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Found 6 results

  1. I received an email from my preorder that a link will be sent out 24 hours before the online Release Party. It will be at 6pm Mountain Time. Who else is planning on watching the release party live?
  2. We had a nice surprise today: a newsletter from Brandon, and it contains some new exclusive fiction, this time from Dawnshard! It's pretty cool, so make sure you sign up on Brandon's site. The time sensitive piece on this is that the Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter ends tomorrow at 2pm Pacific. If you're interested, or want add-ons, you need to back it now. Add-ons will come via BackerKit after the Kickstarter is over. Dawnshard Prologue and More Spoiler Boards! Brandon released a short excerpt of the rough draft from Dawnshard, the novella you can get by backing the Kickstarter. We've talked about it quite a bit recently if you didn't know about it so far. If you sign up for the newsletter and confirm your email, you should get this newsletter right now, which will contain that prologue! You can chat about it in our thread on it! I wanted to briefly mention that we have now made a Dawnshard spoiler forum, where you can discuss Dawnshard but not get spoiled on Rhythm of War content. We also made some big changes on how we usually do spoiler boards, and expanded the Rhythm of War boards to three separate forums: one for general reactions, one for character discussion, and one for magic/lore/cosmere things. Hopefully this will make it so it is easier for you to find the discussions you'd like to find, because when the book comes out, things are going to get very busy. You can read more about our thoughts here. Release Party In the newsletter, Brandon said this about the Rhythm of War release party. It's going to be digital now, which I definitely expected: Rhythm of War Preview Chapter "Annotations" Brandon also said that he's been doing comments on Reddit on each preview chapter as they come out. I knew he was doing this, but he was calling them annotations, so... annotations are kind of back? Neat! I love annotations. I doubt we will get these for more than the previews, though. Here are his "annotations," which I've added to our Preview Chapter Index. Here's his chapters 2 and 3 one, and the chapters 4 and 5 comment.
  3. OB chapter 25 So I only recently joined the 17th shard — and this will be my first midnight release party! (Provo, Utah Monday Nov 13th) I’ve decided that I’m wearing a red kerchief neck scarf to the party. I’m inviting anyone else who will be there to do the same. I’m not sure if there is a precedent set to identify other 17th shard members at these signings or not. Is there? If there is please tell me because I want to identify with you’all. Im not getting the VIP pass and will be in line for a long time (probably finishing Warbreaker reread) and would love to visit with some of you InRealLife. i didn’t dare post this outside this thread because the red scarf could be considered a spoiler. Only two more weeks!!!!!!
  4. Earlier today Brandon posted about the release party for The Bands of Mourning. As with Shadows, they will be using a digital line. This time however, numbers will NOT be distributed randomly, the earlier you sign up, the lower your number will be. The form for the digital line will be going up here, tomorrow at 10:00 AM Mountain Time. Brandon is planning on getting to the bookstore early and pre-signing/numbering all of the books before they let in people at 10:00 PM (in case somebody who doesn't want to get it personalized doesn't have to wait through the signing line). From 10 until 10:45 there will be a meet & greet where you can socialize, ask Brandon questions, or get a picture taken as well as other fun activities. Then there will be the customary talk, q&a, and reading. For those of you who can't make it do remember that you can still can order a Signed and Numbered copy from Wellers Book Works (though Brandon has changed his policies regarding that, which we reported on yesterday). Do keep in mind that Brandon will not be touring for this book, as he did a lengthy one for Shadows of Self and will be doing one for Calamity next month. He will try however to make sure that there are copies of Bands (along with the re-releases of the first two Alcatraz books) available during the Calamity tour. In other news, fans in the Salt Lake City area have an exciting opportunity to play the Mistborn Adventure Game. Herowannabe, starting February 24th, will be, after an introductory session, running the "Beasts of Burden" campaign from the recent Skaa: Tin & Ash supplement. No prior knowledge is required and it's completely free. Participants will also receive a free set of the Mistborn Allomancy dice Crafty Games kickstarted last year. For more information check out his thread here!
  5. Earlier this week we reported about a change in policy with regards to release parties at BYU. Specifically they are instituting a new "digital line", which was just posted. You can sign up here. One important note, if you want to be entered into the raffle for a number between 1-100 you must sign up within the first 24 hours (i.e. between Friday at noon and Saturday at noon, Mountain time). This form is also the place where you can sign up to volunteer, if you wish to do so. In other news it appears that Steelheart is getting a new hardcover release. As we know Steelheart received new US cover art when it got released in paperback, the covers for Firefight and Calamity then continued in the new style. This new release is a hardcover of Steelheart with the "new" paperback design. This means that hardcover owners now have an opportunity to have a matching set. According to Peter this is not an actual reprinting but rather "a rejacketing of warehouse copies of the first printing hardcover". Check out our forum topics here to discuss the digital line, and here the new Steelheart release!
  6. Today, Brandon wrote a blog post about the Shadows of Self release events. We've talked recently about the Weller's Book Works signed copies, but what was most interesting about Brandon's blog post is information about the BYU release party for Shadows of Self. This might not affect most of you, but hey, we are the hardcore Brandon fans, so this is something worth noting. This year, there will not be camping in front of the BYU bookstore. This is a huge change, as people have camped since 2010 with The Way of Kings. (There were release parties before, but camping started then.) I personally came for Alloy of Law and Words of Radiance's release party, and they were a ton of fun. We even have a a ludicrously giant tent for the purpose of camping there, as you can see in the image there. Instead of your low number being determined by when you arrive prior to release, for this release there is going to be a "digital line". It's done rather effectively, because instead of the #1 copy going to the person who refreshes for the link the fastest, the lowest 100 numbers will have a raffle system. If you join the digital line within the first 24 hours, you will be in the raffle for one of the lowest 100 numbers. The higher numbers will be determined by the order you entered this digital line. So, what this means is that there's no reason to camp at BYU. At all. You need to enter this digital line. You also need to preorder Shadows of Self with the BYU bookstore by October 1st. To do this, go here and select "Pick Up Signed & Numbered Copy at Oct. 5 Event," or you can go to the store itself. The digital line opens this Friday, September 18th, at around noon (I assume at Mountain Daylight Time, which is Brandon's timezone). We will tweet and link it out when that appears available. Then, you need to go to the BYU bookstore on October 5th, any time from 8:00am to 9:00pm to pick up your number. Then, the party will begin at 10:00pm. As someone who has enjoyed camping before the release, it was always a lot of fun, and I'm sad it is different this time. It was always special to meet the hardcore fans who came early, and especially to see how far people went to get there. (Of course, many who camped were local.) The night before the release was also great, because a ton of people arrived, and everyone was exhausted the Monday morning when the BYU bookstore handed out numbers. You were exhausted for the release because you were so excited the night before. It's really sad this is gone. (It was also fun that Josh and Mi'ch generally ran the signups, but that was exhausting for them. On the plus side, Utah can be quite cold. Alloy was extremely cold, and even Words of Radiance in March was cold. I'm going to enjoy not setting up a tent and taking it down early in the morning. Regardless of the community aspect, it is really nice to stay in relative comfort. Peter, Brandon's assistant, said on Facebook about the changes to the release parties: And also: So we might see old-style release parties at some point, but not for Shadows. In other news, the Elantris re-release (which according to Brandon's blog is officially titled "Elantris Tenth Anniversary Author's Definitive Edition) also is coming out on October 6th. One of our administrators, Zach, called the BYU bookstore and they said that Elantris would be available at the release, too. Cool! Discuss this post on the forums!