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Found 10 results

  1. We've seen in Stormlight that a Cognitive Shadow with decay and travel to the Beyond when captured in a polestone, so if you used a Raysium dagger with a Perfect Gemstone to capture a Shade, would the Cognitive Shadow fade away and leave you with a Gemstone of Ambition's Investiture?
  2. Here's another rather large post of my insane ramblings Can you use raysium to force someone to benefit from investiture? For example, normally someone has to be willing to tap a metalmind before it will happen, but if you could remove the investiture from an unkeyed metalmind via raysium, then inject it into a Feruchemist, could you ‘make’ them use that investiture? Could you Hemalurgically grant someone Feruchemical copper, then inject them with unkeyed memories to alter their perception? Could you give them painful memories to incapacitate them, or memories that view something in a positive light to get them to like that thing? Could you force stormlight into a radiant, then use Allomantic nicrosil to force a massive burst of power that would exhaust them? Could you remove the breaths of an awakened object, then inject those breaths into another object? Would the new object obey the same Command used for the previous object? Could you remove a Lifeless from their body, then inject them into another corpse? Could you put a human Lifeless into a Koloss corpse? Could you put a Lifeless into a living human body? Would the human be compelled to obey the Lifeless Command? If Nightblood were to be satiated like when he fed on Odium, could you then remove part of his essence, then transfer it to another sword, allowing you to make a duplicate of him?
  3. Pretty simple question here; could you use raysium to fill a gemstone with investiture from a perpendicularity? Seems like you'd have a lot of portable, easy to access investiture if you could, especially if you're not on Roshar.
  4. Okay, first of all, I have no idea what raysium would do as a Hemalurgic spike, and it would be pure insanity to try and figure it out before Sanderson tells us. And that's me saying that. But here are some ideas I had for how you could use raysium in combination with Hemalurgy without using it as a spike itself. Can you use raysium to extract the charge in a Hemalurgic spike, then add multiple charges into one spike to create a heightened effect, but while using only one spike? Would only one charge be able to effect you at a time, since they're created from separate pieces of spiritweb? Could you store a hemalurgic charge inside a perfect gemstone to prevent it from leaking? Would the gemstone still be able to grant a Hemalurgic effect if you stabbed someone with it, or would it need to be transferred back to a metal that corresponds with the Hemalurgic charge? If you could extract the charge from a spike that had weakened to the point where it would no longer lose power via Hemalurgic decay, and then combined multiple charges, would they then leak again, or since they probably still count as separate things, like how bio-chromatic breaths are separate, would they no longer lose their charge?
  5. If you stabbed an awakener with a raysium knife, could you inject yourself with their breaths? I know that you likely wouldn't be able to awaken with then since they're keyed to someone else's Identity, but could you gain the heightenings?
  6. Raysium conducts investiture, so could you suck out two people's souls, then stick them in each other's bodies?
  7. Hi all! I have never joined a forum and I might be doing this wrong. Forgive me if this is the wrong section to post this but I am desperate and clueless. I have for some time been trying to locate the symbol for Raysium (god metal for Odium). Please point me to the right place to look, as I desperately want Raysium as a tattoo. Thank you all in advance for the help! Daniel
  8. So Raysium has passive ability of sucking in investiture. Nightblood sucks in investiture. There isn’t many other things that could suck in investiture while being a sword. We know Nightblood was based off of a shardblade because Vasher and Shashara visited Roshar. They could have also discovered Raysium and used that for nightblood’s blade. It seems pretty plausible and makes a lot of sense. I don’t think there is any reason why this wouldn’t be a valid theory, but if there is, I’d love to hear it.
  9. I've been having lots of fun translating Navani's notebook recently. Most of it is just flavor, but I do think I have found at least one important thing hidden here. Check out this page about Raboniel's Soul-Harvesting Dagger... I suspect this "silver-nickel" alloy is actually nicrosil, which is really a chromium-nickel alloy, and that Raboniel is lying here to throw Navani off the trail. She says on this very page that Navani is right not to trust her. Nicrosil has the feruchemical property of storing investiture. I find it hard to believe that the housing of the gemstone is unrelated to the function of the dagger (all fabrials are housed in a meaningful metal cage, afterall). So what are the chances that this is not nicrosil? 12/9 update: Got a RAFO about this from Brandon. Very interesting.
  10. Inspired by the discussion on Discord!