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Found 63 results

  1. Okay, so I had this idea after reading RoW. It's a little out there, but I was thinking it might be a way for invested people on Roshar to travel off world. Thanks to Navani's experiments, we know that stormlight and voidlight are connected to the tones of Honor and Odium, respectfully. Almost certainly the same of lifelight and Cultivation. I wonder if it's possible to transmit that in some way long distance, like a radio. Now, I don't that radios don't actually transmit the sound itself. The sound is encoded into radio waves that can be received and translated back into sound on the other side. Maybe if two gemstones were conjoined like span reeds, then a constant source of stormlight could be transmitted. Or maybe gemstones cut in a certain way could receive the tone sent out by a large gemstone transmitter or something, like car radios receiving a signal from a radio tower. Such a thing would need to be limited, only so much stormlight could flow through at a time, but a constant stream of stormlight could maybe act as an anchor to Roshar. Kind of an out there theory, like I said, but it could be a way to get stormlight, and possibly radiants, off of Roshar.
  2. Could Bondsmiths by altering poeples connections give them the ability to use Breath or make them a Mistborn, Misting or Feruchemist?
  3. This is a topic I created to see which orders are the most popular.
  4. Just finished Oathbringer yesterday!!!!

    © Ariel Edwards

  5. Well, after RoW, Radiants now 1. Have experience fighting enemies who can drain their investiture. 2. Some of them have living shardplate, which is shown to regenerate quickly upon taking damage. 3. Have a lot more combat experience. 4. Have better showings of regeneration. (Kaladin repeatedly healing from stabs to the spine for a long time before running low on stormlight) We have not, however, seen: 1. Stonewards in combat. 2. Exact details about the difference between living and dead shardplate. So, has reading RoW changed anyone's mind about the battle between Radiants and Mistborn? Which Twinborn matchups can the Radiants now win? How many Radiants to kill a Fullborn?
  6. Could a worldhopping forger (like Shai from emperors soul) use a soul stamp to give themselves powers from other worlds? Like, could they change their soul to become a level 4 radiant, or an allomancer, or anything else? Discuss
  7. What does a Radiant get from swearing her Fifth Ideal? First and Second were important power boosts. Third was the Shardblade (which was left behind at the Recreance) and Fourth was the Shardplate (also left behind at the Recreance). But there are no artifacts left behind that could plausibly be from the Fifth Ideal. Obviously, it's some important power boost that is centered on the Radiant and those around them. There are probably the spiritual boosts (people are more likely to respect the leadership of a Windrunner, the judgment of a Skybreaker, etc) and probably some boosts to the squires and lesser Radiants. But none of these are really story-changing or spectacular enough. On the other hand, there is one thing that would fit a KR reaching their highest power: They can Surgebind without having to carry or directly draw upon Stormlight. The only 5th Idealer we've seen is Nalan, who can burst alight at any time, and Lift never once mentions him needing to breathe in Stormlight. Now, this might be from his Honorblade, which WOB says allowed the Heralds to directly connect to Honor's power. But the Spren copied the power of the Honorblades in crafting the Nahel Bond, meaning that, at least to some extent, the most invested KR are going to have similar powers to the Heralds. Because they're tied directly into Honor, I think this power would not allow them to serve as a source of Stormlight for other Radiants or for spheres (as that would be OP). Further, Lift herself never has to draw on Stormlight, but can turn it on and off in herself. This is partly from her weird powers, and comes directly out of her food supply. But she can choose when she wants to be Awesome or not. (Weaker option: a Fifth Ideal KR can store Stormlight indefinitely, without loss, until they use it. This allows storing power pre-battle.)
  8. Imagine for a second what would happen if a Forger became Radiant or if a Radiant learned Forgery. Ignoring obvious obstacles (Forgery not working off of Sel, physical inability for a Radiant and their spren to leave Roshar, etc), this could be quite powerful. Most of the time, a Forger would have to spend a while physically making a soulstamp, but a Radiant far enough in their oaths could just near-instantly summon their spren in the form of a soulstamp. They would have to spend some time perfecting the shape, but this is still much easier than meticulously carving the exact right form where the penalty for failure is starting over from scratch. The only other thing they'd need is ink, which probably wouldn't be too hard to come by. (As a side note, which Radiant order would be the best suited for Forgery? I'm thinking Lightweavers would be the best, with most of the others okay with it depending on the circumstances, and Skybreakers taking roughly the same view as the Rose Empire's government.)
  9. I ran across a closed discussion on Mistborn vs Radiant from a few years ago yesterday and it got me thinking how a conflict between the two might resolve and in who's favor. In it they were comparing a Vin with a Kaladin both having ample means of investiture which in cosmere practicality would have to happen during a high storm with mist though that wasn't stated. So how would a contest shake out between a Skadrian and a Rosharan given that there is every possibility that if Odium wins the contest of champions Rosharan's could be sent out into the Cosmere to conquer or bring order. Radiants seem to operate like twinborns with 2 surges and a hybrid surge or compounding, but they are limited to 10 specific combinations where Scadrian twinborns have an Alamantic investiture and a Feruchemical Investiture combining to 256 different investitures including 16 that compound while the other the other 240 create an enhanced composite effect of the 2 investitures. That doesn't include the 2 God metals one of which would create a full Mistborn with a feruchemical compounding. For this discussion limit it to Twinborn vs Radient and the possibility of cross investiture such as a spren bonded Scadrian or hemolurgically enhanced Rosharan or some plausible Rosharan misting without Lerasium. Atium legal but only as a misting or fering though that might only be available on Scadrial in the mist since Harmony doesn't produce it anymore. To start with could an aluminum compound Twinborn be the ultimate immune to direct investiture attack Maybe even to the point that a shard blade doesn't sever the spirit but instead becomes a conduit to drain the Radiant's storm/void light? An aluminum gnat actively burning acting as a sink to any overt lashing like soul casting, gravity, adhesion, etc... Also with any hand held aluminum piercing weapon of any kind they might be able to drain the storm light from shard plate or sword and the radiant. The other thought I had was that windrunners could fire projectiles using reverse lashings on low mass objects in hand turning them into guided missiles at their opponents. Those dun spheres, chips, pebbles, would then make dangerous projectiles with multiple reverse lashes that would almost never miss their target. Or imagine a Rioter who bonded a cryptic or Soother who bonded a High Spren. Any Scadrian Twinborn who bonded a spren might be able to use storm/void light to invest their metal mind. I could see a Tin compounder bonded to any Spren having the physical skills to take full advantage of the awareness given by their Tin. It also seems to me that it would be easier for a Twinborn to bond a Spren than a Rosharan to develop metal arts giving Scadrian's an advantage in the long run in the contest and perhaps over other forms of investiture in the Cosmere. My guess is that upon initial contact the advantage goes to the Rosharan's, but in the long run the advantage goes to the Scadrian's. (I hope my spelling is ok since I listen to the books not actually read them so I spell them phonetically.)
  10. So I'm getting a tattoo of the expanded glyphs that are stamped into the front of the hardcover Stormlight books. Because of this I've paid a lot of attention to them and I've noticed that the Windrunner/ Jezrien glyph look a lot like a helmet. I am looking for help identifying what the other symbols could be. Please offer any help you can? We only have eight of the ten so far
  11. So we found out that part of Urithiru is a Radiant graveyard where presumably dead Radiants would be soulcasted into statues.. And we have a powerful, knowledgeable Awakened in near vicinity who knows how to transfer stormlight into breaths.. And we have at least one Bondsmith who can open a perpendicularity that can provide large amounts of stormlight for a short duration.. Soo... What's do you think the chances are of Awakened Lifless Radiants.? And than think... What are the chances of these guys being kinda "Returned" due to crazy Bomdsmith powers.? P.s. by "Returned" I mean some spirit realm connection mumbo-jumbo that may or may not be temporary. !~ HIF ~!
  12. Does anyone know if it is confirmed or not if Radiant Shards can split into two, dual-wielded Blades? Thanks!
  13. This is a crazy theory, but the symmetry is quite appealing to me. The initial inspiration for this comes from this passage describing Glys and Renarin recalling a vision for Dalinar: The key point here is that Glys is the one that 'captured' the vision, and Glys is the one using the Stormlight, and Glys creating the images. If these are through surges (and the 'capture' sounds similar to e.g. Shallan's Memory), Glys appears to be the ones using the surges. A separate observation, by Navani: Where the does music come from? The most obvious solution is just that Raboniel's daughter heard it, but we don't see any other Listener/Singer hum anything beyond their 'emotion' rhythms. And the parshmen didn't sing at all, when they were (apparently) unConnected due to the BAM captivity. So it doesn't seem like they sing because it's something they overheard; they sing because they have some sort of capital-C Connection to the source of the music. Part A: What if Glys is the surgebinder between him and Renarin? Still trying to work through this, but the basic idea would be that the 'corruption' essentially creates a hole or a break in the spren that could be filled by outside Investure (much like how it works with people) - and this changes the bond, perhaps making it not exactly reversed, but maybe more symmetric. Part B: What is Raboniel's daughter's spren could also bind with a human in a similar way? Or...what if Raboniel's daughter could bind with a human (as they are practically spren themselves, and 'broken' spren at that)? Part C: What if the deadeye spren all have similar 'holes' due to the damage from the broken bonds post-BAM capture? In a way Adolin might be sort of proving this as he seems to be able to provide energy to Maya, if with difficulty: So human can somehow power spren, rather than the reverse. But for whatever reason the process is inefficient, or doesn't work well - maybe because humans are aren't just of Honor and Cultivation, but also of Odium. So they need a spren with all three aspects for the connection to be able to flow in the direction of the spren. My wild surmise is that the deadeyes will need to be 'corrupted' in order to be restored (such potential for drama there, too) - and that the Fused will be able to bond with humans (in the reverse way). That's how the war will end.
  14. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

    The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it?
  15. From the album Scandalous

  16. I was examining the diagram of Orders of Knights Radiant. And I realized the lines connecting orders have 2 more lines than I ever noticed before. Each Order has a line connecting it to the Orders on either side (the ones it shares Surges with) and also a line connecting it to the Order exactly opposite it. Those didn't surprise me, but today I noticed that there are 2 extra lines, each connecting 2 Orders that otherwise would not be. On the right there is an extra line connecting Windrunners and Edgedancers, and on the left the line connects Lightweavers and Stonewards. Does anyone have any knowledge of why there are these extra connections? Windrunners bond Honorspren and Edgedancers bond Cultivationspren, so that does make some sense that they have an extra connection. Lightweavers and Stonewards are across from them symmetrically, but aside from that I'm not sure what reason they could be connected. I tried searching around the forums and the coppermind, but I haven't found any verified reasons for this. Any ideas?
  17. Spren only bond to those with gaps in their spiritual web. If a spren would fill such a hole, then the person becomes even more broken, could another spren come along and make the radiant a double radiant (with two spren)?.
  18. for each character, what do you think their myers-briggs personality type is? Specifically radiants.
  19. At the end of Words of radiant Adolin "murders" Sadias it's just a small thing but no radiant so far in the story has been a murderer and any killing by Shallan or Kaladin has always had an element of defence. Adolins killing of Sadias however was clearly cold blooded murder even if Sadias was a git.... This leads me to think that with WOR underlying theme for the first and third oaths Adolin won't be able to bond a Sprin In which case considering his nature could end up being rather interesting development when it comes to his relationships with the other characters especially the radiant ones. THOUGHTS????