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Found 1 result

  1. LenKai looked back at the wall of ice and snow. Storms this late in the season were not unheard of, but the look of those clouds set fear in the heart. Traversing the mountainous region of Sel was difficult. Plenty of people die every year from starvation or exposure. Even experienced trappers had to be at least a little kayana to make your home up here. This storm looked more like the mountain was tired of dealing with those noisy neighbors and was ready to sweep them off. LenKai returned gratefully back to the small inn that served as a trapping outpost. It didn't look like much, but it was sturdy and would withstand the storm... he hoped. As he entered he saw a room full of trappers and travelers alike all huddled against the storm and the biting chill brought on by the winds of the weather changing. "Cheer up! This will be the last storm of the winter. I am LenKai, who are you?" ----------------------------------------------- Welcome to Quick Fix 43! You are a group of travelers, trappers, and occultists just trying to survive the last snowstorm of winter in a Duladel trading outpost. This storm coming through would certainly mean death for any who ventured into it. Unfortunately, staying here may be just as deadly because not everyone trapped in the outpost is here for refuge from the storm. Roles: All players: You sought shelter in this waystop, but found no rest. Between the frozen snow and the murderous zealots, survival is up to you. Work together to find the Followers of Mysteries and force them outside where they will freeze to death. To do this, send a vote through your GM PM once during each cycle. This vote can be changed until the cycle ends, does not count as an action, and will be made public at the start of each cycle. Only final votes will be made public." Follower of Mysteries: You will stop at nothing to learn the mysteries of Jesker. Each cycle you must send one vote for who to sacrifice to the GM (Elkanah) via your GM PM. This is in addition to your vote of who to throw out into the snow. The player with the most votes will be sacrificed to your mysterious purposes. Priest of Jesker: You have seen these signs before. As tensions rise and signs begin to worsen, you alone know how to find the Followers of Mysteries. You may investigate one player each cycle to learn if they are a Follower of Mysteries. Jindoese Soldier: You trained in the art of ChayShan from your youth and built up the strength to protect others. You may protect one player from Followers each cycle. Rulo: You are the fool who got themself stuck in a trading outpost you had no business being in. You're a bit kayana, so each cycle you scratch a message in the wood somewhere in the outpost, too bored to sleep. Seon Holder: The seon is a great tool for communication. As long as at least one Seon Holder is alive, there is no limit on PM's except they must include the GM. Order of Actions: Rulo Message Soldier Lynch Priest Sacrifice Additonal info: This is a quick fix with 24 hour cycles. Day and night are combined. Anyone who does not either talk to the outpost's owner (Elkanah), come to the community dinner meetings, or meet with other traders for two consecutive cycles will freeze to death in their room The game will start when we have enough players or next Wednesday the 18th at 10 pm MDT (4 am GMT) whichever comes second. Sunday March 22 for sure. Player List Spec Doc Quick Links