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Found 1 result

  1. All right. So. If you're here, I'll assume you've finished Calamity and, as a Reckoners RPer, are ready to discuss what this means for the game. If you have not finished Calamity, read no further. Objectively speaking, there are some things that have the potential to cause problems. Partial redemptions will still be canon, though it seems as though full redemptions won't be possible. Calamity didn't seem to rule out any existing power types—no more than Firefight did, anyway—but it looks like we can continue without too many major changes. Now I'll add my opinion. I didn't like what Sanderson did with the weaknesses, and I didn't like the way he tied them back to Calamity. Firefight made them into PTSD triggers, which was so deep and complex and added so many more layers to the Epics we knew….and then Calamity shifted the focus back onto Epics being smug and imperious because Calamity was smug and imperious. And the way Calamity could just take a normal fear and punch it up to insane levels felt shallow. So, if we're going to deviate from canon, I recommend we stay with the assumed definition of weaknesses as tying back to an Epic's past trauma, and being resolved by the Epic facing that trauma for the sake of someone else. I confess: I suggest this partly because the way I have Funtimes' redemption sequence planned, it wouldn't work nearly as well if the "to save someone else" caveat were observed. But I also think that the canon definition risks making Epics more shallow, and it plays into the way we've been writing our Epics better. Thoughts? Opinions? Angry rants for the Dark Lord Zorblag?