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Found 29 results

  1. Hey, is Prof otherwise known as limelight based on the Rush song of the same name. I noticed a few lyrical/thematic parallels, such as "one must put up barriers to keep one's self intact" obviously akin to his force fields and more subtle ones like "I can't pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend" echoing how he met David. As a huge Rush fan I am not entirely partial to this idea but there at least seem to be a lot of consistencies between the song and the character. (as a new member I can't post a link but it's not hard to look up)
  2. The Stormfather mentions that Jezrein’s powers simply were, and weren’t named until Ishar founded the Knights Radiant. Only then did we get the Windrunner powers, even if they were modelled after Jezrein’s Honorblade. The same goes for every order. Similarly, Honor seems to have created the dual surge framework when he gave the Honorblades to the Heralds. Yet, the Eila Stele mentions that Humans destroyed Ashyn with Surgebinding, ancient powers of Spren and Surges. How are both of these possible? One more inconsistency is that Brandon has mentioned in a WoB that he hasn’t yet decided on the exact mechanism for the Human Exodus. They could have directly teleported over, Oathgate travel style, or they could have walked over in the Cognitive. The fact that the details are not so important that they had to be set beforehand I think is pretty strong evidence for the use of the Surge of Transportation, as it covers both those possibilities. Another thing that adds weirdness here is the fact that the kind of Surgebinding that humans discovered on their own, and presumably the kind that later got molded into Knight Radiant orders by Ishar, was unexpected to the Heralds. Even though most of them were alive at the time of the Exodus, when Humans used Surgebinding to destroy Ashyn. So what Surgebinding was used before? One possibility is the Dawnshards - these are rumored to have been used to destroy the Tranquiline Halls. Maybe the surgebinding used on Ashyn was only through the Dawnshards, but if so, then the Dawnshards don’t fit the naming scheme. Dawn- seems to be associated to the time when Humans first came to Roshar, and were switching to Honor. The era of a new Dawn, new access to the white bright openly honest stormlight of Honor, after Odium’s pitch black deceptive void. We have Dawncities, Dawnsingers, Dawnchant. Why would Dawnshards be different? The term “Dawnsingers” seem to be referring to those singers which came to a refugee humanity’s aid on Honor’s (or Cultivation’s) behest when they first came to Roshar. They helped found the Dawncities. Theirs was the language of the Dawnchant - a language referred to as a chant, implied to have a rhythmic component to it. Then why are the Dawnshards the odd one out? Shouldn’t these be the Shards of the Dawnsingers, or at least something related to that era? If they are, then they can’t have also been present on Ashyn, unless the switch happened on Ashyn, before the migration. Even then… no. Another interpretation is that when they say “Of spren and Surges”, they mean that the Surges are the powers of the Spren. As in, to the writer’s perspective, the surges are an attribute not independent of the idea of spren, which makes sense considering the ecology they lived in, and the composite soul, “Forms” based physiology of the Singers. Even if the powers humans had used were just Surges, independent of Spren, to a Singer, they may look like Spren powers. Maybe the original Surgebinding was granted by the Micro-organism based magic system of Ashyn. If so, how does Odium fit in? Another weird thing is that it is said that the Shardblade and Shardplate concept was given to the Radiants by the Heralds. If so, what was Surgebinding like before the Shardblade and plate came into the picture? I thought the kind of Surgebinding that was discovered by the Humans, and which came off as unexpected to Heralds, only came forth by the spren trying to copy what Honor did with the Honorblades. If so, wouldn’t Shardblades be a part of that copying? Are there two components to this? Maybe the spren only learnt to bond rudimentarily enough to grant surges, but Ishar then took that and made it work more like the Honorblades? And also brought in the Shardplates? Another curious thing is that Surgebinding and Souldcasting were two different magic systems in Nohadon’s mind. Even though Soulcasting is just an applied Surge of Transformation. Also, Uruthiru already exists by Nohadon’s time. So we can safely say that this Uruthiru has not yet been made the seat of the Knights Radiant, that will happen much later down the line. The Knights Radiant can’t even be in the picture here, if Soulcasting and Surgebinding are perceived as two distinct systems. This perception into two distinct systems works if at this point in time the Surgebinding in question was not of the Knight Radiant variety, and each “Surgebinder” got only one of 10 surges. In this case, the variety of Surgebinder that only got the Surge of Transformation could look feasibly different from other Surgebinders, and these could be called Soulcasters, and not Surgebinders. If it is of the Knights Radiant variety, then it would be apparent that it’s just another Surge, because the people who could do it could also do another Surge, and then it would take active effort to think that those two kinds of Surgebinders can do something other than Surgebinding and only one Surge, while the other orders get two Surges. Also the spren could have explained that. The fact that the Way of Kings was used as a foundational text for the Knights Radiant corroborates that the Knights Radiant were not formed by Nohadon’s time, I guess. Yet another possible explanation is that when the Spren first started emulating Honorblades, their version of the bond was so rudimentary that it only granted the first Surge each order starts with. Possibly this is why each order has the first Oath in common. First Oath Radiants are what all Surgebinders in Nohadon’s era were like. Maybe the spren could also do Shardblades. In this explanation, Ishar came later and upgraded their capability to bond, implementing 4 further Oaths for each Order, teaching them how to grant the other corresponding Surge that Honorblades gave them, and otherwise properly founding both the system of magic and the organisational structure of the Knights Radiant. This is where he gave them Shardplate, and also the second surge. What do others think of these? Are there other theories out there? What am I missing in this… “rant”? Edit: When I say inconsistencies, I'm not critiquing Sanderson's worldbuilding or writing - I'm saying there's conflicting information in world, and maybe we can try and figure out what the actual history could possibly be like by looking at these... "disconnects"
  3. Reposting this from my introduction post **Warning: This post contains MASSIVE spoilers for Oathbringer. Proceed either with caution, or not at all.** Hi guys! This is my first post here, and I want to talk about Dalinar. Near the end of Oathbringer, Dalinar is able to recreate Honor’s perpendicularity by joining the 3 Realms. I was wondering what the extent of these powers are. Could Dalinar travel to the Spiritual Realm? What would happen if he did? Does this require Stormlight? At the end of Oathbringer, Kaladin said that Dalinar was able to renew gemstones for his trip, which indicates that Dalinar is able to combine the Realms at any time. Can Dalinar do this because he is a Bondsmith, or is it something else entirely? We know that Bondsmiths are somewhat special among Radiants, as there can only be three, and the order was founded by Ishar, who (I think) Ash said was the only Herald that didn’t lose his mind. Dalinar seemed able to do something similar when he operated the Oathgate, despite having no Shardblade. This power is surely the same as the one Dalinar used later on to unite the Realms, but this quote makes it sound less like a Bondsmith power, as opening the Oathgate seemed to hurt the Stormfather, or at least bother him deeply. This probably wouldn’t happen had this been typical Bondsmith behavior. This raises a question: if it’s not a Bondsmith ability, then where did this power come from?
  4. Hei everyone. I have some questions. Just read Warbreaker and absolutely loved it. Previously i have read Wheel of time, Kingkiller Chronicles, Malazan empire and more. Looking to start on a new series but with Brandon, where should i start? I THINK i understand that everything is in the same universe. But still, where should i begin? Best regards Eskild
  5. At the end of WoR, IIRC, Kaladin was granted noble status and even some lands to rule over. Previously, after becoming a shardbearer, Moash was told he could choose a noble house to join, or found his own. My question is, do we know if Kaladin joined an existing house, or founded his own? (Also, if anyone knows, where exactly are his lands located? I don't remember (T . T) I need to reread)
  6. This is the official Cosmere Philosophers thread! Here, you can post questions about the actions of different characters. All questions about morality, clarification, and general what if's are welcome here. Feel free to bring quotes from the old philosophers (Plato, Emerson, Socrates, Locke, etc.). The more evidence you have, the better. Just a question to get the ball rolling: If it would stop the Everstorm, would it be okay to kill all humans who became Radiants? Keep in mind that the Radiants all killed the spren they were bonded to and the Everstorm killed thousands more humans than just the few Radiants that would have to die to stop it. Life before death, but who's life and who's death?
  7. Under the description of the Illumination surge, it says it is the surge of "light, sound, and various wave forms." Going by this description, can we conclude that Lightweavers can manipulate microwaves? And therefore are just walking microwaves with the power to heat things up?
  8. I thought it might be useful to have a topic to discuss/speculate on some of the questions that are left unanswered at the end of White Sand. The ones I can think of off the top of my head are the following: Elodin's betrayal - there's definitely something sinister going on there. I got the impression that he didn't want to do what he did, but was being forced to by some outside force. Autonomy maybe, given that he "saw the Sand Lord," although it seems against Autonomy's Intent to influence/control someone. Darkside magic - what can Scythe do and how is it related to sand mastery? I'm assuming that further books in the series will delve into how Taldain's magic system works on darkside. The A'Kar - how come he has become so active and powerful recently? Tidbits about sand mastery - why does mastered sand and sand that touches water turn black? How does slatrification work?
  9. I'm not sure if this is a new restriction, but personalizations on Brandon's store are limited to 12 characters, for some reason. I'm wondering how I could ever fit a question into that limit, and how anyone else has, as well. (I've definitely seen other people's question exceeding this, so I'm not really sure what's going on...) The only thing I can think of is that Brandon decided to stop some of the questions coming through from book purchases—maybe due to the lack of space—though I have no idea is this is true. If anyone knows anything about this, please help
  10. Howdy everyone! I have read all of Brandon Sanderson's books, and have even browsed the forums here from time to time, but was waiting till I finished Oathbringer (via audiobook) to create an account. I'm looking forward to discussing some theories, but I have some questions: Does anyone have tips on the best way to use the search function? I would love to cut straight to some good threads about certain topics I am interested in, but it seems like when I search for key words, there are a lot of non-relevant threads to wade through. Recommendations would be appreciated! Topics I am interested in checking out: Theories on Adonalsium & the Shattering Locations of the known Shards Locations of the Heralds in SA Hoid/Wit Stormfather's siblings The Unmade Zahel/Vasher
  11. Hello all, So, while the book was massive and I see the point of not having all the interactions between characters on screen, I feel that some parts were underwhelming, as: The talk between Kaladin and Rlain was not showed, and I think they'd be able to learn a lot from each other, specially considering Kaladin was following a group of parshmen just before coming back. Shallan-Kaladin-Adolin interactions - even without all the shipping wars (and I was rooting for Shalladin), how can they just assume things all around? They're teenagers, ok, but still... Azure with everyone: like seriously, you're not wondering who is this person that seems to change appearances, sometimes has different hair color and scars that are bigger or smaller? i know you're used to Shallan and so on, but it can't seem normal, can it? And who also seems to have knowledge of many outside things, and maybe could help in other ways. Shallan also doesn't seem to care that Azure interacts with Adolin more than she does at the boat-spren-thing, I expected some more human reactions of her. Dalinar and Navani's interactions... oh, so now you remember your wife? Maybe let's talk about it? No? Dalinar's Stormfather-sword: they're not going to talk about it? Suddenly everything's fine? Jasnah comes back and her ward just did many crazy things, what's the best course? Put her as a scribe and not let her participate in a discussion full of other radiants? I know her character is smarter than that, it can't be she understands Shallan this little, it was obvious it'd push her away. So many other talks that were just suddenly ignored and never picked back. It feels like the characters just don't talk about problems, they only discuss battle plans (and Dalinar talks to King T., that's it) and politics, ignoring that what makes the KR is being broken. They always seem on the verge of talking, but then just walk away. That's not how life goes, and it felt rather unnatural to me, the other 2 books seemed less bothering in that aspect. The book as one is very good and explained a lot, but I missed some things. What's your opinion on these stuff and others?
  12. Recently, Wizards of the Coast has been releasing little bits of roleplaying fluff for D&D 5th edition for each of the worlds that we have recently visited during the main story of MTG (Zendikar, Innistrad, Kaladesh). Now, these are just bits of marketing for D&D/MTG rather than tried and tested rulesets, and some of them contain a few omissions (such as not noting that Aetherborn do not need to breath) or questionable design choices. Having said that, I am unsure how balanced they are ruleswise, as I have not played 5th ed and do not know the rules. However, regardless of what they are and how they have been implemented, these rules have put me in the mood, yet again, for an MTG roleplaying game. As someone who has only really played Pathfinder as a fantasy pen-and-paper system, my idea would simply be to use those rules and, if the players are all Planeswalkers, give them all a Planeshift spell with either a longer casting time or a per-day restriction. However, ultimately I would prefer to run it as a freeform game. There are of course problems with this too, in that it can tend to be a bit directionless and conflict between players is harder to sort out, but it also means that it is easier to run and requires no knowledge of anything other than the setting (and not even that, arguably, if you are a new Planeswalker). As for the setting and characters, I would prefer to do something fairly current in terms of the timeline for MTG, though that would be more of a background than an excuse to interfere with the official plotline. Think Dack Fayden, in that he is around whenever the plot is going on but does not interact with the main heroes of the block. I would prefer Planeswalkers, as I feel that the main draw of RPing in the MTG universe rather than a specific setting is the ability to have the characters experience the multitude of worlds and to show cultures and ideologies clashing. I have a few characters that would be in mind for this - A BW human cleric/necromancer (in the original sense of speaking to spirits rather than zombie-summoning) from Innistrad who was designed because I hate Lilianna's presence as Token Evil Teammate on the Gatewatch, and a RW kor stoneforger, because I love the idea of stoneforging and there is a wonderful sense of adventuring on Zendikar. But, as I play MTG based on casual theme decks rather than competitively, I could pick practically any of the decks I have on Cockatrice (numbering over 150 by now, easily...) and create a semi-coherent and hopefully interesting character from them. If you were to take part in an MTG Roleplaying game, how would you prefer it to be run? Is there a system you would have in mind to formalise the rules, or would you prefer to do it entirely in roleplaying form with no dice and few hard rules ('few' as some, like the Colour of your characters, should of course be adhered to)? What would you want to do as a plot, at least to begin with? Would you prefer Planeswalker characters exploring the Multiverse, or non-Planeswalkers on a single world? What would your perfect character (or characters) be? Please be aware though, this is not necessarily indicative that I would like to start and GM an MTG RP/RPG. This is at the moment a few questions, just to see what people think.
  13. Often online, we're completely different. And since most of us will never meet in real life, I ask this. What are you like in real life? I have two mood sets that vary randomly. The first one is usually when I'm tired or I have stuff to do. I'll be more methodical, quieter, and thoughtful. I'm much more introverted and don't interact much. The second occurs less often. I'll just be happier. I'll have a swing in my step, I laugh and smile more, and just generally feel good. I'm much brasher and much more extroverted. I guess you could say my mood Waxes and Waynes So, what are you like? Response appreciated.
  14. Well, I thought I'd jump on this new trend. Ask me anything- about food. I won't turn away other questions, though, if you have any.
  15. I think I am not the only one that still has questions open after the end of Calamity. Some of them are obvious ones created by the ending like "what kind of didgerido was Calamity actually" "How did obliteration get rid of his darkness, when his mentality is a perfect example for Calamity's twisted view on humanity" or "How exactly have things worked out in parallel universes" and some worldbuilding that's following the tip of the iceberg principle ala "What's the deal with the other Coven members and Night's Sorrow." However, I also am left with some questions that are more subtle and maybe anyone of you can help me find answers. Who actually killed Prof's class? Coming to the old theory that the Epic that killed his class was he himself. Apart from it just being something I'm curious about the answer to this question also would have worked wonderfully into Prof's struggle with failure. What happened in the first year after Calamity showed up? Not only have the effects of Dawnslight powers appeared effectively around the same time as Calamity in Steelheart Prof also claimed he has been an Epic "since Calamity" not since the beginning or anything like that but since Calamity, which would have been a year before Epics are supposed to show up. The first got ignored and the second arguably retocned. Why did Calamity interact with Regalia? Not only is it a break of his no involvement rule, for which he already has the Larcener persona, but he also effectively came at her beg and call to upgrade and create Epics for her, which goes entirely against his motives as displaed in Calamity. I also have a hard time buying him not knowing about Regalia's plan, so the question becomes what his endgame was for that. How are the Epics powers actually determined? We know that Calamity can alter them after he gave the Epics powers, so they can't be set in stone, so did Calamity just sit down for every Epic and decide to give them some random package of powers or is there some kind of guideline he has to follow? How inert are weaknesses actually to the powers? The way they are explained and Conflux reporting of them growing weaker seems like they come purely from Calamity, yet Tavi and Megan post claiming her powers still have weaknesses. Are they internal to the powers but Calamity just ramped them up somehow? Are they connected to fear by nature or are they random and it's Calamity's fault that all of them ended up being connecting to fears?
  16. I guess I have been on here long enough to start of of these now. So ask me anything.
  17. I have been somewhat tentative about starting an AMA because it seems rather self-centered and I wanted to ask you all questions as well. However, I came up with an idea that seems to mitigate this effect. If you ask me a question, I will answer it and, in return, make sure that I ask you a question. If you have an AMA, I'll probably do it there, if not, this thread should work. I'll still try to ask questions of my own volition, but this can be a dialogue thread. Disclaimer:
  18. I was wondering if you could play Alloy of Law and Terris: Wrought of Copper without buying the Final Empire version.
  19. I'm still in the process of reading the series, so no spoilers, please! I was just going through the metals, thinking about the best/worst metal to be a misting with. Naturally, I eventually made it to gold, but I can't recall anyone saying if or if not someone could be a misting of a high metal. Sorry if this is answered later on in the book, but I don't have as much time to read as I'd like, making progress slow.
  20. I may be a little late, but I still decided to make one of these. I guess you can ask me about anything. But first a question for you, why are there so many AMA's?
  21. If you want to ask me a question, do it here. I have eaten a quesadilla, i do not have a favorite Doctor I don't watch Doctor Who btw. Ask away!
  22. Common conversation started/ forum game: If you could go back to anytime in the past and ask one person one question what would it be. For an example I would probably go back and ask Nikola Tesla about supposed unlimited energy. or maybe I would go and ask Da vinci where he hid some of his journals, that's a good get rich quick scheme.
  23. Hello, Sharders. Kobold King here for a special awareness message. In the spirit of keeping things brief, I'll get straight to the point. The experience of meeting an author as cherished as Brandon Sanderson must be a phenomenal one--I can only suppose so, as I, like so many other devoted Sanderfans, have never managed to attend a convention. Let me assure you that this post is ultimately one of envy; we envy those of you who attend conventions, and even more those who make a regular habit of attending conventions and asking multitudes of questions about their favorite novels. A source of mild frustration for many of us, however, is that a great many of the questions these most dedicated of Sanderfans ask are of interest only to the most Realmatics-knowledgeable esotericists of the fanbase. These questions, while brilliantly devised and always elliciting fascinating responses, are not exactly equally intriguing to all members of the fanbase. Some of them seem to the laymen the equivalent of "How many Seons can dance on the head of a pin?" Nowadays we have Cosmere WoBs stacked upon Cosmere WoBs. We know more about the three Realms, forms of Investiture, Splinters of Shards, and Cognitive Shadows than any of the Five Scholars could dream of. And we're constantly assured by our beloved author that there's still more information where that came from! Yes, the scholarly inclined Sanderfan has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon for theories and speculation comparable to the treasure of the God King of Hallandren. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, let's look at another of Brandon's marvelous worlds: that of his Reckoners books. Less popular than the Cosmere novels and written for young adults, Steelheart and its sequel Firefight introduce a post-apocalyptic world in which supervillains have taken over the planet. Unlike the Cosmere, which is an epic-length saga that we've barely gotten halfway through so far, the Reckoners trilogy is two-thirds complete, yet is still infinitely more mysterious as a setting than Roshar and Scadrial have ever been. As a member of the semi-official Reckoners RPG down the forum from here, I can personally attest to the gaps in our knowledge of this extraordinary setting. We know so little of the rules of magic that many of us are morbidly certain that every character we've made thus far is doomed to be deemed impossible by the final novel; we know so little of the setting's politics that we dare not stray three steps from our setting state for fear of the great unknown regions that dominate the world. I would never dream of asking a devoted Cosmere fan not to delve into the secrets that fill his heart with joy. I would never dream of asking any of you to sacrifice something so precious for the sake of our curiosity or for our RP. But I wish to humbly beseech everyone who may attend a signing to keep us in mind. Even as single answer to a Reckonerverse question could shine a brilliant light through the obscurity that still dominates much of the setting, and the smallest setting detail that's revealed will be cherished and appreciated more than you can know. So if you're attending a signing with a list of Cosmere questions a mile long, would you be so kind as to remember the less-fortunate fans who beg at your feet for boons? If you're at your fifth signing and armed with a multitude of questions about Cognitive Shadows or Allomantic time bubbles, would you be so generous as to put one of them aside long enough to ask how much of California the Epic Snowfall governs, or what the ratio between Epics and normal humans looks like in the Fractured States of America? On behalf of Reckoners fans everywhere, I thank you for taking the time to read this message. As a final piece of incentive, let me assure you that I'll make it my personal mission to incite abundant upvotes for anyone who returns victorious from a signing with a Reckonerverse setting question answered.
  24. What follows is a list of things I have scratched my head at innumerable times as I read the Mistborn Trilogy... innumerable times. 1. How could Kelsier possibly have known that he had Snapped after Mare's death? Even is he did, where did he get the metals he used to escape? 2. How exactly do iron or steel lines interpret different metal objects? Supposedly a single line points to a single object, and a Push or Pull will affect the entire object. But close to the end of FE, Kelsier Pushes and Pulls the opposite ends of solid metal bars from a prison cart to deflect arrows. How? 3. I'm sure this one is a widely known answer, so if someone could fill me in, that would be great: How does Lerasium make someone an Allomancer? If you're supposed to burn a metal to activate it, how do non-Allomancers still get the effects? On a similar note, what happens if someone who is already an Allomancer, even already a Mistborn, burns Lerasium? 4. How, exactly, is flaring tin a good idea? Brandon has characters do it all the time to 'clear their head,' if they're waking up from unconsciousness or recovering from a hit. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but that seems to be a terrible idea. The whole reason the person is out of it in the first place is because of the pain, yet increasing it by flaring tin somehow 'shocks' them back to wakefulness? One would think that it would simply muddle their mind even further because of the wide range of increased sensory input. 5. How was Ruin able to change text while he was blocked by Leras? Supposedly, any time that Ruin tried to affect the world, the power of Preservation would push back, rendering him useless. I understand how he was still able to manipulate Spiked people, because they were attuned to his power, but he still shouldn't be able to move things around just 'cause. It makes even less sense that he was able to change the memories stored in Copperminds. One, they're metal, which makes it shine incredibly bright the Ruin, and two, there doesn't seem to be a way or explanation for a Shard to peek inside of a piece of metal and change things around. I hope someone on here who's an even bigger nerd than I am will help me figure this out.
  25. Nothing major here. No vast Cosmere guesses or unifying theories of Investiture. Just a couple of book observations and the questions that come with them. There are some pretty big spoilers for the book coming up, so be warned. Firstly, what becomes of Llarimar after the conclusion of the book? Has anyone ever asked? Personally, I believe he went on to become the high priest for several other Returned through his life, and probably helped each of them achieve their purposes. But that's only my guess--I'd be interested in hearing a canon ending if available, or hearing what other readers have guessed. Second: Denth was Shashara's brother and one of the Five Scholars. As such, he was also one of the Returned, who lose the memories of their previous lives. How did he know Shashara was his sister and vice versa? I can only assume that the ghost of Obi-Won Kenobi informed him just as they were beginning a fledgling romance, but I'm sure there's a more reasonable explanation. So there. Those are two things that leave me wondering. Thoughts, anyone?