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Found 52 results

  1. So we know from Shallan's flashback that aluminum cannot be obtained on Roshar by mining - it can only be soulcast. So the question is - how do Rosharans know about aluminum's existence in the first place? It's not like you can set your soulcaster to "random", so the first soulcaster to figure out aluminum must've known of its existence already. Yet aluminum can only be soulcast, so we've got a chicken-or-egg kind of problem. Unless, of course: A. aluminum was imported from offworld, but if so, how did it happen and who and why introduced aluminum to Roshar in the first place? B. aluminum used to occur naturally on Roshar but by the time of Shallan's fashback it has either been mined completely or covered with enough crem to make mining impossible. C. There a WoB I'm missing that explains it. I'm not quite sure what to think. Any thoughts or ideas on that?
  2. If you were to have a person that has a mix of two aspects of a magic system, what would they be? (eg. elscaller elantrian, Copper cloud with fifth heightening) I think a eleantrian that can store connection might be able to manipulate where he can pull the dor, which would be nice. a copper cloud with a large amount of breath could probably suppress the color aura to make them less suspicious. a coinshot windrunner would be the zoomiest thing. I think that’s my favorite. You could half your weight, fly about in so many ways, it would be great.
  3. this is just a random question I had Could a spren take up a shard I imagine I may have to be specific spren like for honor it may have to be either the stormfather or an honorspren, but as sentient beings could they Become the wielded of a shard?
  4. We know that Resonance occurs in Twinborn, and I was curious about F-Duralumin in the case of certain Allomantic abilities. Since tapping the metalminds gives spiritual connection, could you create a strong enough bond to temporarily share Allomantic ability? Or even Feruchemical? Since they are alterations to the Spiritual Web I am just curious on how others think this might work.
  5. So, the determinism vs free will argument is still going strong, so I came up with a question. <see title> IS THERE FREE WILL IN THE COSMERE? So everything has a soul, which is the free will argument, but does the existence of a soul dictate free will if even a rock has free will? Then again, the ability of the Stick to resist Soulcasting again implies free will. Next! Prophecy. Renarin's capability to foresee false events shows that there are false futures, so there are other futures. Of course, this could be him just being wrong about the one, singular future. As of yet, I have not actually determined whether or not there is free will in the Cosmere, so I would love to know what the brightest Cosmerian scholars have to say. Sharders, do your worst. Or best.
  6. Hello 17th Shard! I'm Tau42, a reader from Singapore. I have a burning question which I could really use some help with. I remember reading this quote somewhere but can't figure out which book it comes from. I believe it is something Dalinar said but can't be sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! "To feel no emotion is to be dead but to have no control is to be a child"
  7. So I am not sure how far fetched this theory/question is or whether it is a silly one. I am on my second reading of the Stormlight Archives as I realized I missed a lot of things during my first reading. Now we know that Brandon Sanderson has a habit of foreshadowing a lot of major reveals in the books. I was wondering whether Tien's fascination with rocks and the manner in which Rock got his original name (after a special rock that his father discovered a few days before his birth) could be a foreshadowing to something special in the series later.
  8. So, I recently had a friend ask me for other books similar to Brandon Sanderson's (I had recommended him to her earlier). Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of ideas, and I've actually been asking the same question myself. Does anyone here have any books or authors that you think a Sanderfan would like?
  9. I don't know whether I missed some bit of lore or whatnot, but this question has been bothering me; why doesn't Szeth's have a spren? Prior to his death he was bound to the Honorblade, so a spren wasn't required, but what about after that? He's a Skybreaker now, after all. Is this because he was brought back from the dead? Do no Skybreakers have spren? Is it something to do with Nightblood? I would love for someone to clear this up for me, if anyone knows.
  10. Hi! I am new in the forum I hope we can have very nice discussions!!! By the way ,I have a question about in which subforum i must post a doubth i have about the womens script of the stormlight archive. Thank you all and i hope you have a nice evening. Journey before destination.
  11. Does anybody know what would happen if Brass was compounded? Soothing and Heat don't seem to go together.
  12. Hi I don't know if this has been discussed before, but do you think that the mist are now the excess ruinous intent in era 2? A WoB implies Harmony is doing something with his "spare" Ruin so to speak (new to using the forums so im not sure how to link this WoB). So could the mists now be this excess ruinous investure rather than preservation? The reason I thought this is at end of Alloy of law, Wax burns some of the mists, while wearing the spiked earing. However, in era 1, a spike stops Vin using the mists, which were of preservation. So my question is, was Wax able to use some of this mists as a consequence they are now more of Ruin, which is in line with Wax "being of Ruin", or did he have access just as a consequence of Harmony's attention (implying the mists are still of preservation or just Harmonys combined intents in general). P.s I know there are theories that the spare ruin is related to a potential daughter-product of an ettmetal reaction, but what if this excess is the mists, or that a mix of both ?
  13. Hey everyone, so I am new (obviously) and love this forum so far! So I picked up my first cosmere-related book (not Sanderson book, but cosmere-related book) on January 1st this year-and loved it so much I finished the whole cosmere by August 21st (unless you count white sand- haven't gotten ahold of that yet). Anyway, I have a burning question and I was wondering if any of you know the answer or want to share your opinions- Does everyone in the Cosmere have breath? I get that they aren't all drabs but do they all have a breath, like from when they are born? Or is it just people from Nalthis (Nalthinians?)? I mean Hoid got some extra but Hoid is Hoid and besides I figured anyone could get more... Anyway would really appreciate any reply to this (And heads up, I really like parentheses as you can tell). Suppose I should also introduce myself- I'm a dude who lives in Japan although I am American and admittedly haven't read much fantasy outside of Sanderson (Do like Fablehave and Eragon tho, although I am still working on Eragon so no spoilers). TLDR; Hi. Who has breath.
  14. Would you rather questions are a straight and awesome way to start a conversation in a fun, formal and interesting way. And it quite easy way to get into any continuing conversations by just asking “why” after a would you rather question. You’ll might be get some interesting answers and you will learn a lot after this. You will also learn a lot about the person you are asking to in a quite simple way.
  15. Hey guys, so I noticed something really odd going on. In Chapter 37, which is from Rock's perspective, a bunch of Honorspren appear on the neighboring plateau to watch Bridge Four training. From Rock's count, there are over two dozen Honorspren there. What I find curious re-reading this chapter was that it seems impossible and contradicts what Syl claims about Honorspren later in the book. In Chapter 91, Syl tells Kaladin: The spren appearing on the Plateau do not appear to have bonded anybody, and yet they were not mindless (as far as I can tell anyway, they didn't act like Syl did when she was mindless). In addition, they are definitely in the Physical Realm. It's possible that Rock can see spren that are in the Cognitive Realm, but these spren did not appear in their Cognitive Realm forms, and many of them rather appear as Syl does - taking the shape of leaves or other objects blown on the wind. (No Honorspren has been shown doing that inside the Cognitive Realm). Their invisibility to everybody else does not indicate they are in the Cognitive, although it is possible that this means they are closer to the Cognitive realm than a fully physical object. (Let me remind you that a mostly mindless Syl, acting like a windspren, was not visible to humans other than Kaladin when he was being transported to the Shattered Plains as a slave.) These Honorspren do have an ability which I think acts as an answer though, and its something we've never seen Syl do - take in Stormlight. The important Honorspren (Syl tells Rock that her name is Phendorana) sucks in Stormlight from a sphere! So my only theory why these Honorspren are appearing in the Physical Realm, but not mindless, is something to do with this Stormlight. Concentrated Investure can be used to pierce the barrier between the Cognitive and Physical Realms, so isn't it possible to use Investure to stay "linked" to the Cognitive Realm somehow? Anyway I have no real information or proof on this, I'd like to know if you guys think this is possible or provide your own reasoning!
  16. How does Mat's "luck" work? I've never been able to figure it out. does he weave the pattern around him or something?
  17. Since Mosah killed Jerizen, wouldn't his honorblade vanished along with him?
  18. Or, at least, the symbol for Harmonium? Both Atium and Larasium have a symbol, and I recall coming across one for Harmonium/Harmony a couple of days back, but I can't find it for the life of me Can anyone help me out here? (It's in the name of Art!)
  19. Just... What? I got so mad when the book ended without telling me about their conversation. And in Oathbringer, the conversation is further mentioned I think. On page 480, Jasnah tells Ivory that they must "reveal the information Wit told us." I just want to know what's happening! (Keep in mind I'm only halfway through Oathbringer, so if this comes up later...don't tell me about it.)
  20. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what Odium/Rayse looks like. I just started Way of Kings so I’m not sure if they’ll describe him/them in the book later on. What is the in book description? I also wanted to know what the design aesthetic of the setting would be. Not in terms of technology or social standards, but just a parallel for the overall look of the setting. Like how Wax and Wayne’s Elendel is 1910s New York and Era 1 Mistborn is 1820s England. Would the design be something medieval? So far, it feels like it would be later than that but not by too much. Any help here is appreciated!
  21. I hope this question does not lead to spoilers, but the depiction of Jasnah's eyes on the Oathbringer cover has been bothering me. Why on earth do her eyes appear to be dark brown--especially when she is holding a sprenblade?! Jasnah is said to have violet eyes, and we know that the radiants' eyes glow when they hold a sprenblade (so we cannot blame shadows for obscuring her eye color). Was this just a mistake by the illustrator? If so, has Sanderson addressed this issue?
  22. I picked up the Graphic Audio version of WoR to go with the copy of WoK that I already had, in preparation of the Oathbringer release, and I was just wondering if anyone has spotted any differences between the GA and standard versions? In Warbreaker there were breath commands that could be heard in the GA version that weren't specified in the text, is there anything like that that I should keep an eye out for?
  23. Quick question. Can I post a question to the Cosmere Q&A that are related to a specific series? i.e, can I post a question that only relates to Mistborn on the Cosmere Q&A? If not, what do you think about putting a separate Q&A for each series on its discussion board?
  24. Okay, first off, this thread will make a lot more sense if you read my theory that it's based off. However, I will provide a basic explanation here. My theory is that Hoid was the mastermind behind the Shattering. We also know that he was offered a Shard, and refused it. Now, here's the question. If he decided to shatter Adonalsium but refused a Shard, there are only a few possibilities as to his motives. This would say that it wasn't for power unless he had a change of heart between the Shattering and the time he was offered a Shard. So, what was his motive? Could Adonalsium have seemed threatening to him in a way we don't understand? What do you guys think?
  25. How long has the Weeping lasted? If I remember correctly the Everstorm/Highstorm was close to the middle of the weeping; which is when a Highstorm would have been if it wasn't a light year. I assume from Shallan's realization that that they are now overdue, so it has been more than 2 weeks (4 weeks total for the Weeping). This might be because of the extra Highstorm the Stormfather created, but I'm wondering how the extra storm has altered the normal weather patterns.