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Found 8 results

  1. I am a quiet nerdyish person, very shy with newcomers but not quiet at all with people I know. I love organising, but not doing. You could say I'm a delegator in that respect. I'm not going to say that I love Brandon Sanderson, because you all know that I do. I love Marvel (MCU, to be quite explicit) I also love Star Wars I love playing video games and making friends, but I'm not very good at it I get too attached to characters in books that I like I see nighttime/bedtime as a time to think and make up stories without interuptions Here's how it goes. You ask me questions I answer them Let's Begin!
  2. So, I had an interesting question, and I wanted to see what people's answers would be. Is there such a thing as good and evil. And, if there is, why? And, if there isn't, why do we get so mad at people doing certain things, and so happy when they do other things?
  3. So I couldn't think of a non-spoilery title so I choose to hide behind a wall of randomness instead. Anyone else think it might be possible that the eye-spike of the survivor may be from Marsh? (Minor BoM spoilers) If it is indeed Kelsier then I feel like it was his way of trying to make up to Marsh to get an eye-spike since there doesn't seem to be any particular reason to spike your eye in particular.
  4. This is a thread for every random quite often stupid and pointless question we have while reading books in the Cosmere. please note they do not have to be stupid to be asked here. feel free to give input on any questions you see that you have something to share about. such as... Is it possible to lash water to send a river of water flowing towards an opponent? that would be an awesome way to win a water balloon fight. Is it possible to lash something to an object rather than a direction. such as lashing something to a person so that it falls towards them and when they move it follows. let the randomness begin.
  5. It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire. During the battle, rebel spies managed to to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Leia races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy.... Sorry, I'm just really really hyped for Star Wars (anyone else going December 17th?), and I saw the opportunity to make a clever cultural reference while ninja'ing everybody who wanted to make the next Random Stuff thread. So badchull. Before the Random commences, I just have one question for you, the first viewer of this post. If I pull that mask off, will you die?
  6. QF 10- The Scadrial Atium Rush The Discovery* As James W. Marshall placed down a log of wood, he stumbled backwards. His friend helped him move the log into place, but James tripped into the river. His friend laughed and reached forward to help James up. James ignored the hand and reached into the river to push him up. His hand touched something cold, with a metallic texture. Huh? He wondered. James looked down and saw a big bead of a dark purple metal. He pulled it out and examined it. “What’s that?” His friend asked, grabbing at it. “Hey, I found it,” James said. “It’s kinda pretty, ain’t it?” “Yeah, it is. What’s it?” “I ain’t know.” James put it in his bag. “Ain’t look like any metal I know.” “Sure it’s metal? Might be some trash or somethin’.” “Yeah, pretty sure. What ya thank it is? Atium, the lost metal?” James joked. “Nah, that’s ridiculous.” His friend shrugged. “Send it back to Elendel for analysis.” “Good idea,” James said, and later that day he sent it in a package back to the city. - The first of the many independent miners to come had a pan made of metal and an insane attitude. He believed the crazy reports that had gotten everywhere- that atium had been rediscovered. The miner sat down on the bank of the river and reached down. It took him under an hour to find the tiny bead he was searching for. It was beautiful. It was a violet shade and when he polished it off with a cloth, it glowed in the afternoon light. Or maybe that was just him. He pulled out one of the glass bottles he’d brought and dropped the bead in. “Atium,” he breathed out. It made a soft clink noise. “I found it.” - That night, as a larger group arrived and set up tents, a shadow crossed the camp. A person stood in the darkness. They were a scout for the larger group that was set to come. “Atium. Rediscovered at last. No way are we going to let these ‘independants’ gain a monopoly on such a vital resource.” The corporate’s scout said as they wrote the report from the cliff. “I think something needs to be done about this.” - The next day, the first immigrant was found dead in the river. The bead of atium he’d found the day before was missing. Rules And the signups are open! Welcome to QF10. The idea of a Scadrial game without allomancy came from Renegade's QF8. Signups will be closed on Sunday, September 27 (exact time to come). The writeup time will come soon as well. If you're on a mobile and can't change the color, write this PERSON WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR[/color*], but get rid of the *s. I will try to keep a link to each cycle's writeup in my signature. And player list in the writeup. Now, happy murdering each other! *this may or may not be how the actual California Gold Rush started. Do not use this and substitute 'gold' for 'atium' for a history report. EDIT: I have switched the rules to the modified version.
  7. I've amassed a fairly large collection of mostly useless trivia over the years, something I'm sure many Sharders have in common, I'm also a pretty big fan of shows like QI which actively attempt to correct popular but incorrect trivia (Several of which I'd have fallen prey to) so I thought I'd share my useless knowledge and corrections with others and perhaps pick up some new pieces of useless facts along the way. So, did you know that the shortest war on record was held between England and Zanzibar in 1896? Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes. Contrary to popular belief a ducks quack does echo. Kangaroo does not mean 'I don't know' in Australian Aboriginal. There are several hundred aboriginal languages and many had different names for kangaroos, potentially leading to some confusion on the issue. Brandon Sanderson is actually a mythical superbeing with writting speeds mere mortal authors can only dream of. The electric chair was invented by a dentist. (I may have exaggerated somewhat on one of these claims) Nevertheless share your own factoids, trivia and assorted random knowledge that we might all waste time learning things that will never really matter that much.
  8. Ask me, the King of Illuminatis anything. Also, for the Security of the world, i have to warn each one of you that my answers MAY be lies. Oh, and this are the rules. If the words on your question don't rhyme, i won't answer It. #Sorrynotsorry Why? Because Rhyming is awesome, and because It was the most random thought that popped into my head. Also, if you can make a lenghty question to the tune of a random song or melody, i will take It, (As long as you provide a Link, or state the name of the song/melodie/tune/magic/Vegetable/) This hadn't been used yet..right? Right? Also, for every question you ask, i get to ask you a question too. And finally, if you could post a random image of a random person singing at the end of your post...that would be great. (for this one It doesn't matter if you are singing or Rhyming the question) I know i didn't rhyme, but its just a thread Besides here's a poem So, leave me, ok? I know Its hard writing and making a verse But i guess you'll manage to do one ok. via Imgflip Meme Maker