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Found 2 results

  1. I don’t know about anyone else but I was extremely let down by Rhythm of War. I literally could not sleep for days before this book came out. I was so excited and while I can’t get every thing I wanted I expected more Things I hated: 1. We were promised a major cosmere scene: I do not know what you invisioned but I was expecting a major battle for Urithiru with investiture from several cosmere worlds being tossed around. After the awesome battle in Oathbringer for Thaylen city I just knew Rhythm would supersede this. I still don’t know what cosmere scene Brandon was referring unless it was Hoid confrontation with Odium during the epilogue !?!? 2. I Really wanted Adolin to do more with Maya , he is almost there? How convincing would it have been to the Honorspren if Adolin would have revived Maya. Boy it would of shut the honors pen up . As it stands I hate the honorspren more than I hated Sadeas. It just was a let down for a character I love 3. Rock and Lopen my two favorite characters were no where to be found. It really ruined my bridge four vibe for this book 4. Venli flashbacks were not informative enough, as complicated as the singers were , I feel he just told us things we already knew, I was extremely bored during every Venli flashback. In Oathbringer every Dalinar flashback was gold. I didn’t know who the Blackthorn was but by the end I respected the hell out of Dalinar. I liked Venli going into this book , but besides freeing Rlain she literally did nothing the whole book IMO.I saw absolutely no willshaper powers or purpose for that matter . Things I loved.... 1. Toadium . I absolutely loved this .... Hoid , Dalinar better watch out Rayse is out and old T is here. Teravangion will be an Antagonist that I would actually . I’ll make a thread later to discuss him 2. Navani bounding the sibling was right . It fealt good, I loved how she was able to outsmart the ancient Fused and iallyoded te sibling . For a while I thought it would be Rlzin 3. I love how pattern was redeemed . For a while I was disappointed in him but now I see Shallan is just as dangerous as I always figured she was. 4. Lastly I loved how the singers are ruthless as they need to be, but in many ways they are more compassionate than the humans . When Navani and the lady of pain worked together look at what they accomplished. well another three years to wait for SA 5 so does anybody agree or disagree with my points?
  2. Hi all and welcome to The Overlady Reads Elantris! This one was really fun as, unlike with the Mistborn episodes, I read the book alongside the Overlady. It turns out that, after ten years of thinking I didn't like Elantris, I actually really like Elantris! I was almost hesitant to recommend it when we first started this journey but luckily, Lucy was a fan as well. So join us as we mispronounce literally every name and aon in the entire book! As Brandons first book, this one can fall either way for some people, but let us know what your guys thoughts on Elantris are, and more importantly, are you excited for a sequel? Find the third episode of The Overlady Reads below: