration is that Shallan does seem to have at least one power the other Lightweavers don't have yet. Despite being a poor-to-mediocre Soulcaster (at least, doing it Jasnah's way...), Shallan can cross over to Shadesmar: It specifically mention Shallan, despite there being three other Lightweavers going with her, which seems to imply this is something only Shallan can do out of the Lightweavers. And Jasnah can as well, of course, so it might be that the geolocation Resonance is somehow tied to being able to transport to Shadesmar (as an aside, Shallan having this ability actually seems really weird, since transportation to Shadesmar sounds more like Translocation than Soulcasting, but there isn't anything that seems to indicate that e.g. Jasnah finds this unusual). This could make sense if the person could somehow use their sense of position in Shadesmar to help determine their position/orientation in the Physical as well.
  6. Hi! I'm new to the Shard and asking this question because I find resonance One of the most fascinating investiture related Phenomena in the Cosmere. I feel like we're still know very little about how resonance works wether it's on the Knight Radiants from Roshar, the twinborns from Scadrial or other mix of investiture that exist on the Cosmere, so I ask you to share what you have deduced regarting this subject from reading the books, from Words of Brandon or feel free to speculate about it. So far I think that the Windrunners resonance allows them to have more squires than any other order and that Shallan's memories somehow relate to lightweaver resonance, but this strickes me as sort of random and I see no conection between this powers and the combination of surges that generated them. Maybe there isn't but Brandon usually puts so much sought to this kind oficina things that I wonder if there isn't more to it. What do you think? Also I'm not very clear if Waxillium's steel bubble is exclusive to him as a crasher or if other coinshots could do it. I think when it comes to twinborns we kwow even less about there resonances. Would love to hear your opinions on the matter.
  7. Okay so I knew that Wax had a resonance (his steel bubble) but I this WOB stated that Wayne also had a resonance. My question came from this WOB. Any ideas on what it might be?
  8. Ever since I first read Shadows of Self, I've had an interesting thought. I hadn't heard the term resonance applied to mixed investitures yet, but I had this thought that won't leave me alone. I mentioned it on here a long time ago, but all of the replies basically said I was an idiot and that I was looking at it wrong. I don't think we have enough data about this yet for the idea to be fully fleshed out, but I still think that I'm on the right track. So, we know that when a person possesses two types of investiture it creates a resonance in them which allows them to do things that aren't directly related to either investiture, but together they passively give the person a new ability. We don't have all of these outlined to us. Stormlight references a few of them with radiants. For Lightweavers its their mnemonic abilities, and it's believed that the Windrunner resonance allows them 'strength of squires', which is generally believed to mean they get lots of squires while others get few. I don't think we've definitively heard what any others are, but Khriss in mistborn era 2 ars arcanum mentions them in relation to twinborn. Anyway, my theory is that while there are these passive (not directly powered by investiture) abilities that come through resonance, but I think there may be a psychological effect that comes with resonance as well. The idea stemmed from a few things in SoS. When Wax talked to his grandmother she says that it's dangerous to combine Allomancy and Feruchemy. He says it's only dangerous when they can compound, but she disagrees. She implies that it's why he kills people. He disagrees, but what she said got me thinking. We've only seen a few twinborn, but an argument could be made that they all have psychological issues. Name - Allomantic Metal - Feruchemical Metal - Possible Psychological Issues Wax - Steel - Iron - Obession with doing what's right Wayne - Bendalloy - Gold - Cleptomania Miles - Gold - Gold - Megalomania? God complex? Sociopathy? Forch - Steel - Pewter - Homicidal Mania (tortures and plans to kill a little boy. Probably did it before.) Set's twinborn on the train - Steel - Pewter - We don't see much of this guy, but he's working with the Set, and seems like he certainly enjoys killing. Could be homicidal maniac like Forch. It's possible that these issues were all pre-existing or developed as a side effect of having a different world view brought about by having more power than others, but it seems odd that every single twinborn we've seen doesn't think like a normal person. It's possible that this isn't really connected to resonance but instead to a threshold of investiture. You could make similar arguments for Vin, Kelsier, and the Lord Ruler despite the fact that you're not supposed to only get resonance with 2 types of investiture, and that the effect goes away with larger numbers. That would make sense with how vessels lose more and more control of their choices over time, and simply become manifestations of their shard's intent. For mixed investitures with mortals this effect would be less predictable and smaller in scale, but still noticeable. It's also possible that these issues being pre-existing could be why they're able to manifest two types of investiture, similar to how Syl says that all the radiants were broken. For radiants their psychological issues seem related to the ideals of their order. I could see that as a point against my original theory. It may be in line with some aspects of it though. Anyway, that's what was in my head today.
  9. Hello everyone! I've recently discovered that among my circle of friends, my idea of Wax's savant ability and resonance is not the norm. So I wanted to share it with you all and get your input. 1) While reading the books, it was clear that Wax's steel bubble was becoming more fine tuned over time. To me, this implies that it's a manifestation of him becoming a steel savant. It's not an increase in raw power, but instead is a very technical ability in which his skill grows as he burns more steel and warps his spirit. 2) As I understand it, a resonance typically doesn't have an effect on the actual investiture being used. Shallan's resonance is the ability to take Memories. Kaladin attracts followers like a boy band. Neither of these necessarily is directly linked to their use of stormlight (because no one has confirmed Spiritual Adhesion as a thing...right?). Wax has one particular ability in the books that is very unique to himself and Brandon goes out of his way to mention it several times. Wax has pinpoint accuracy when shooting. Every fight is -*headshot *headshot *headshot *headshot *headshot *shoots gun out of hand *headshot *headshot *shoots gun out of hand. Miles Graves even tells Wax to "stop doing that!" after Wax has performed the "shoots gun out of hand" trick multiple times. This type of accuracy is not normal, and since Brandon goes out of his way to acknowledge it in book, it makes sense for this to be Wax's resonance.
  10. This may very well be a crackpot theory, or already suggested, but that probably goes without saying. Honestly, it's one of those thoughts I just had to express before I went to bed, so... here it goes. I've been thinking about Resonance a lot lately because I've been looking at the MAG Era 2 books and wondering how it might manifest for different Twinborn. Wax's Resonance is strongly suggested by Brandon to be his steel bubble, and he's confirmed that Wayne also has one. I think Wayne's is tangentially lightweaving. I'll explain. On Roshar, we can see that the Investiture operates as a spectrum, with every Order sharing an ability type with an adjacent order, and each one having a Resonance unique to their Order. Resonance has been described as acting like wavelengths colliding and, in this case, would be the two powers of the Order resonating into the third. We've been told that Hoid had an ability similar to Lightweaving, and on Sel, we see an Investiture that mimics Soulcasting. It stands to argue that these wavelengths, though they manifest differently, are constant at least to some degree across Shardworlds. If you look at Wax's abilities, Steelpushing is very clearly similar to a Lashing. I'd argue Gravitation. His other ability, to alter his weight, he uses very similar to Abrasion (though an argument could be made for Tension). Between Gravitation and Abrasion is Division, which could easily be what his Steel Bubble does as it pushes objects away. Arguably, if this is his Resonance, then it falls in the middle of the Spectrum between his two natural abilities. Like on the light spectrum, if blue and yellow are his abilities, green is his Resonance. Which brings me to Wayne. His abilities are healing and bending time (/space), which seem to correlate to Transportation and Progression. Between those are Transformation and Illusion, both of which could explain his inhuman skill at taking on disguises. I believe that this talent either is his Resonance or is directly related to his Resonance. If this is true, and the powers really do operate on a constant spectrum across the Shardworlds, what ramifications might that have on other magic systems? Adding for clarity (from my reply below): My apologies. I clarified in an earlier reply that calling Wayne a Lightweaver was deliberately provocative; my actual suggestion was that his Resonance (in my suggestion, his accent imitations) are similar to the mnemonic devices gained as Resonance by Lightweavers (such as Shallan's photographic memory). I also did not mean to suggest that the powers had a direct correlation in the way they manifest, merely that there is a connection between the, as you say, Cosmere fundamentals. That is to say that, while Investiture manifests in various ways, it still manifests along a consistent spectrum, most obviously with Knights Radiant. If the fundamentals are indeed related, such as Gravitation on Roshar and Steel/Iron on Scadrial, then it has wider implications for how it might manifest on other Shardworlds or in different resonances.
  11. nale

    In an Interlude Nale encounters Ym. He says I had to look real hard to see your transgression . Which implies Nale can see past transgression like a divination ability. This may be a resonance? Or it may be a function of the 5th ideal . But it appears Nale can look at someone and divine a transgression from the past. As a Skybreaker Law is his province. So if this is not how Nale knew of Ym transgression how else could this be! Let’s discuss this !
  12. Hey might be a strange question, but if someone like the Lord Ruler receives no resonances from his full born status, because he has all of the abilities, if he was a savant in every allomantic metal, would he receive any negative effects, or are those also negated like resonances are?
  13. I was reading this other thread about the strength of Shardplate, then it dawned on me, the real topic here. Can Shardplate fly? Dalinar's vision showed a healing Radiant order in flight. I think focusing on strength is useful and entertaining but in the end pointless. Brandon Sanderson will make a character just as strong as the needs of his narrative. Investiture is malleable with resonances and differing Knights being near one another and when you add Investiture from other worlds, anything is possible, just not likely for the plot, but possible sure. I'm sure most of his WoBs are answered with that in mind. Possible, just not likely. What I really want, nay, need to know is if KR Shardplate can FLY! Any KR, likely with the needs of the novel and the acts of the Archive, every Knight will need to fly. I'm almost sure of it, but maybe we won't see it until most Radiants are on oath 5 and in Book 6 after the big in-world time break. I can't wait to read Lift's book when she is 23 or 24 but still believes herself 10. It will be hilarious. Can someone ask this when he is on tour? Will advanced oathed Knights Radiant have flying Shardplate? Not the Gravitation surge Windrunners use to make gravity change, well maybe so, not sure about specifics. I can just imagine it. Several squadrons of Shardplated knights in airborn combat formation, extra long Shardspears in hand battling the Fused. That will surely change established tactics with a 3 Dimensional battlefield.
  14. Do we know that a Skybreaker can perform a reverse lashing? Is it a function of the Gravitation or Adhesion surge, or could it be a resonance of the two?
  15. I came up with this yesterday in Discord, and many people really seemed to like it, so I've been encouraged to post it here to share. I don't really post (or even come up with) theories, so I'm a bit nervous. I hope you guys like this one. My theory is simple: Dalinar essentially healed himself. He used Navani's fabrial, unwittingly, to do so. Basically, the fabrial she created was both a TIME fabrial and a PAIN fabrial. Due to his unique abilities as a Bondsmith, he created a resonance between those to heal the missing memories of his past. Fabrials are powered by stormlight-infused gemstones, much like surges are powered by stormlight. We've seen Dalinar unwittingly create resonance before in the situation room when he tugged Shallan and created the map. I believe that was a set-up to show what he's capable of, and that is what happened with the fabrial. He does not need to have invested himself to do this; we have seen Shallan use her mnemonic abilities without being invested, and Kaladin has squires without having to constantly be invested, so it stands to reason he can create resonances without himself having to be invested as well. Simply wearing the fabrial on his person was enough for that resonance to occur. That's it. Pretty simple theory.
  16. Several days ago I mentioned somewhere (I did, didn't I?) that Brandon is maybe considering backpedaling on some savant... stuff. I felt that his original comment to me was unclear, so I reached out and asked for a bit of clarification. Here it is: The TL;DR of all of this is: Wax was intended to be a savant of the combination of Allomantic Steel and Feruchemical Iron. Originally, savantism was meant to come with a consequence, a danger to it (e.g. see Spook) Three three published Wax & Wayne books don't seem to explore that - Wax experiences no downsides to his savantism So it's possible that some stuff will change in the future - whether it is Wax's status as a savant, whether it is how savantism and/or resonances work, whether it is some slight retcon, nobody knows ('cause it might not even happen). So take all this as a word of warning that any discussion about how savants work might end up being wrong and/or incomplete, even if all the information in it is currently accurate.