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Found 2 results

  1. We had a nice surprise today: a newsletter from Brandon, and it contains some new exclusive fiction, this time from Dawnshard! It's pretty cool, so make sure you sign up on Brandon's site. The time sensitive piece on this is that the Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter ends tomorrow at 2pm Pacific. If you're interested, or want add-ons, you need to back it now. Add-ons will come via BackerKit after the Kickstarter is over. Dawnshard Prologue and More Spoiler Boards! Brandon released a short excerpt of the rough draft from Dawnshard, the novella you can get by backing the Kickstarter. We've talked about it quite a bit recently if you didn't know about it so far. If you sign up for the newsletter and confirm your email, you should get this newsletter right now, which will contain that prologue! You can chat about it in our thread on it! I wanted to briefly mention that we have now made a Dawnshard spoiler forum, where you can discuss Dawnshard but not get spoiled on Rhythm of War content. We also made some big changes on how we usually do spoiler boards, and expanded the Rhythm of War boards to three separate forums: one for general reactions, one for character discussion, and one for magic/lore/cosmere things. Hopefully this will make it so it is easier for you to find the discussions you'd like to find, because when the book comes out, things are going to get very busy. You can read more about our thoughts here. Release Party In the newsletter, Brandon said this about the Rhythm of War release party. It's going to be digital now, which I definitely expected: Rhythm of War Preview Chapter "Annotations" Brandon also said that he's been doing comments on Reddit on each preview chapter as they come out. I knew he was doing this, but he was calling them annotations, so... annotations are kind of back? Neat! I love annotations. I doubt we will get these for more than the previews, though. Here are his "annotations," which I've added to our Preview Chapter Index. Here's his chapters 2 and 3 one, and the chapters 4 and 5 comment.
  2. OB chapter 25 So I only recently joined the 17th shard — and this will be my first midnight release party! (Provo, Utah Monday Nov 13th) I’ve decided that I’m wearing a red kerchief neck scarf to the party. I’m inviting anyone else who will be there to do the same. I’m not sure if there is a precedent set to identify other 17th shard members at these signings or not. Is there? If there is please tell me because I want to identify with you’all. Im not getting the VIP pass and will be in line for a long time (probably finishing Warbreaker reread) and would love to visit with some of you InRealLife. i didn’t dare post this outside this thread because the red scarf could be considered a spoiler. Only two more weeks!!!!!!