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Found 105 results

  1. They could be using anti towerlight and the stormfather in some way im just trying to figure it out
  2. I was wondering, if a non-Radiant character in the SA were to start living the ideals of the knights Radiant and was to actually get to the point where they would be fully capable of swearing each Oath of a particular order, and then they Bonded a Spren of that order, would they be able to belt out Oaths and become a fully powered Radiant since they had prepared for it beforehand? It may be that you could argue that their Spiritweb would be too "healed" or uncracked at that point for a Spren to Bond them, but it seems like basically everyone has some cracks in the Spiritweb form somthing. I bet that it would be possible, and totally awesome to see something like this happen on-screen.
  3. This is the closest I can come to solving the 'shardplate spren' query. Any correction or insight is appreciated. Sl. No. Order of Knight Radiant Radiant spren Shardplate spren 1 Bondsmith Stormfather/Nightwatcher/Sibling Gloryspren 2 Windrunner Honorspren Windspren 3 Lighweaver Cryptics Creationspren 4 Elsecaller Inkspren Logicspren 5 Edgedancer Cultivationspren Lifespren 6 Truthwatcher Mistspren ? 7 Dustbringer Ashspren Firespren 8 Willshaper Lightspren rockspren(?) 9 Skybreaker Highspren ? 10 Stoneward Peakspren Painspren
  4. So, something I've wondered about since I read RoW is what has happened to the Honorblades, and what will happen with them going forward. Based on Dalinar's encounter with Ishar, it's strongly implied that he attacked the Shin and took the Honorblades from them. He may have only recovered his own, so we don't know that he has all the missing ones. But that means that 6-7 of the Honorblades are either in the possession of the Shin or Ishar's forces, or split between them. Nale has his, Moash has the WindRunner blade, and we still don't know what happened to the StoneWard blade. Since Kaladin and Szeth are headed to Shinovar in book five, it's more or less guaranteed that more information about the other blades Shinovar protected all those years will come out. What really happened to them, where they are, who has them, we don't yet know. But we will hopefully find out. What I'd like to ask/postulate, is what will happen if they honorblades are recovered by the radiants? If the desolations truly end after book 5, then there won't be the same kind of need for them anymore. The desolations will be done. The heralds my eventually recover, but who knows what state they'll be in. And as a certain honorspren said and Szeth has proven, the honorblades are dangerous. Without any kind of oath restricting the actions of the ones holding them, they can be used to terrible effect. Of course, some of the honorblades could still be useful. The blades could be used to train people in the surges of that blade's corresponding order, which would be useful in times when there aren't many radiants of that particular order, such as BondSmiths. Or ElseCallers at the present time. So the honorblades could still be very useful, but also very risky. This brings me to my conclusion. I think the honorblades should be destroyed. They were forged from Honor's soul, and Vorenism likely considers them holy artifacts, but with the danger they represent and the need for them greatly diminished, they should probably be disposed of. The way to do this, of course, is with Knightblood. If that sword is capable of damaging one of the honorblades, then it should be capable of destroying them. It would be tricky, given how Knightblood works, but it should still be possible. Of course hiding them or locking them away is an option, but the Shin tried that. And while they were successful for a long time, the blades were ultimately recovered by insane heralds who have done Adolnasium only knows what with them. That's why I think the honorblades should be destroyed. What do you think?
  5. My argument here is quite simple. The first ideal of the Knights Radiant, shared across all orders, is “Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.” While the meaning and connotations of this oath are somewhat vague in some respects, Sanderson does try to explain the meaning somewhat in TWoK. I’m writing this off the top of my head, so I don’t have exact references, but when Kaladin is discussing this ideal with Bridge Four in the chasms, we are privy to some of his thoughts regarding the words. Essentially, what we learn is that “journey before destination” means that your goal, however noble it may be, must be achieved through means you know to be right and good. So, for instance, if your intended goal, or “destination,” is preventing another desolation, then the means, or “journey,” by which you achieve this goal must be achieved without doing something you know to be wrong, such as killing innocent radiants simply because they are forming nahel bonds. (Sorry, I’m an audiobook reader so my spelling might be wrong.) We know that Nale knows killing radiants is wrong, due to his multiple confessions of this fact throughout the series. He believes that the evil means he uses are justified by his goal of preventing the desolation. Regardless of these feelings, however, he has still broken the first ideal of the knights radiant, and yet he still retains a fifth-level bond to his highspren. In fact, all of the skybreakers retain their bonds, and I highly doubt that not a single one of them believes that killing radiants is wrong, even if they think it’s justified. I don’t know if Brandon has an explanation for this, but if not he’s written himself into quite the corner, as he has established that, by Nale’s own perception, he has broken the first ideal — a restriction placed upon nahel bonds to prevent people from using surgebunding to do the exact things that Nale and the skybreakers are doing — and yet he and his order retain their nahel bonds. Thoughts?
  6. Nomad/Sigzil said his oaths "ended." Not that he broke them, but that they ended. Perhaps this means that it became logically impossible for him to protect people without harming them more. For instance, perhaps a deal was made with Odium that he would not destroy Roshar as long as the Radiants wouldn't protect the people of Roshar. In that scenario, protecting people would be breaking your oaths to protect them. That could explain why Auxiliary says he is dead, but isn't an ordinary deadeyes. Then again, a lot of things could explain that. Spren didn't become deadeyes when their Knights broke oaths before the Recreance. So much is changing, and maybe something else will stop there from being deadeyes again. What do you think?
  7. Something that's cropped up every so often in the Stormlight Archives is that Singers have a much harder time bonding higher spren than humans. In WoR, Syl flat out says that Parshendi can't become surgebinders. Before RoW, I didn't really have any ideas as to why this was. But during RoW we got a clue that helped me come up with my first theory, and I recently came up with another. The first theory is suggested by Rhabonial. During her conversation with Venli on the way to Uritheru, she mentions how humans are much more externally focused, while singers are internally focused. This might be part of why Singers line up better with Odium's power while humans can bond with Honor's more easily. Emotions are more of an internal concept, while Honor is more external. These matchups may explain why both races can synch up with each Shard's power, but each race favors one or the other. But I think there might be a better explanation. I think that the Singers might have sturdier souls than humans do, thanks to their stronger connection to the Spiritual realm. In a WoB, Sanderson confirmed that the ability to hear the Rhythms is basically a connection to the Spiritual realm. And while Navani proved it's possible to humans to perceive the tones, and likely rhythms, Singers have a much stronger connection. I think it's likely that this stronger connection results in a stronger spirit web and soul than a humans would normally be. Less easily damaged and cracked. And since spren bond with humans by filling in the cracks of their spirit webs with power, it makes sense that they have a harder time bonding with a race that don't have as many cracks in their souls. Of course, we know of three singers who have bonded higher spren; Eshonai, Venli and Rain. But two of them swore the first ideal after taking a Regal form, and Rlain bonded a spren touched by Jah-Anat, likely making it easier for him to form a bond. All three had Odium's power in the mix. Of course, singers bond lesser spren to take different forms, such as war form, work form, and so on. But since those are more basic spren, like gravity spren or pain spren, it makes sense that they'd be able to bond them more easily. Part of why I like this idea is that it means that the Singers having stronger souls actually prevents them from gaining the same kind of bond that humans can as easily. It puts part of the first radiant ideal, Strength before Weakness, into new perspective. Thoughts?
  8. A Radiant increases their power by increasing the strength of their Bond with their Spren, which is really just a very strong Connection. If a Radiant who swore the first oath were to tap large amounts of Connection from a Duraluminmind, could they bypass the need to swear more oaths in order to increase their power? Or maybe even if you couldn’t bypass the need to make more oaths, could you maybe be able to speed up the process of swearing more oaths?
  9. If someone with the intent of Hemalurgy went to Roshar and stabbed a Windrunner in the right place with an Atium spike, would the Hemalurgist be able to steal a spren bond in a similar way to an unchained Bondsmith?
  10. Something struck me while reading Chapter 112: Terms from RoW. In it, Odium says: "Why would I want to destroy you? I am your god, Dalinar." ... "I need soldiers. For the true battle that is coming, not for one people or one miserable windswept continent." ... "Roshar is a training ground. The time will come that I unleash you upon the others who are not nearly as well trained." This is just a hunch, connecting two seemingly unrelated events. What if the ancient Radiants learned that for Odium's real plans beyond Roshar (as he described them in the quote above to Dalinor), it doesn't really matter who wins the war. Singers or Radiants, Odium plans that whoever is left over will be his, and they will be the strongest, able to spread his control over the entire Cosmere. So the ancient Radiants and their spren decided the best path forward would be to rob Odium of the best tools he would have: themselves. That way, when Odium finally won the planet, he would have weaker people, unable to spread his control as quickly or thoroughly across the Cosmere as Odium planned.
  11. Are Knights Radiant always bonded to spren of the gender they find attractive in humans? I was thinking that Knights Radiant were always bonded to member of the opposite gender, but then I remembered that Renarin and Rlain are bonded to masculine spren. Renarin and Rlain are attracted to masculine people, though, so now I'm wondering if Radiants always bond spren of the gender they're attracted to (in humans).
  12. Is there a quiz somewhere you can take to see which order of knights radiant you belong in, like the quiz on pottermore that sorts you into a Hogwarts house?
  13. Can a Radiant only use Stormlight held within their body to fuel their surges, or can they use stormlight that is near them, but not currently held within them? If they can only use stormlight within their bodies, how did Jasnah use her Soulcasting abilities in WoK without glowing?
  14. I'm rereading WoR and when shallan talks to taln he says ishar made the knight radiants a few desolations ago. So that means the heralds fought off the fused without the radiants before? And does that mean the 10 of them destroyed ashyn by themselves? Or did the honour blades originate on roshar? And if they did where did the magic come from to destroy ashyn? Sorry i know its alot of questions
  15. You get out of the rickshaw, pay, and look up at the building in front of you. It is tall and opulent, and you are awed at the lavishness of it all. As you gape at it, a kindly woman walks out of the mansion-like school. She smiles at you. "Welcome to the Radiant academy. I take it you are the new Radiant?"
  16. So as per usual with me I have been contemplating another order of knights radiant and what qualities their spren look for. This time truthwatchers caught my eye. Now we know the basics from the official description. Truthwatchers are generally quiet introspective and eager to discuss the nature of truth. Yet, from the truthwatchers we have seen so far I cannot recall much active pursuit of said truth. Now renarin being a corrupted truthwatcher could of course play into this. Yet even the regular ones we have seen rarely do much beyond helping children (which is a very kind and wonderful thing to do). One trait thing I think we can look to for further insight may be their herald. Not even going to attempt to spell her name. But her attributes are learned and giving. This I think gives an idea of what truthwatchers may be aligned with. They watch, they listen, and they aid however they can. Might not be as flashy as a skybreaker or windrunner but very important all the same. I think compassion may be a trait mistspren look for along with a shared willingness to see from others' perspectives. As i wrote this i actually found it funny how the edgedancer character (Lift) spent more time seeking answers that we are aware of than the regular truthwatchers (who spent time remembering the forgotten orphans and helping them). Anyway, feel free to comment and discuss below. If yoy disagree I'm happy to chat anyway as I doubt I'm any sort of expert. As always thanks for engaging with the topic.
  17. Apologies if it has been discussed or I've forgotten something. What would happen to a sapient spren if it was captured in a gem? We've obviously seen lower spren be captured and we've seen Unmade like the Thrill and Ba-Ado-Mishram (kinda seen) be captured, but what about the in-between? Could you manifest some effect from a fabrial made with a Sapient spren? What would happen if the gem was broken and the spren escaped (would the spren experience a loss of function, cognition, etc.). (I think this has been somewhat discussed in some Shardcasts about Ba-Ado-Mishram.) Does this affect bonds (thinking Nahel) in strange ways?
  18. Due in part to boredom and indecisiveness I googled knight radiant quiz and found one I hadn't seen before. Figured I would link it here and let people take and discuss it if they wish. While I'm well aware finding one's order is not nearly as much of a struggle for others as it is me. Thought it could lead to fun discussions. Link is below enjoy.
  19. The purpose of this topic is to project the most extreme abilities of any investiture in the cosmere based on the currently referenceable material. Ideas which can be logically defended are welcome regardless how outrageous. As promised a coinshot laser would likely be produced by a Steel twinborn compounder after the discovery of heavy metals and at least some experiments in nuclear science on Scadrial. This individual would likely be able to detonate nuclear explosions using metal pushing and heavy metals and would need the speed of a steelrunner to avoid serious injury. Using metal pushing they could likely push small particles of radioacive metal forming a type of laser or electromagnetic particle beam at high velocity. Due to a strong spiritual affinity with steel because of being a steel twin it might be possible that they could store steel pushes and speed in a metal mind for use feruchemically yielding steel pushes and speed to exceed duralumin assisted allomancy. The nuclear particle beam could be used on its own or in concert with radioactive spheres in battle situations to inflict massive damage. The nuclear laser could be used to split atoms in a plutonium, uranium or like metal to create atomic or nuclear explosions. Due to the ability to create steel bubbles they could also probably shield themselves from the radiation of nuclear material on or near them. With fine enough control they could also perform nuclear laser surgery. They could be outfitted in steel biomechanical armor that could act as a metal mind for both their allomantic and feruchemical abilities. What do you think of this idea or what extreme use of investiture do you envision?
  20. I want to draw a series of the various Assassins (and some Templars) as Radiants. The images would be of the Assassin (or Templar) with the Order symbol behind them and their Spren. Possibly with a unique oath or truth. So I need opinions on which Order they belong in. Yes, Orders can repeat. Altaiir - Skybreaker (I mean, he is the original Assassin in white...) This one isn’t changing. Maria - Windrunner Ezio - Edgedancer Yusuf - Windrunner Haytham - Elsecaller Connor - Stoneward Aveline - Lightweaver Edward - Willshaper Adewale - Windrunner Shay - Willshaper Liam - Skybreaker Arno - Windrunner Elise - Willshaper Jacob - Dustbringer Evie - Elsecaller Henry - Truthwatcher Lydia - ? Bayek - Skybreaker Aya - Edgedancer Kassandra - Dustbringer Darius - ? Jun - Edgedancer Arbaaz - ? Nikolei - Windrunner Aguilar - Windrunner Maria - ? Eivor - ? Desmond - Truthwatcher Lucy - Lightweaver Bonus: Which unmade does Alexios get? This is a rough sketch of Altair:
  21. My latest shardbearer, this time a truthwatcher riding into battle on a ryshadium. I will readily admit this was one of the hardest things I have ever drawn, horses have unusual anatomy and I have never drawn one before. I did a lot of erasing which is why parts of the image are a tad blotchy.
  22. So, let's talk about Hoid. Wow Ashspren, I hear you say. We've never heard that one before. But now let me make this a bit more intriguing: let's talk about Hoid and the Stonewards. At first, this seems like a strange combination. Hoid, given his Yolish abilities, seems to be more compatible with the Lightweavers–– storms, he even bonded a cryptic. However, there are two main facets to Hoid's relationship with the Stonewards that I wanted to explore. The first idea is the Ten Essences. I'm going to start with the role of gems, especially within the plot of the Stormlight Archive. As we all know, stones and gems play a huge part on Roshar. They power fabrials, reside in the hilts of blades, and are the cause for Greatshell hunts. Thus, whenever a gem is mentioned, it's generally a good idea to take a closer look. Take a look at the following table of the Ten Essences, spoilered for size (because it's a lot bigger than I expected, wow). I'm associating each row of the column with its respective order of the Knights Radiant, which I believe is a pretty safe assumption: The stones all seem pretty generic. Sapphire, a blue stone, goes to the sky-centric Windrunners. The Dustbringers are associated with rubies, as they invoke an image of heat and sparks. But, Number 9 on the table really caught my eye. The gemstone of the Stonewards is Topaz... where else is that stone used? The answer: that was one of Hoid's aliases, possibly even his given name. Spoilered for length, here's the WOB to back it up: (We could get into a whole other discussion about the "words on a page" deal, but let's not for right now.) So we already have this connection between the stone and one of Hoid's names. On top of that, though, let's examine the body focuses of Hoid's Radiant associations. Hoid is most prominently mentioned with regards to the Lightweavers, so the body focus there is blood. For the Stonewards, the body focus is bones. To demonstrate a prominent connection with both, I looked at The Traveler and specific imagery in that scene. For a color scheme, we're given lots of white, accentuated by red. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but there is an overwhelming amount of the colors of bones and blood shown in the scene. Additionally, the surrounding trees are described as "skeletal," and the juice from the pomegranate is "like blood." So, let's review before we move on: in accordance with the Ten Essences, we have determined that one of Hoid's aliases and the Stoneward gemstone are both named Topaz, and imagery from The Traveler reflects blood and bones, which are the body focuses of the Lightweavers and Stonewards, respectively. Next, we move onto human-to-human relationships. What is the significance of Taln, the Herald of the Stonewards, with respect to Hoid? An important thing to note is that Taln is introduced during the epilogue to The Way of Kings. Thus, Hoid is the among the first to hear that Taln has succumbed to the pain on Braize, and the Desolation is soon to arrive. However, it's clear that Hoid knows what is about to happen. We know why Taln is the one to announce the dawn of the Desolation; the other Heralds left him to suffer on Braize alone, as he was the only one who had not failed in enduring Damnation. However, why is it Hoid that receives him at the gates? Personally, I think that this was Brandon's way of alluding to a deeper connection between their characters. Specifically, I see many ways in which Hoid and Taln are painted as opposites. In the aforementioned epilogue, the differences are mostly superficial. To condense the key parts of the passages: Eye color: Hoid has blue eyes and is therefore high-class, while Taln has brown eyes and appears to be low-class Positioning: Hoid is comfortably perched on boxes, while Taln is cannot walk straight and is tripping over himself Material objects: Hoid carries an instrument, while Taln carries a giant Shardblade Beyond this, though, there are major points of contrast within Hoid and Taln's personalities. If we assume Taln to be like his fellow Stonewards, he is "dependable" and "resourceful," according to the chart of the Ten Essences. This is further affirmed by his long years of pain on Braize and how he was able to stand firm to protect Roshar. Therefore, the argument is not if Taln is dependable and resourceful, but rather if Hoid is the opposite of at least one of those qualities. We all know that Hoid is very resourceful, and this is virtually inarguable–– as someone who operates alone, going any way the wind blows, he has to be. But as to the question if Hoid is dependable, the answer is a resolute no. Here's why... Reading back through The Traveler, we witness a conversation between Hoid and Frost the dragon, who reminds him of his past wishes. Hoid and Frost reflect on the former's change over thousands of years, and why his involvement in universal affairs is an issue. Through this passage, it can be inferred that Hoid has changed his mind from an earlier conviction. This means that he is not sticking to what he has previously said, whether or not that statement was a true promise or just passionate words. Additionally, Frost describes what Hoid wants as "dangerous," and Hoid's response–– or lack thereof–– demonstrates that he knows that his behavior can cause harm, yet he continues to do it. I'm not arguing that Hoid is a villain. What I am trying to say, though, is that you wouldn't be able to ask him for a favor and reliably assume that he would follow through. Again, this isn't a good or bad thing, it's just the way he is. Couple his lack of dependability with surface-level differences, and you've cracked the mystery of Hoid's relationships with the Knights Radiant. He essentially twins with the Lightweavers and heavily contrasts with the Stonewards. TLDR: Brandon's given us one of Hoid's aliases, Topaz, to imply a deeper connection between Hoid and the Stonewards. Through the body focuses of the Ten Essences chart, we can conclude that Hoid has connections to both the Lightweavers–– as we already knew–– and the Stonewards. After an analysis of Hoid and Taln's characters, it's clear that they are basically opposites, so Hoid's strongest relationships within the Knights Radiant must be the Lightweavers (similar) and the Stonewards (different). I know this had a lot of explanation and less of an actual theory, but I wanted to open up the theorizing to everyone else. What are your thoughts? Just saw a connection and ran with it, so I want to know what everyone else thinks about Hoid, his relationship with the Knights Radiant, Taln, the Stonewards, and anything involving all of them.
  23. Hello, Moses here. I would like to share you a theory that I created myself. I have already explained it in the Discord, everyone who saw it liked it and Brandon have said that my theorizing is sound, so I'm very proud of it. Let's get started: We know for some WoBs that the Truthwatchers are worried about knowledge and helping people with it (I tried to link the wob but I can't since I'm a new member). And, in the Radiants Quiz that was recently released, the new information says that they are worried about the bad use of the knowledge and the leaders trying to deceive the people they lead. So, I think that this Order have some things in common with the Windrunners and the Edgedancers, since all of them are more focused on helping the common people than the elite. Protecting those who can not protect themselves and remembering those who had been forgotten, both of their Second Ideals refers to the common people, to those who the leaders do not really care about. Considering all of this and following the example of Windrunners and Edgedancers Second Ideals, focused on the common people, I wrote a theoric PURE Second Ideal for the Truthwatchers. When I say pure, I mean that the spren is not corrupted like Renarin's one. This is it: "I will seek truth, to prevent others from being deceived." What do you think, guys? I hope you like it ^^
  24. Radiants got ther blades and plate from ther bonded spren. In short 1 spren makes plate and blade so if spren dies dos spren split in two?
  25. Hi everyone, I'm new and excited to get started! So Hoid is not a shard, that's always made me think, what can he do. Hoid has an assortment of powers but I have a feeling we don't know of them all, for example Hoid is both a mistborn and a light weaver but when Yasna threatened him with a shard blade he said that he doubted it could kill him, but from what I know with only the powers he has, a shard blade would still be very deadly. So from what Hoid implied he is much more powerful then we know, so that raises a question what are those powers and also where would Hoid fall on the power scale, he would come up higher then a radiant and an allomancers for sure but would he be higher lower or equal to a shard? Could Hoid be more or just as powerful as Adonalsium?