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Found 13 results

  1. In the past few months, I have noticed several spambots create an account and post, spam. Often they post multiple messages, completely filling up a forum. If the bot posts multiple messages, do the staff want us to report one of the posts, all of the posts, or simply leave them alone for the moderators to deal with?
  2. So I just spent an indecent amount of time hunting this quote down, and thought I'd share it with the forums since I don't recall any discussion of the relevant passage when AoL was released. Source: So the line in AoL about aluminum bullets being useful against Thugs is definitely certainly not an error. Anyone care to discuss the implications of how aluminum might be useful against a Thug? Disrupting their burning? Ignoring the extra toughness pewter gives their bodies?
  3. This is just a thread to make things a bit neater for reports from the signing tomorrow. The original thread has two pages of "who's coming?" and the like, so better to have a clean start with the proper tags. Content to follow from various Sharders (myself included, hopefully) in the next few days.
  4. I fear that this might be lost in the noise, so I'd like to bring some new WoB to everyone's attention: Source: So that. I suppose we were all too quick to assume that Hoid was carrying around a second sword. And now I must say that I'm scared. Hoid might not be the most fuzzy of people, but I generally trust his intentions, or at the very least his general inactivity so far as potentially derailing plots and murdering main characters with super-weapons goes. I would have far preferred for Hoid to have added "Honorblade" to his list of powers and then called it a day, versus the disturbing possibility that some unknown party now possesses it. Alternatively, as I believe someone suggested on another thread, the Blade could be misty at the moment and Hoid still put in a regular Shardblade so that no one would be tempted to do evil unto Taln in order to get his.
  5. Lo and behold, the week after spring break I actually had a bit of time where I wasn't doing homework to knock this one out in a couple of hours! Sit back, relax, and enjoy. As a side note, this is the last of the backlogged audio we have. The interview has been entered into the Interview Database.
  6. I was browsing through Peter's Twitter feed (he answers a lot of questions that are nice to know the answers to ) and saw a conversation between him and our very own Satsuoni. Sats is feeling all bashful today, so authorized me to repost it here. Any upvotes/accolades you feel compelled to give should be allocated to Satsuoni, as I am merely the messenger here. Source:‏ My read of this is that Peter is talking about stuff like how you can store the strength you get from Allomantic pewter in a pewtermind, but it could be hinting at something else. Any thoughts? Mainly I posted this for posterity's sake.
  7. Just something I noticed during the FantasyChat last night: Source: So it seems that the quote about the one ring "Burn the One Ring, eh? I think it's such a powerfully invested object that it would be very, very dangerous to try" may have lead us astray a bit. Unless shardblades/plate simply aren't powerful enough. Rather, it looks like you need a "tie" of some kind to get any special reaction. That aligns with compounding and all, or "type" of Investiture could mean that Allomancers are only attuned to Ruin/Preservation. Aside: I just figured out why Inquisitors are allowed to get weird effects for burning their spikes: the same reason they can use spiked Feruchemists' metalminds. The sDNA in that spike is "theirs" at the point when they burn it.
  8. All right, I've been blathering on about this for long enough! I've got more from other signings that I am currently working on. Sorry this has taken so long, and enjoy QUESTION: [Josh and Mi’ch] were kind of explaining that your books were all in different worlds and Hoid can jump from world to world? BRANDON: Yes, they’re all in the same universe. And there are some characters who have appeared in multiple books. Hoid, for instance, has appeared in all of them so far. QUESTION: Yeah is he going to have his own book? BRANDON: He will eventually have his own book series. QUESTION: With the Wheel of Time, who’s your favorite character to read about, and then your favorite one to write about? BRANDON: My favorite one to read- during the early parts of the series it was Perrin and during the later parts of the series it was Mat. And my favorite one to write was probably Perrin because- historically, like when I was a young guy reading the books, he was my favorite, he was the one I identified with. QUESTION: I enjoy Way of Kings, it seems like that’s the one where everyone’s coming together. I was reading online about Galladon and Demoux being in it. I enjoyed that. Is that going to happen more often? In that book- that series, yes. There will be more crossover. It’s kinda one of the core stories, along with the things happening on the Mistborn world and things like that. And so, there’s going to be a lot more crossover. Most of it’s still kind of subtle stuff, but if you keep your eyes open there’ll be some real zingers in the next two books. QUESTION: What time period do they all fit in, do they all fit in time- at the same time? BRANDON No, like for instance, Way of Kings and Alloy of Law are pretty close to one another but Elantris is fairly far before them. So far I’ve written them chronologically basically, except I’ve skipped certain stories, like there’s a series called White Sand which is in the middle there somewhere which will actually be a jump back in time when I end up doing it and some things like that. And Dragonsteel is like way at the beginning which I’ll eventually do but I’ve done them chronologically so far. JAREN So, is it next year, 2013 that [stormlight 2] will come out? BRANDON 2013, it’ll be next year. JAREN At the end of the- like the fall? BRANDON Yep, I am a quarter of the way through it, and as long as I turn in an early draft by April they’ll be able to do it by the fall. JAREN So why is Shallan so whiny? No I’m just kidding... BRANDON Shallan is very young and has gone through a lot in her life. JAREN And does she have a Shardblade? BRANDON She does have a Shardblade. QUESTION: Just wanted to ask how you come up with all your different universes? BRANDON You know, it’s hard to say where specifically where they come from. You can point to certain ones and say, Mistborn, Mistborn came from me driving through a fog bank at 80 miles an hour and saying, “Wow that looks cool, can I use that?” And you can point at Warbreaker with me saying, “I’ve done this whole world of ash and I need to do something colorful, let’s build a color based magic system.” Way of Kings is definitely influenced by tidal pools and things like that. And so, each one’s different, it’s just things I see that I think will make interesting stories and settings. QUESTION When are we going to find out about how Elhokar can see like the symbols in the mirror and stuff like that. He can Soulcast then, right? BRANDON You’ll have to see, you’ll have to see... QUESTION: Mark And so like the Windrunners, they’re just one Order of the Knights Radiant, aren’t they? BRANDON Yes they are, in fact they are- every order is a grouping of one of these [points to the large symbols on the Radiant tables] and two of these [points at the smaller symbols], these are the Surges. So these are the ten, sort of forces. And so Windrunning is pressure and gravitation, which are those two. But the Skybreakers are right there [points to gold symbol in the upper middle], with a different combination and each of these different groupings would make one order of the Knights Radiant. And that is the symbol of the Windrunners, right there on the cover. [Points at the swordgylph under the dust jacket]. So, fun little easter-egg type things there. QUESTION: So I was reading the Alloy of Law, and at the end I read through the Ars Arcanum. And I got confused because it’s written in first person, but it refers to Harmony in third person. I thought he was writing it, so who writes that part? BRANDON: That’s a good question for you to be asking, one which people have been curious about, and I have not yet answered who writes all of the Ars Arcanum, but they are in-world, somebody's writing them. If you ever read The Way of Kings, it’s written in first-person too. QUESTION: Are they all written by the same person? BRANDON: Ah, have I answered that yet? JOSH: You should. BRANDON: I should? They are all written by the same person. QUESTION: Because it sounds like they’re written by Hoid, I think. BRANDON: They are all written by the same person. QUESTION: Do you get carpal tunnel? BRANDON: Nope, I don’t. Good question though. Who got carpal tunnel- Dan got carpal tunnel? One of my writer friends got carpal tunnel. QUESTION: So, are you planning on doing anything else with Elantris or Warbreaker universes? BRANDON: I am. I don’t know if you read Emperor’s Soul but it’s in the Elantris universe. It’s set on a different continent, so you have to keep your eyes open to see the connections but the magic systems are working on the same fundamental formula. You will enjoy that one if you liked Elantris and Warbreaker I will get back to eventually. QUESTION: Oh, my question was does Perrin lose a body part in the book, since Mat has lost one, Rand has lost one, does Perrin lose one next? BRANDON: Perrin’s body part was the knee, where he got shot through the leg with the arrow. Because the mythological symbolism is with Mat- it’s the Odin mythology, and Odin lost an eye. Perrin is actually the blacksmith mythology, which if you’ve read in Hephaestus and Perun and of the various blacksmiths, they usually have a bad leg. I wasn’t going to chop off his leg. I had that wound, and he kind of feels a phantom wound, if you’ll read in the last book there are several times where his leg aches even though he was healed. That’s the symbolism there. QUESTION: So, did you just decide to [inaudible] or was that..? BRANDON: No, Robert Jordan had done that, that was him. QUESTION: I wasn’t sure if I was just coming up with a fantasy or not. BRANDON: Though I knew he had to be wounded in the leg, I didn’t know how or how badly so I kind of came up with how it happened. BRANDON’S DAD: Brandon started reading Robert Jordan when he was nine and ten, and he used to get under the covers with a candle. And his mother liked to stay up, he’s a night owl, so his mother would stay up til one or two in the morning. And so then he’d blow the candle out before she’d come up. So what I did was I got him a flashlight so he could read better, but I got him a great big one like this. [guestures] So she’d holler up and say, “Are you still up there Brandon,” and he’d say, “No!”. So, when he was little he was reading these books, Robert Jordan’s books, he read every single one. I’d take him down and he’d play pinball or go over and write books. And then when he got into junior high it was cards, Dungeons and Dragons, that kind of stuff. So that’s a true story you can put that on your website. Almost burned the house down a couple of times. QUESTION: If you make a Feruchemical storage and you burn it, can you put the excess back into a Feruchemical storage? BRANDON: Yes. QUESTION: Brandon, have we seen a point of view chapter from the character who writes the Ars Arcanum? BRANDON: I’m not gonna tell you that. That would be way too much giving away. QUESTION: Is the character who writes the Ars Arcanum from Sel originally? BRANDON: I’m not gonna tell you anything about the character who writes the Ars Arcanum. QUESTION: Is the city that the Parshendi are in Urithiru? (pronounced:You-rith-ir-oo) BRANDON: In the Way of Kings, Jasnah tells Shallan that Urithiru is not on the Shattered Plains. So either Jasnah is incorrect or that is not Urithiru. QUESTION: In other words, you’re not going to tell me? BRANDON: I’m just clarifying for you so that you have all the information you need in order to make judgements and ask questions. QUESTION: Is it possible to build a city that only exists in Shadesmar? BRANDON: Yes. QUESTION: Do people inhabit Shadesmar, like normal people? BRANDON: Define normal. QUESTION: Let’s rephrase that, describe the people that inhabit Shadesmar. BRANDON: Well, you have seen people who inhabit Shadesmar. QUESTION: The next question I have is does Odium have to recover after Shattering a Shard? BRANDON: It is a difficult process that is very taxing. QUESTION: What is the technology level of the singular society that existed when Adonalsium Shattered? BRANDON: What was the technology level of the society that existed when Adonalsium Shattered? It was less than our own. QUESTION: Are you going to give us anything more specific than that? BRANDON: Less than our own BRANDON: Adonalsium is not Shattered in Dragonsteel. QUESTION: Do you have any more Legion? Is there anywhere to find it or is a limited print run? BRANDON: Ah, Legion had a limited print run, but we are in discussions that- enough people are asking that that I think we’re going to do a paperback that’ll come out. So, eventually we should be releasing a little paperback of that that you can get. At the very least you should be able to get it on my website eventually. This is the first time I’d done something that small and we didn’t know about the limited edition and things so we just wanted to do- we were very cautious about it and it sold out very quickly. So hopefully we’ll be able to do some more. QUESTION: Can Cadsuane’s Aes Sedai, Merise, Corele, and Beldeine, use the bond to compel their Asha’man? BRANDON: Wow. Oh boy. I’m going to have such trouble with her questions. I have trouble with her questions when I’m steeped in the Wheel of Time lore and working on the notes every day, and now that I haven’t even looked at them in like ten months... QUESTION: Tell her to ask Maria? BRANDON: But that’s one I should know, is the thing. It’s not a hard question. It’s just one where I’m... I don’t think they can. But, you should really ask Maria. But I don’t think they can. I should know that one, you can tell her I should know that one, but I don’t think they can. I knew it at one point. QUESTION: Will we find out what happened to Taren Ferry in A Memory of Light? BRANDON: Umm, I’ll tell people if they can’t infer it, eventually what happened. QUESTION: Have Elayne’s axe and red-hot iron been fulfilled? BRANDON: Axe and red-hot iron been fulfilled? You can ask Maria but I believe they have. QUESTION: Approximately how old are the scabbard and hilt of Rand’s new sword? BRANDON: [Laughter] RAFO JOSH: Does Nicola’s Foretelling represent a single moment in time? BRANDON: Which one is she talking about? JOSH: Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance the servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade BRANDON: MAFO. I’m gonna MAFO that one. I think I know that one, but I don’t think I want to touch it. MI’CH: Was the Reod natural? BRANDON: The Reod natural? [Laughs] MI’CH Here’s the thing, you’ve answered this question for us already, we just need it on audio. JOSH: It wasn’t the Reod that was the question it was was the earthquake natural? MI’CH: No, Eric’s asking if the Reod was natural. JOSH: To heck with Eric, we don’t care about him. MI’CH You’ve told us that the earthquake was not caused by natural events. BRANDON: Yeah, it’s a complicated question because the earthquake was not caused by natural but the Reod was a natural effect of the earthquake, then... does that make sense? So the Reod is natural, a natural result of... does that make sense? That’s why it was a tricky question. MI’CH: But the earthquake was not natural. BRANDON: No, it was not. AARON: So the Reod is a natural reaction to an unnatural occurrence. BRANDON: Yes. JOSH: And wasn’t it because there was like magical strain on the land? BRANDON: That is certainly part of what was going on. QUESTION:: People will be making your books into movies soon, right? BRANDON: I’m hoping, we’re trying. QUESTION: Which one first? BRANDON: Mistborn, we’re working very hard to try and get it made. I can’t promise but we’re trying. QUESTION: Who do you want to be like Vin and Elend? BRANDON: I don’t really cast people in my head. And so I would rather let the director decide that and the casting director and things. It’s not one of my things, is to cast people. For a while, I really- I was kind of hopeful for Ellen Page, but I don’t think that’s viable now, I think that she’s too old now. QUESTION: When is the timeline for the sequel to Alloy of Law? BRANDON: Sequel for Alloy of Law? Probably not next year but the year after. I’m pretty dominated by finishing the second Stormlight book right now. So once I do that, then things will open up a little bit more for what I might do. I do actually have half a sequel for Alloy of Law written but I don’t have time to finish it right now. BRANDON: So what’s going on here is, for Stormlight 2 I needed a lullaby in-world. And poetry is not my forte. However, my father-in-law is a semi-professional singer/songwriter. He’s released a couple of albums, they’re just local, he does stuff like that. So, I asked him to compose a lullaby that I just left blanks in the story from. And he actually turned it in just like a couple of days ago. And it’s quite good and it fits in. So, what I’ve been doing lately is writing on Stormlight 2. And Stormlight 2, if you’re unaware with what’s going on in the Stormlight series, I conceived the series as ten volumes, two five book arcs, with each volume focusing on a character by giving them a flashback sequence. So if you’ve read the first one, Kaladin, one of the main characters, there’s a sequence of flashbacks that kind of inform how he came to be where he is at the start of the book. And I intended that for each of the ten primary characters because I kind of began them all in the middle of their stories, which is what happens when you’re writing a book. The beginning of a story is not the beginning of a book. It’s impossible to tell the beginning of a story because there’s always something more that could come before. So you start with people who have passions, who have lives, who have things going on and then I wanted to use these sequences to bring you back up to where they were when they started. This was a method I thought I would use in order to help divide each book and help me envision each book as a stand-alone volume in the series. Because one of the challenges of writing a big series like this is you don’t want them all to blend together. You want them each to feel distinct, to have their own climaxes and their own story because when they start to blend together it can be detrimental to the series in the long run. So in my original outline, I spent a lot of time figuring out what everyone’s story was going to be but I didn’t actually have to do them in a certain order because they all are flashbacks I didn’t have to have the flashbacks in certain parts. And so I wasn’t sure whether I was going to do Dalinar or Shallan for the second book, I always knew I was going to do Kaladin for the first book. And I ended up deciding on Shallan, in part because I want to get into her story because of things that are happening in the plot but also because I wanted Dalinar’s sequence to come later. Now, I’m not promising that characters all survive that long. It’s entirely possible, just so you know, that I would kill someone off and still show their flashback sequence. Because the flashbacks aren’t them having a flashback, the flashbacks are- it’s not them sitting there and remembering that, it is simply a non-linear way of telling their story. So just so you know, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Dalinar survives til book five. What I’m going to do, is I’m going to do the first of the Shallan flashbacks for Stormlight 2. This is stuff that I’ve been writing fairly recently and I haven’t done any drafts of this. So it’s gonna be a little rough, this might change, in fact it will change between now and when it gets published but you get to have a look at it. For those who didn’t hear, there’s a lullaby in this that my father-in-law wrote. I asked him, I commissioned him actually, just like you commissioned an artist to do things like Shallan’s sketchbook, I commissioned a song to go in here as part of the lullaby. So I’m going to be referring to that because I only got this in last week. So you’re hearing fresh stuff, that might change as well. So this is Shallan, I have named it “Chapter Shallan Flashback One: Red Carpet, Once White.” The world ended and Shallan was to blame. "Pretend it never happened," her father whispered, he wiped something wet from her cheek, his thumb came back red. "I'll protect you." Was the room shaking? No, that was her, trembling. She looked up at her father, moving with a sudden jerk. She couldn't blink, her eyes were frozen open. "Sleep now, dear one, Crimson sky will fly before you." A lullaby, father whispered it through his tears. Behind him, in the room, dark corpses lay stretched out on the floor. Red carpet, once white. "Though rock and dread may be your bed, You will sleep my loved one dear" Father gathered her into his arms. And she felt her skin squirming. No... no... This affection wasn't right. A monster should not be held in love, a monster who killed, who murdered. No... But she could not move. "Now comes the storm, But you'll be warm. The wind may shake your dreams." Father stepped over the body of a woman in white. Little blood there. It was the other men doing most of the bleeding. Mother lay face down so Shallan couldn't see the eyes, the horrible eyes. Almost, Shallan could imagine that the lullaby was the end to a nightmare. That it was night, and that she had awakened screaming. That her father was singing her to sleep. As he'd done when she was a child. "The crystals fine, will glow sublime. So sleep my loved one dear." They passed father's safe on the wall. It glowed brightly, light streaming from the cracks around the closed front. A monster was inside. "And like a song, it won't be long. You'll sleep, my loved one dear." Father left the bedroom and closed the door on the corpses. So that’s flashback one. You will find out, those who have read the first book know that there are things going on in Shallan’s past, she mentions one of them near the end of the book, if you’ll remember, and there is supposition about something with Shallan mentioning several times the phrase, “ten heartbeats” which is a somewhat important measure in this world. QUESTION: If you slash somebody with a Shardblade, kill them, and then cut them again, will the Shardblade make them bleed? BRANDON: Yes. Just like a chasmfiend once it dies, they are chopping it apart with Shardblades.
  9. I just got back from the Houston signing at Murder by the Book. Brandon did two readings - one from AoL 2 (Wax and Steris discussing the wedding), and the prologue of Words of Radiance. Is the prologue been covered yet? If not, I'll summarize what I remember. Let me know. I asked Brandon about world hopping. Brandon said that not every magic system could be used for world hopping, but that there were methods of reaching every planet. He then qualified that some of the minor planets might only be accessible by space ship. I hope you find this as interesting as I did!
  10. I'm posting this on behalf of Herowannabe over on, since I don't think he has an account here. He went to the signing tonight and asked some questions. Here's his post and I will copy-paste the text below: P.S. He also had some new info on the fact that objects can get "full" of Investiture, which he mentioned on reddit back during the AMA, but which I don't think we have noticed yet: Link
  11. Brandon is answering some questions on reddit, with a video to come, it seems. Of particular note to me is that Hoid has been regrowing his fingers and the second set of 5 SA books will be more akin to a sequel than the "break, then continue on" that I've been assuming.
  12. Brandon apparently had signings and Q&A's and whatnot, but I can't find even the smallest tidbit of information from any of it. Was all information sucked into a black hole shortly after the convention, or is it just the sad case that no one on any fan websites or youtube posted anything?
  13. So the AMA seems to be winding down, and I know I don't like sifting through a thousand replies to find Cosmere-related stuff, so I've been bookmarking anything even vaguely Cosmere-related up until about 18:00 UTC on the 18th, and here are the results. Please grab quotes and links that you want to spin or substantiate theories off of and link directly to reddit in other threads, rather than to this mondo-thread of death. This is really just meant to be a resource. I imagine this will all be thrown on the Theoryland database fairly soon, but I'm impatient and I also imagine this might help those guys when they get to it. EDIT: Added 3 more on April 28. Please note that these divisions are relatively arbitrary, so look carefully if you're desperate for new information.