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Found 1 result

  1. For context, here are some Reddit threads calling Kaladin racist: Commentary on Lighteye/Darkeye and White/Black/Brown connection: This thread which in which the OP expresses their frustration: Other Stormlight characters have been discussed in this context see this thread which rips into Shallan and justifiably so: Kaladin is not racist. I can't believe I even need to say this. Also is it just me or is Reddit seriously messed up? He had no problem with Renarin. He decided to trust Dalinar even through re-encountering Amaram. He has distrust, which is understandable given everything he had been through from Roshone to Amaram. I understand that this comes from the chapters where Colot was recruited into Bridge 4 and Tenners, that is Lighteyes from the Tenth Dahn from Kholinar. Kaladin accepts this and moves on. He has no visceral reactions against people based on eye color alone, only distrust. Adolin is going to get better, I think, his attitude towards Kaladin changes in Oathbringer, hopefully the change was permanent. While previously he used to make some problematic statements, calling Kaladin "Bridgeboy", commenting on Darkeyes having authority or Shards after everything Kaladin's done for him. But after the escape from Kholinar he might actually choose to try to listen and understand, like Kaladin did with his Bridge 4. I'm still miffed at Dalinar for calling equality a problem for another day No comments on Shallan. Regarding the system of Dahn & Nahn, according to the Coppermind: 1st The King 2nd Highprinces, their direct heirs, and the King's direct heir. 3rd Generals, Highlords, and the non-inheriting children of 1st and 2nd dahn lighteyes. 4th Battalionlords, Citylords, Shardbearers, and other mid-ranked nobles. 5th Companylords, along with lower-ranked nobles. 6th Captainlords, along with the lowest-ranked nobles and landholders. 7th Lower-ranking landless officers, higher-ranking (or very wealthy) landless lighteyes. 8th Soldiers, high-ranking (or moderately wealthy) landless lighteyes. 9th Landless lighteyes with some wealth, like merchants and master craftsmen. 10th "Tenners", essentially any lighteyes who has to work for a living. Are all ranked above the ten Darkeyes Nahns, high-ranked Nahn cannot be conscripted if they perform a viral function and high-mid Nahn have the right to travel. Only Darkeyes can be slaves. Also what Kaladin calls destitution and what Shallan calls destitution That's messed up: classism, casteism, and racism all rolled into one. It's better than Mistborn's system of Nobles and Skaa but still... yikes