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Found 7 results

  1. Anyone out there planning a reread before the releases of the novellas & Cytonic? Maybe we could plan to do certain chapters by certain dates & discuss. Regardless, I know I'll be rereading them since I need a refresh on the characters and plotlines.
  2. So I have been reading since a YA . And I have two great loves . Jordan and Sanderson. Jordan books are just way to long to Reread that would take me like 5yrs . But that’s not why I read and reread Sanderson. It’s the Secrets “ as Kelsier would say” “there is always more secrets . I was trying to explain to this lady at the airport why she should read Sanderson and why she would definantly want to reread . I tried to explain the Chekhov gun style of writing . Where you hear the Gun go off , the bullet has to land somewhere. Basically it’s that Sanderson doesn’t write much fluff , if he touches on a subject it’s more than likely meaningful. You might not understand why on the first read , but on a reread it just jumps out at you. Sometimes you can get to the wrong conclusion , but often times you discover something new , a secret . And it is so satisfying when you do. No other author does that . What about you , do you reread Sanderson ? And why ? And , Have you found any secrets ?
  3. Hey, everyone, I'm just starting a reread of Way of Kings and Words of Radiance in preparation for Oathbringer next month. I know I saw a thread on this a while ago, but I couldn't find it, so I'm asking again, is there anything I should look for, i.e easter eggs, etc.? The Way of Kings was my first Brandon Sanderson book, so I missed so much, hopefully, you guys can help me out with this. Thanks in Advance!
  4. When people are going for reread, they sometimes ask if there's something they should keep an eye for. At the same time, we often lack quotes which are helpful in various situations - like the steelbubble efficiency discussion, Steelpushing measurements or mentions of rhytms of any kind in Stormlight. Why don't we combine the two and create a giant thread contaning an exhaustive list of anything to look for during rereads? The rereaders could post relevant quotes here and we could gather them with proper organization. Right now we need to accumulate various things to look for. Please post anything you may think of. COSMERE worldhoppers, Hoid, the usual perpendicularities (used to be known as Shardpools) gods that may be Bavadin religions that may have been started or influenced by Bavadin the worldhopping kandra, WalDo Hemalurgy was used somewhere else in cosmere - it can be WalDo though the other (not Hemalurgy) end-negative system - WoB has it we've seen it hinted at Night sky in general epigraphs, newspapers, Herald faces, you know the drill ROSHAR secret societies rhytms and Soulcasting/fabrials/artifabrians secret societies stormwardens, their predictions/equations, inheritance rights secret societies math and physics (how advanced it is, what have they figured out) secret societies Shardplate and its enhancements secret societies Stormlight holding feats secret societies Taln's Scar, other stars secret societies Edgedancer spoiler: or any strange looking cremlings Heralds secret societies SCADRIAL GENERAL Pewter Allomancy feats (for example to be able to compare to holding Stormlight) Steelpushing (to calculate the force) Feruchemical iron Allomantic strength/multiple spikes/savants and burning/flaring speed/strength Metal lines/atium shadows - are they visible even if they're not in your field of vision? Red Rip FIRST ERA technology level of the Final Empire Felt SECOND ERA Technology and advancement Speedbubbles (although I think @Kurkistan already has anything possible about that topic ). But I'm interested in compression factor. Wax's steelbubble aluminum's worth and usage/development hints of what Kelsier is up to SEL ELANTRIS references to programming Aons (for example conditional instructions) EMPEROR'S SOUL NALTHIS what Nightblood is made of (how does he look like?) TALDAIN MINOR SHARDWORLDS THRENODY possible perpendicularites (which are unpredictable and of morbid origin) specific rituals to become a Cognitive Shadow (Nazh mentioned them in Secret History) Starbelt FIRST OF THE SUN The Ones Above
  5. So I recently finished my reread of Warbreaker and, more than MB Era 2, it really holds up. I was actually surprised how much I liked it and I think for Sanderson it has the best dialogue. Like, I don't know about the rest of you, but I found that Lightsong was far more witty and amusing than either Hoid or Shallan who it must be said often come across as a little...try hard. Vasher is still one of Sanderson's best males so far as I am concerned and especially given the very little screen time he gets relatively to many others. I really enjoy the perspectives of Vivenna and Siri and they honestly seem like some of the most genuine and absorbing PoV characters. Vin is probably the only one I liked more. One of the things I really like is how smooth of a read it is. Knowing the rules of the magic and who each character is makes a lot of the tricks and references a lot better but it doesn't have places that drag like I found Stormlight does. The big letdown on reread was Denth. Like a lot of Sanderson villains he comes across as a lot more one-note than I remember and his mercenary comments kind of grated. Plus for one of the Five Scholars his showing is really quite unimpressive. One thing I like about it was the Awakening system, and I forgot how cool it was to see Vasher use it. Like using the single rope to strength a leg and hop down the palace and how it can somehow be used to alter the mindset of a person. I actually didn't realise how little we as readers know of awakening, and it definitely seems the magic system most open to advancement at the moment. Colour me impressed all over again.
  6. It's kind of funny how a reread can change perspectives, I've noted a few things here but feel free to add your own/throw rocks and fruit. Shallan For one, I definitely found Shallan much less annoying on reread. I mean, she still feels too Suey. But I used to find her chapters a chore to get through, and now less so. I still don't really like her wit, mainly because she gets praised for stuff that is just kinda weak and bland (maybe that is Vorin wit?) but I actually found her chapters to be a nice contrast to Kaladin's grim early WoK chapters and his later heavy brooding chapters. In general it was really cool to see her come out of her shell and to (re)learn a lot of the stuff about Roshar with her. I will say this though, the mind blanking stuff is frustrating as allthing. Kaladin Wow. You really notice the tendency to self flagellate on the reread, and the racism against lighteyes. Overall I was actually rather surprised how much less I liked Kal on the reread. Not to mention the number of times he could have done better if he'd acted different. Top marks for genuinely struggling to function and having legitimate issues with authority and emotions. This aside though, I was still pleased with how cool he could be. Maybe because I noticed how close to the edge he was through so much of WoK and how torn up he gets in WoR. Adolin Wow. Adolin is way nicer than I remember. Maybe it is just because he is fighting in so many of his chapters I always kinda imagined him as a brasher, darker character. Maybe that's just because of how WoR ends. But even right up to Sadeas I was in his corner and thinking about it I still am. I mean on my first read I was very into Dalinar and Kaladin, but I think in general Adolin comes across as a much nicer, cooler character. Maybe even too cool. I mean, awesome at the sword, funny, stands up for the little guys, makes choices based on solid evidence, and the one time he does actually lose his temper and snap it is to kill a man who has just declared that he's pretty untouchable, unashamed and won't stop at anything. Noting this, I am definitely in Adolin's corner with Sadeas. Much more than I was on the first read. It is pretty comparable to the situation with Straff in Mistborn so far as I see it, maybe even more justified. Dalinar I was actually surprised by how little Dalinar does and how much of a doormat he is for so much of tWoK and how little he does in WoR. Really. I remembered him as pretty solidly badass with the rest of the Highprinces acting like kids, but he drops the ball on so many occasions it is actually surprising. Still a good character, but I spent way more time than was healthy... how he acted. I suppose the big thing that struck me if how often we're told he is a good commander or leader, but how rarely we see it. I'm honestly surprised he got as many Highprinces as he did at the end of WoR. Strangely enough, I actually think in a lot of ways Dalinar might be the most human SA character. On the first read, especially with the gap between WoK and WoR, I didn't really notice just how haunted he was by Gavilar's death and how isolated he was. This may have come across as pretty negative, but I don't mean it that way, I actually might be happier with how the books are now.
  7. Are we aware of the Q&A that is doing for the end of their Way of Kings reread? Apparently, during the Epilogue commentary next week, we are allowed to ask questions in the comments, and Brandon will answer ten of them. So, does anyone here know of the event? Have you thought of any questions? I know what I am going to ask: Alternatively: