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Found 2 results

  1. I’m on page 350 and having a reeeeaally hard time getting through it. I liked Way of Kings a lot, Words of Radiance was a Masterpiece, but.... the ShallanXAdolin crap is almost like a cheesy Disney Romance with Pattern as the cliche animal friend there to make things funny and awkward. Not impressed. Kaladin’s side of the story is good, Dalinar’s drags a little. I actually prefer Shallan when she’s NOT herself... which tells me I have a huge problem with her character. I feel like the only way I can get through it is skim over Shallan’s chapters. Anybody else of have this issue, or am I alone in the Cosmere?
  2. ...was right after Steelheart. Not in Firefight. Not in Calamity. Right after Steelheart, exemplified in Mitosis. Mitosis spoilers follow. Also a barely structured rant that few will be interested in. The people of Newcago are the oppressed peasant class to end all oppressed peasant classes. They labor day in and day out in factories making goods for their Epic overlords. A lot of them live underground in a place called the catacombs. THE CATACOMBS. However badly your neighborhood sucks, remember that you don't live in a place people call the steel catacombs. So yeah. Aside from the Morlocks that live short brutal lives in the steel sparkin' catacombs, the people on the surface have to live in fear of a random Epic stopping by and murdering them for the crime of being noticed. Or having their building being noticed if Steelheart decides to make a random example out of them. The ones on the surface might as well live underground because the sky is pitch black 24/7. They don't even see stars besides the big bloody bullet hole in the sky that is Calamity. There are a few living in a privileged upper class, that isn't very privileged when it comes to a slontze like Fortuity picking out his victims. A prince among cattle is still classed as cattle. Everyone in this city lives a squalid existence against a black sky and cold grey surroundings. There is no green in their lives. There is no sun. There is only the Epic behind you and the Epic in front of you, and your entire existence is trying not to be noticed between them. These are people who walk with their heads down because looking up gets you killed and there's nothing to look up to anyway. Bottom line? You'd have to fly out of the universe, hit the Cosmere, and head to Scadrial to find another group of people as downtrodden as these poor unfortunate slontzes. But then the Reckoners kill Steelheart. Suddenly the entire class hierarchy of this city comes crashing down around these blokes. Everything changes overnight--oh, and that phrase makes sense for the first time in most of the children's lives. The immortal was slain before them. The insurmountable was made achievable. They see the sun for the first time in a decade. They see their tyrants cast down low and forced to leave town. They see the brutal totalitarian enforcement division turned into a peacekeeping division. They see life as they've never seen it before. Then comes Mitosis. An Epic like any other. A man--sorry, men who cannot be killed. And he comes in making demands, threatening to start slaughtering them like so many Epics like him have done before. And the Reckoners, for all they've been able to accomplish, can't stop him. But what can the Reckoners do? Tell the Newcagoans how to stop him for themselves. Which they do. By singing. They line up by the steel river and sing the worst song in the history of songs, all across the city, melting a High Epic in his glory. The goal of the Reckoners was never just to kill Epics. It was to teach the common people to kill Epics. To be willing to kill Epics the moment the opportunity presents itself. Mitosis demonstrates that they succeeded, with the most unlikely, downtrodden bunch of common people you could possibly imagine. Firefight and Calamity are just icing on the cake. It's Mitosis that proves that the Reckoners could actually win. It's Mitosis that makes for the uplifting epilogue to their mission. It's Mitosis that showcases the Reckoner organization's greatest victory. Sorry for the rant. Someone dissed Mitosis and I felt the urge to vent.