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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome to the Overlady & Overlord take the Knights Radiant quiz! After many many requests we make this video, we thought we'd finally sit down and do the Knights Radiant quiz! But this time, with a twist! Though it's not much of a twist, it's the exact same thing that Brandon did with his friend Dan where they took the test for each other and compared it to actual results. We didn't know when we'd release this video so we thought, screw it, we'd make it a Halloween video, Happy Halloween! We really enjoyed making this and hope you enjoyed! Let us know down below what Order you got and how you think your answers compared to ours. Don't worry, we will be back to talking about books next week. We have a certain Arcanum that requires Unbounding before Rhythm of War comes out....
  2. I know I'm a bit late to the party, (seeing as the newsletter dropped almost a month ago) but I thought I'd ask the question, since Sanderson has released an official KR quiz What type of Knight radiant are you? The link to the quiz is here: I'd recommend posting your top three Mine are: 76% Lightweaver, 75% Willshaper, and 73% Windrunner
  3. Sooo I searcher long and hard but I couldn’t find many Mistborn quizzes at all, and the ones I did find contained questions like “what is your favourite colour” and other such… random questions to determine which character a person is like?? I was quite fed up and I decided to make my own quiz, with situations and other questions that are more useful for a determination like this, I guess? Anyways, here it is! I hope it’s fun to answer and maybe the results will be more accurate I would appreciate it if you took the quiz and gave me suggestions as to how I can improve it! Which Mistborn Era 1 Character would you be?
  4. Hey guys, I'm aware there's already a Knights Radiant quiz here in the forums, but I kinda made one of my own after finding fault in the first one. (Don't get me wrong - it was fun and engaging on its own right - but the questions there were kinda odd, and let's admit it - the last one had a frickin' surplus of Truthwatchers. Kudos to the original creator though. Without you, I'd never have had the motivation to make one of these things). Anyway, it uses the online quiz creator as well, because the website's easier to make use of than other sites I've tried, and I for one have had experience with the thing before. Anyway, here's the link to the quiz: Please post your thoughts on the quiz afterwards. Any criticisms as well. Also, to be perfectly honest, I'm kinda scared that people will find this quiz too imitative of the first one. If so, just tell me and I'll be glad to remove it. (Paranoia people, haha, sorry.)
  5. After spending WAY too much time researching the various orders and being consistently dissatisfied with other quizzes online, I created a Knights Radiant Order sorter (I hate that that rhymes) based upon personality, psychology, and ideology. I'd love to know what orders you all fall into with this quiz, whether or not you think it's accurate, or if you think I should change something. For my sake and the sake of others, I need to have a good personality identification not based upon stupid questions like "Which character is your favorite". Knights Radiant Order Quiz ^Links updated, now works I took the test the day after I created it (so I couldn't remember much of the specific tagging I did), answering as honestly as possible, and got the order I identify with, so I'm really hoping it's accurate.
  6. Hello! I took the source code of the quiz from Mr. Sando's website and recompiled it into an excel sheet. You can use this to play around with the results and see how different questions affect which order. This also revealed some interesting information, such as the fact that there are 3 questions referenced in the source that don't appear on the final quiz. You can also see what the "correct" answer is for each order, which is what the quiz uses to judge how close to each order you are. All the logic in this sheet uses the exact logic from the webpage, which the more astute of you can tell that there are ways to "break" the quiz. Such as getting up to -50% for some orders when it should be more like 150%. Have fun with it! Radiant Quiz Deconstruction.xlsx
  7. A while ago, I had a disagreement with my friends about whether or not Kaladin liked Shallan and vice versa. What do you think?
  8. I'm curious if anyone has ever made a Knights Radiant personality test/quiz, based on the 10 orders - something similar to those Harry Potter house quizzes. I think it would be really cool to try
  9. I was going through different quizzes on and came across a quiz on the The Emperor's Soul. It is pretty basic, but still cool to unexpectedly come across something like this. Here's a link if you want to check it out: