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Found 6 results

  1. Looking around I found Sanderson doesn't like to write pregnant characters, but had thought about how his magic systems would affect pregnancy. Stating at least that hemalergy would be bad, and stormlight would be likely better than without it. But that's honestly really vague and made me even more curious. I imagine edgedancers and truth watchers could easily use growth to speed a pregnancy along. But that also makes me wonder if they can do the same to an adult, if they could just be aged to dust etc. But that's less relevant here. I'm mostly just looking at the personal healing aspect of stormlight. Pregnancy could be considered as being invaded by parasites, just as alcohol is seen as poison. So if someone views it in that way, would stormlight end the pregnancy? Kaladin kept his brand and couldn't get a tattoo for the longest time. It just didn't feel right, or like he was ready yet. But more like, Shallan (as an example) not seeing herself as capable of or ready to be a mother, making it so pregnancy can't really happen or last long after implantation once she's using stormlight for anything else. Or would it just mask the pains and limitations normally associated with it? Would stormlight healing prevent developmental issues in the fetus, such as from consuming the wrong things (caffeine, alcohol etc)? Do the radiants get to choose on a conscious level, or does the investiture just so what it decides it best? It seems to do nothing for menstruation (which I have to agree with shallan, is very unfair) so possibly reproductive issues are considered differently, even before any "alien" DNA is introduced into the equation.
  2. So, from the information we currently have on Dawnshard from the released prologue makes it seem that Rysn and Lopen will be at the helm of the journey to Aimia. Until recently, they had something in common, disability. Rysn lost use of her legs in the Reshi Isles in Words of Radiance, Lopen was one-handed till he became a Radiant. Despite Lopen's injuries being much older he never viewed himself as a cripple and constantly cracked one-armed Herdazian jokes. Rysn, on the other hand, started seeing herself differently after the incident, to the point that Renarin couldn't heal her with Regrowth. There could be another journey that the characters make, Lopen might teach Rysn to view herself differently, possibly enough for her to deal or maybe even enough for her to heal.
  3. I have had this in my mind since way back when we learned that healing mostly depended on the self-image of the healed person (at least with Stormlight). Does this mean that if for some reason, call it magic, call it brainwashing, or the super-power of extreme self-delusion, you had a Radiant believe that he is phisically different from what he is, he would "heal" into that new shape? You convince a tall man that he was short and should be short, or convince another that he was changed to a man by evil magic but he was instead a woman... Would they eventually "heal" themselves until they are a short man and a woman, respectively? Or maybe it wold only work with less drastic changes, like change of skin tone, gain/loss of muscular mass, minor alterations in facial features, etc... Is this possible to "heal" into something/someone else if you confuse enough the mind that's supposed to filter the investiture? Possible cons: I do remember mention of a "perfect version of self" stored in the Spiritual realm, that the cognitive aspect uses as a template for healing, but that "perfect version" ought to be modificable, or else no matter how Kaladin sees himself, his perfect version wouldn't have scars and he would not heal them back.
  4. Hey all I’m new in the forums and I had a few questions. I was listening to The Final Empire again and a thought came to my head when Sazed is explaining to Vin that he is a Eunuch. In The alloy of law Wayne makes a statement about having fingers blown off and having to grow them back. Now with Sazed being a feruchemist he has the same healing ability as Wayne so if Wayne is able to grow back body parts ie. fingers in this case. Shouldn’t Sazed be able to grow back his male genitalia? Is there something I’m missing that makes it so he cannot.
  5. Does anyone else think about the Radiants, and/or the Lopen, when Big Wreck's "One Good Piece of Me" comes on the Radio? Specifically the lyric: "Every little piece you take from me, I can always regrow" Any other songs that could be loosely interpreted as being affiliated with the Cosmere?
  6. I am curious to see if regrowth can heal wounds inflicted by a shard blade. I am also curious if anyone knows if the effects of a shard blade when used on a living being is the result of severing the cognitive link to the body. Any WoB regarding these?