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Found 84 results

  1. So...did Lux just change the way that gifters work? In previous books, gifters were unable to gift their powers to other epics, yet in Lux, each of the four other epics we meet on Lux have been gifted Lifeforce's healing, and used it to save their lives. (On that, is Lovestruck still alive? Or did years of constant starvation kill her, like it did others? Or did the transfer to Paige stop the rebound?) Anyway, this seems to break the rules previously set in place. I'm curious as to whether you all think that it's just a plot hole or plot convenience, it's an unexplained variation in epic powers from gifter to gifter, it's some change granted by the weird "demon" inside Lifeforce that seems to be something more than just the darkness, or something else. Thoughts? Edit: I just realized that this is my first post in exactly 3 years! Who woulda thunk?
  2. We got a new Brandon Sanderson book this year already, and it is Lux! It is an Audible original set in the Reckoners universe, and it's time for us to talk about it. Overall we liked it, but we obviously get into the weeds, because it's Shardcast. Spoilers for the original Reckoners trilogy (Steelheart, Firefight, and Calamity) here, but if you haven't listened to Lux yet, we start with spoiler-free reactions. Chapters are below! Hosting this episode is David (Windrunner), and we also have Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), Danielle (FelCandy), and Marvin (Paleo)! How many ways can Evgeni say a different character when he meant Jax? Well, you'll find out! Lux is out: 00:00 Introductions 2:26 Spoiler-free reactions to Lux 20:20 Spoiler stuff and the ending 45:16 The Reckoners 1:29:39 Epics 2:02:55 Final Thoughts 2:13:40 Who's That Reckoners Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  3. Steelheart is one of or my favourite single book ever. And the ending is just perfection. I've been drawing whatever I'm interested in at the moment in my diary along things I write there and I've been hooked on Reckoners and Stormlight archive, Stormlight archive is also my favourite book series ever.
  4. Just finished, a good read with plenty of juicy tidbits but I was a little disappointed with the ending to be honest. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?
  5. Here, you can share your favorite David metaphors, as well as any bad metaphors you can think of yourself! For instance, "I'm worse at metaphors than an Epic-killing teenage boy."
  6. I was rereading The Stormlight Archive in preparation for The Rhythm of War release, and I thought that Kaladin has one major restriction, he is tied up in his past failures. He can never get past them. This reminds me of an Epic in the Reckoners. The spoiler below will tell the epic's name, DON'T OPEN UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE SERIES. If a character in the Cosmere manifested Epic powers, what would each of their weaknesses be, and what is your reasoning? PS: I am sorry if this is in the wrong discussion board, I wasn't sure where to put it if it spans both Cosmere and Non-Cosmere books, just tell me where I need to move it or do it yourself if you have that power. Thanks!
  7. If there was a Reckoners movie series confirmed, what would your dream cast be? I only have a preference for one: Liam Neeson as Prof/Jonathan Phaedrus/Limelight. I can very easily imagine Liam standing in Prof's place.
  8. I WAS JOKING WITH MY FRIEND ABOUT GIVING ALCATRAZ THE RUIN SHARD AND NOW I NEED TO DRAW A L L OFF THE DESTRUCTIVE CHARACTERS MERGED INTO ONE BEING current idea: alcatraz reading the bible with red hair holding some shiny rocks saying something like "Matthew 2:12: and behold, God said unto to The Devil 'thou hast yee'd thy last haw'"
  9. A fan club for Elsa Steelheart to rule over. Who is Elsa Steelheart? If her lengthy introduction topic is anything to judge by, she might just be the most popular Sharder since FeatherWriter. Of course, her highness far outranks Feather; after all, she is just a Lady, whereas Elsa... Well. Elsa is our Queen. In your graciousness, her Majesty is always willing to accepts new members to the court. If you wish to pledge your allegiance to our most worthy Queen, simply present yourself before her and swear your loyalty. Your Majesty, Elsa Steelheart, First of Thy Name, Titan of Ice, Snowwarden, Frozenborn, Queen of Newcago and all Lands of the Seventeenth, I, _______, do swear my humble, undying fealty to thee. I shall forevermore serve thee and thee alone with the utmost fervency, till last I draw breath
  10. MR39: For Science! "Scissors." He reached out a gloved hand, blood dripping to the floor and spattering his boots. He didn't look up from the dissected body on the table before him. Miranda picked the scissors from the tray and handed them to the doctor, hands trembling as she watched him take the gleaming silver tool from her. His steady hand moved to make the cut. Miranda let out a small gasp, bringing him to a stop. "Do you need to leave the room, Miranda?" The doctor spoke quietly from beneath his mask. Miranda's heart beat wildly and she didn't make a sound. "Send me another to take your place. You're relieved for the day." Moments later she leaned against the door of her room, trying to calm her stomach. Nope. She lost what food she'd eaten that day. Shaking, she wiped her mouth with her sleeve and collapsed on her bed across the room. Something had to be done about this. Dissection after dissection and still nothing satisfied the doctor. Everyone knew that epics were horrible people but that didn't mean it justified cutting them open to see how they worked...did it? "I have to stop it." Opening the drawer in her end table she pulled out a pad of paper and a pen and began writing. ~~~ Trying to steady her breathing, Miranda knocked on the office door. The doctor's voice beckoned her inside. A clock ticked on the wall, the only sound in the room besides that of papers shuffling on the heavy wooden desk. It was a nicely furnished room with a dark velvet chair in the corner, a pretty green rug on the floor and a dark wooden bookcase lining one wall. A tank of fish sat next to the chair, the filter causing bubbles on top that made the fish curious until they forgot what they were doing. Fish don't have the greatest of memories. The doctor glanced up from his desk in the center of the room. "Are you feeling better? Please come in." Miranda swallowed and stepped forward, handing the doctor the note she had written. "What's this?" "I'm leaving." The doctor looked at her in shock. "You're what?" "I need to get away from here for a while. I want to go on the next expedition you send out to find epics for your….research." The doctor's expression changed from concern to consideration. "I...see." He removed his glasses, hooking the end of the frame in his lip as he thought. Did he suspect something? Miranda counted to ten to distract herself and still her nerves. He sat quietly for a moment, the ticking of the clock seeming to grow louder and louder in Miranda's ears before the silence was broken. "Very well. You've been my best assistant." He put his glasses back on and set to writing on a clean sheet of paper, signing it when he was finished. "Give this to Arone straightaway. I believe his team is leaving for Newcago first thing tomorrow morning." Miranda reached out and took the paper, sighing in relief and turning to leave. Just after the paper left his fingers, the doctor gripped her wrist, causing her to look back at him. He stared her in the eye, his cold blue gaze feeling as if it would pierce through her. "Be careful." She nodded. Leaving the room, she closed the door behind her and exhaled. She wasn't sure if those words had been meant as well wishes or a threat. Did he suspect her intentions? Either way she was leaving. She would find a way to put an end to this. Even if it meant having to find an epic to help her. _________________________________________________________________ Welcome to MR39! The game will begin on Friday the 13th at 1 PM CST. Good luck! The game is set sometime before the events of the book Steelheart but after Steelheart has taken over the city of Newcago. So basically before the beginning of book 1 minus the prologue. Rules: This will be a MR with 48 hour cycles The elims have a separate doc to discuss and they have one kill per cycle Open PMing (only 1 on 1) All PMs must include myself and Fifth Scholar (IM) Tied lynch ends in a no lynch No minimum vote requirement When a player dies their items are removed from the game Actions: You may only take one action per cycle Elim kill counts as an action You may use an item You may target a player and attempt to steal their item You may choose to guard yourself against an item being stolen Factions: Loyals - you are loyal to the doctor and will see your mission done when you find all of the traitors Traitors - you win when you kill or outnumber all of those who are loyal to the doctor Items: Gun - one time use, may kill any player you target unless they're protected by the vest Bullet proof vest - one time use, protects against any attack excluding the lynch (passive ability but if activated by an attack it will cancel out your other action if you took one) Knife - wounds a player of your choice, blocking their action for that cycle (may be used once per round) Binoculars - may spy on a player's action, seeing whom they targeted and with what action (may be used once per round) Both the elim kill and the gun will show up as an attack if the binoculars spot it. It will not specify which one it was. Smoke Bomb - You cannot be observed with Binoculars. Using this doesn’t consume your action. Strongbox - Cannot be stolen. You can store one item in the Strongbox. That item cannot be stolen while in the Strongbox. Putting an item in a strongbox does count as an action, but the item is still available for use on following cycles even if it is in the strongbox. The Black Market: This will be a space where players can spend points earned from activity each cycle. Some items are only available in the black market and do not start out in game. There will be a limited number of items for the entirety of the game. Point Gain: Posting over 150 words in at least one RP post in a Cycle - 1 point Making at least 2 posts contributing to discussion in a Cycle - 1 point The Black Market is not a place for charity, and besides, you’re all mercenaries. Points cannot be given to other players. If two people go for the same item and there isn't enough inventory then the person who put in the order first will get it. The person who didn't get it will retain their points. You will not be informed of who got what, but you will be able to see what went down in inventory on the next cycle. There is a set number of items at the start of the game and no more will be added. The black market does not count as an action and therefore the binoculars cannot see it. There is a 2 point cap that can be reached each cycle. Order of Events: Guarding an item/ strongbox Stealing Bullet proof vest Weapon or elim kill Smoke bomb Binoculars Inactivity filter: must post once per cycle or you'll be removed from the game Player List: Links: Rule Clarifications: 1. When targeting a player to steal an item, you may specify what item you're attempting to steal if you wish, but if they don't have that item then you will get nothing. If you don't specify then you will get one of their items at random unless they were guarding that item. 2. You must choose which specific item to guard from being stolen. 3. You can steal as many items as you can get.
  11. I’m really proud of this! Any and all feedback is hoarded and appreciated. (Especially if it’s about the reveal. I’m concerned I might have been accidentally offensive, despite my efforts.) I hope you enjoy. This work has been updated and can now be found here:
  12. Title say it all. I know that there’s not much chance of a reckoners show anytime soon but still an interesting topic I think
  13. Hey, is Prof otherwise known as limelight based on the Rush song of the same name. I noticed a few lyrical/thematic parallels, such as "one must put up barriers to keep one's self intact" obviously akin to his force fields and more subtle ones like "I can't pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend" echoing how he met David. As a huge Rush fan I am not entirely partial to this idea but there at least seem to be a lot of consistencies between the song and the character. (as a new member I can't post a link but it's not hard to look up)
  14. so what new epics would you like to see? what stats/whatever the attack stats are called would they have i'm saying calamity/larcener as a boss (yes i'm aware regalia will be a boss), obliteration, the coven epics, other babiliar and ildithia epics,
  15. Really liked it. It almost felt weird enjoying it so much when it's a YA series and I'm 31. I've seen the complaints about the rushed ending, and felt it a bit too. But it didn't ruin the series for me. Prof was such a great character. I really liked that his weakness was fear of failure when he's putting everything on the line. So many people fear failure and will self sabotage so they have the fall back answer. That was cool to me. I expected David's transformation to take place sooner. I thought once he survived the tower with Megan it would be a rapid descent into figuring out how to use Steelheart's power set leading to a battle to bring back Prof.
  16. I don't see a typos thread yet, so here goes. Ebook page 78. Chapter 12, second page Looks like there is a stray comma after But...
  17. So, Edgedancer and I were talking about Reckoners, and he brought up the idea of Fortuity fancying himself a filmmaker, which evolved into a full-blown headcanon, which evolved into something else when I imagined Steelheart doing the look-directly-into-the-camera thing perfected by Jim Halpert on the US version of The Office. Enjoy. Oh, and if you wish, get into the mood by imagining a montage of Newcago Epics set to the ever-classic Office theme music. Spoilered for length. Mentions alcohol and drinking.
  18. 1. Are there Words of Brandon about the Reckoners series?
  19. Ok, I know it is an ongoing joke that Reckoners isn't cosmere and that lots of people new to the fandom are making the mistake (I did so myself). I walked into all of this thinking most of Brandon's books were Cosmere and was told: "nope you're wrong". This kind of threw me off because I seriously thought that this was all connected. So I decided to do some research on the Coppermind, update myself on Investiture, Adonalism, shards, etc. AND I FOUND SOMETHING VERY INTERESTING. I BELIEVE RECKONERS COULD ACTUALLY BE COSMERE GUYS!!! There are sixteen shards (some think 17) and there are ten known shards. Upon actually pondering them I realized that many have opposites (i.e. Ruin vs Preservation, Honor vs Odium, Ambition vs Devotion) even just the definition of the words are opposing. So, upon this realization, I thought back to Calamity. In Calamity, when David is taken up to meet Calamity (who is someone else, yadda yadda yadda (Larcener)) Calamity tells him: "You refuse to see what your people are, once they get a little power," (Calamity, Sanderson 399). This shows that he sees them (at least to me) as somewhat easily controlled. He also calls this, "A terrible place," (Calamity, Sanderson 398) <= one example. Then, later, Calamity says: "I contain every power of the universe. Do you understand? They are all mine. I am what you call a High Epic a thousand times over," (Calamity, Sanderson 402). Calamity (or Larcener) sees himself very highly, sees nothing wrong with what he does (similar to Ruin and Odium). He sees himself as a god, and according to the Coppermind: "Adonalsium is generally regarded as a God, responsible for the creation of the Cosmere,[2][5] and it is sometimes referred to as the "power of creation." So if the shards do have opposites, Larcener could be the vessel of a shard. Something that has to do with Heteronomy or Subjection--which are the opposites of Autonomy. Autonomy wanting freedom, Subjection wanting control. IN THIS WAY RECKONERS COULD BE COSMERE.
  20. In a darkened world, an apocalyptic TLT… Featuring @Shard of Thought: Thought and AJ @beantheboy12: AJ @xinoehp512: Tom Joebob & Fantastic @Jaywalk: Jay and his bunny Bozo
  21. So I just had this thought: What if Prof directed a play and David was the stage manager? This resulted in a series of vignettes I wrote between David and Prof. My friend wrote a couple of these so I will post mine and then post the ones she did. Spoilered for length, this has no actual spoilers. Mine My Friend's One We Both Made
  22. So I have a bunch of Reckoners themed memes on my phone, and thought it would be fun to post some of them here! Feel free to post any Reckoners memes you have too! A few of mine are posted in the spoiler section above. Spoilers for Steelheart and Calamity. I'll upload some non-spoiler ones later!
  23. As stated in the tags, this fic is inspired by the WoB explaining Fortuity's weakness—public rejection by a woman to whom he is attracted—and hinting it stems from a time that happened in the worst possible way. I found that to be an intriguing deepest-darkest-fear, and this idea began percolating. Will probably be a three-parter, but I'm not making any promises. Part One
  24. During Calamity, we learn the titular antagonist has "gifted" Epic powers to people instead of "investing" (non-Cosmere, but still works.) them with abilities. I believe this distinction was the preventive factor in the children of Epics NOT inheriting power; considering Motivators work on genetic mimicry and offspring would share similar DNA strands to parents. This limitation has likely been removed when Calamity went the way of Evocation. Which bares the question: How will Epic powers be inherited? Will the kid get the same power as their powered parent with a personal touch like Tavi? Will children of 2 Epics (David and Megan) get both powersets, or will there be "Interference" like with Epics and certain Motivators? Or will a child's non-powered heritage cause "Interference" granting a very different ability from their Epic parent?
  25. I finally joined the 17th Shard!!! I've read both the Mistborn trilogies, the three Stormlight Archives, Warbreaker, and Arcanum Unbounded. Outside of the Cosmere, I've read the Reckoners and Legion. I can't wait for when he decides to write Warbreaker 2, but it sadly doesn't look like its going to be anytime soon.