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Found 8 results

  1. This morning, Weller Book Works will have signed and numbered copies of Rhythm of War for sale tomorrow, September 24 at 10am MDT (9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern) on its Rhythm of War page (link goes active at that time). This bookstore is Brandon's common partner for sending out signed and numbered copies for releases. They say there will only be 1200 copies available, and restricted to just one book per customer. Weller's tries to get books shipped to you so you get them on the release date of November 17th. Weller's IS doing personalizations, but that will require a donation to the charity Worldbuilders. The deadline for personalized copies will be at October 10th at noon Mountain time. People who buy Rhythm of War through here will have an access code to the virtual book launch on November 17th. This won't be the only place where you can said access code for the release party, and we'll update you when we hear of more places. Updates to Brandon's Store Brandon's store had some maintenance today, and it looks they are on a new system now. Plus, they have some new and returning items! First up is the Rhythm of War Release Party Swag Pack. It contains a nifty purple t-shirt, a silicone glow-in-the-dark bracelet, a lanyard, and a release badge. That's fine, but the add-ons are the cool part, with a Willshaper pin (different from the Kickstarter pin), a sticker pack, and a chicken scout patch. Also in the store are some last copies of the first printing of the Warbreaker leatherbound. Apparently the printer had some spares that they shipped to Dragonsteel. Neat! Lastly, there's a hardcover of Infinity Blade: Redemption which I believe is also new to the store. [Update 9/24] There are also face masks on Brandon's store! Interview with Isaac Stewart The Sandersonian Institute of Cosmere Studies, another cosmere podcast, is interviewing Dragonsteel's Art Director, Isaac Stewart, on October 5th at 7:30 Pacific. That will be on their Twitch at, and you can send them questions to ask Isaac at [email protected] with "Isaac" in the subject line.
  2. So I heard that Calamity is being released on February 16th, but I don't know what time. I want to go to the party, but I might not be able to, depending on the time. I think Brandon Sanderson said it would me in the day, instead of midnight, but I don't know specifics. Anyone know?
  3. I was just thinking, that with a new book release fast upon us, and with the relatively hefty price tag associated with new cosmere tidbits, that we might collect the questions that we ask him in our books. There might even be time to wordsmith them for maximum output. Some categories to start us off: Cosmere (Realmatics questions, mixing magic systems, etc.) Mistborn: Stormlight: Elantris/Emperor's Soul: Other (Warbreaker, cosmere short stories, etc.) Rithmatics: Epics: Wheel Of Time: SF shorts (Perfect State, Firstborn, Defending Elysium): Miscellaneous:
  4. Apparently even I have missed it, so that means some of you have missed it too: the Words of Radiance midnight release is now uploaded! We had technical difficulties actually streaming it, but we did record it. (Sorry about that.) Here it is!
  5. Not even a week left! Can anyone else see... anticipationspren... forming all around them...? Edit: This is aimed at those whom have not yet recieved a copy of the book. Some of you, I do realize, are lucky and are probably seeing victoryspren, joyspren, et cetera, after having received a copy of the book already.
  6. Hey, what release schedule will the Stormlight Archive have? I heard it's a ten book series split in two? Will each book Take 4 years to come out? Just to clarify i'm not complaining i just want to know the rough estimate of how long it will take me to read the full series haha... Absolutely love it
  7. Words of Radiance Release Date Moved A bit dissapointing, but if the book is better because of that I don't mind waiting a bit longer.
  8. It's May 14th (very early in the morning, but still), and you know what that means: it's Rithmatist day. But Eric, that isn't a cosmere book, so I'm totally not interested in it. Thank you, random viewer! Indeed, The Rithmatist is not a cosmere novel. If you're ever confused which books are cosmere and which aren't, just look if it contains Earth in it (for example, Alcatraz is not in the cosmere). The Rithmatist is set on Earth, but as you might expect, it's a little... different. And it's awesome. It isn't the United States, but the United Isles. It's steampunk. It has chalk monsters. It's fascinating alternate history. What do these seemingly unrelated things have in common? That they are expertly weaved together in this book. I won't spoil anything, but it's all the wondrous worldbuilding you expect from Brandon, with a phenomenal ending like you'd expect. Every Sharder should read this book, no question. You can read in this interview with The Book Smugglers some interesting historical elements, and why Brandon chose to write this book). Tor has a great article on Rithmatics here, comparing it to StarCraft. Yes, the magic is actually that cool. Not sold yet? You can read from the prologue to chapter 5 of the book on Okay okay I'll buy the freaking book already, you don't need to be a shill. Hey, it's okay being a shill if we're being a shill for someone else. Namely, Brandon. (But also, we just really, really like this book and don't want you to forget about it) As far as I can tell, you can buy the ebooks right now, at this very second. Here are a bunch of places where you can get the physical book and the ebook, for whatever platform you happen to choose: Amazon (and Kindle) Barnes and Noble (and Nook) iBooks Google Play Read the book already? Discuss it at our Rithmatist forum, and our spoilery thread of impressions. Additionally, you can use our handy Community Calendar to see when and where the events in The Rithmatist tour is. The events will appear in the sidebar on the forum's index page, too! And if you're going to a signing, why not post in the "Which signing will you be at" thread and meet up with some other awesome Sharders?