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Found 70 results

  1. Okay, so I haven't read the Tress book so don't use those spoilers please (you can put them in spoiler box if you want) but I don't think it would apply here anyway. My question is: Trellium repels Investiture, right? And Nightblood leaks Ruined Investiture, right? So what would happen if you put Trellium near Nightblood's smoke?
  2. Hey all! I’m trying to create a Mistborn: The Final Empire MTG set, and art for Mistborn is a hair difficult to come across for just general non-character specific art. I own Mistborn: House War, which is just full of great art that I would love to use. The issue is that the cards themselves likely cut the full art a tad, as well as not crediting the artist that made the art. I’ve been looking about, but can’t seem to find a website that can give me all of the Mistborn: House War art with the credited artists that made them. Is there a place that has that? If not, having a place to look at and use (credited of course) art from Mistborn?
  3. The title of this discussion is pretty self-explanatory. If you could spend the day with a Skyward or Starsight character for a day, who would it be? I've pondered on this for a while and honestly, I'd like to spend a day with Brade; see what her life is like and stuff you know? Maybe learn about how she came to be Winzik's minion and see how she's being treated for being a human on Starsight. Brade isn't one of my favorite characters (nor do I dislike her, just neutral) but she's intriguing enough for me to want to know more about her character. I feel like there's so much more to her--in both personality and history--than what we were shown in the book. I know this sounds like whole lot of stuff, but anyone can learn so much within a single day. Those are my thoughts. How about you guys?
  4. How do I make a poll in these 17thShard forums?
  5. whit soulcasting and forging could you soulcast a simulacrum into a functioning body and then have a soul made for it, it has no "history" and so all stamps should be equally possible so any soul you made would stay. and if you could make it work could you also give it access to the metallic arts or another form of magic?
  6. Why is the curse in the skyward world "scud"? Where did Brandon get this idea?
  7. What are reputation points and how do they work? How do you get them?
  8. In Rhythm of War, both the Sibling and Kalak claim that the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram not only impacted the singers, but also impacted all of the spren. Here's the Sibling in RoW 49: And here's the relevant passages from Kalak's journal in the epigraphs from Part 4: Note how the quotes suggest that BAM's imprisonment caused damage to Roshar itself, and by extension to those entities who souls were Connected to Roshar. To me, this suggests that the method BAM used to connect to the singers somehow exploited their Connection to Roshar. I tend to think that it was their Connection to the rhythms/songs of Roshar. Consider this WoB: There's also this line from the final Eshonai flashback, when the Stormfather lets her ride the storm: Note also that the rhythms are a cosmere-wide phenomenon that manifests in a particular way on Roshar: Ok, so this all makes me think that BAM must have connected to Roshar itself in some way and it was through that Connection that she was able to Connect with the singers. The singers are Connected to the rhythms, and the rhythms are Roshar. (This fits with the listeners being spared because they were in dullform and had only a tenuous Connection to the rhythms, which we've been told are difficult to hear when in dullform). So what about the spren? They are little pieces of Honor and Cultivation. Honor and Cultivation have Invested in Roshar. So the spren are clearly Connected to Roshar. But BAM's imprisonment did not tear our the Connection and Identity of the spren like it did the singers. How did it impact them then? What part of themselves are the spren missing with BAM still imprisoned? Whatever it is they are lacking, could it's absence be what causes them to become deadeyes now when Radiants break their oaths? (The book is not real clear on this. Kalak says deadeyes never existed before the Recreance. But we know the Recreance happened shortly after the imprisonment of BAM and shortly before the death of Honor. A lot of crem went down around the time of the False Desolation). The only real hint we get about what's missing is from the Sibling, who says that when BAM was imprisoned they lost the ability to hear Honor's and Cultivation's tones. I had once thought - then abandoned - but have come back around to the idea that BAM's imprisonment somehow cut off the signal or broadcast of the pure tones. In other words, before the imprisonment the pure tones emanated from Roshar itself. And entities with enough Connection to Roshar or one of the Shards could hear them. This would include the Sibling, spren more generally, the singers, and maybe Knights Radiant as well? But now, with BAM imprisoned, it's as if the tones are trapped in the Spiritual Realm and can't get through, so you need some other means of touching the Spiritual Realm in order to hear them. Here's a rundown of the times when characters are able to hear the pure tones (without someone singing them or playing them on a tuning fork or metal plate): Eshonai and the other soldiers who are the first to adopt warform hear Honor's tone during their transformation Eshonai mentions that there are stories that the first listeners to adopt workform heard Cultivation's tone Eshonai hears Honor's tone (along with Odium's and the Rhythm of War) when she bonds with Timbre right before her death Navani and Rushu catch hints of a tone and "thump" early in RoW when Dalinar opens a perpendicularity Venli hears an unspecified tone when she sees Rlain in the cell ("Venli felt all the rhythms freeze when she saw Rlain in the cell. Like the silence following a crescendo. ... In that silence, all of Roshar changed ... And in that silence, Venli thought she could hear something distant beyond the rhythms. A pure note.") Venli hears Cultivation's tone while thinking on the history of the listeners as told in her mother's songs; then she hears Odium's tone and its harmony with Cultivation's while communing with the stones of Urithiru and practicing her stoneshaping The Sibling is able to hear Cultivation's tone again during the climax of the battle of Urithiru, but can't find Honor's (I suspect the Sibling was able to hear Cultivation's tone again because Venli had been able to hear it while interacting with the stones of the tower) Navani finds Honor's tone within her just as she's about to bond the Sibling I think that's all of them. And I think that in each instance there's something happening to bring the character into contact with the Spiritual Realm. It's definitely the case with the transformations, with the characters bonding or about to bond a spren, and when the perpendicularity is opened. The borderline ones are the two Venli ones and the Sibling. But I think that with Venli, in those moments she's feeling an intense connection to her people and their history, helped along by communing with the old stones of Urithiru. And as I mentioned above, I think that the Sibling was picking up Cultivation's tone because of Venli finding it while communing with the stones. Could also have been the bond forming with Navani. (Or maybe Cultivation herself helped out? The Sibling does say that Honor should have been able to help her when she lost the ability to hear the tones, but that he didn't because he was losing his mind). Here's another thing. Aside from the Sibling and the stones of Urithiru, I don't think we ever hear a single spren talk about the pure tones. Doesn't that seem weird? Here's the stones in Urithiru noticing Odium's tone when Venli is using Voidlight to practice her surgebinding: They also mention the tones once later, but we don't get any sense one way or the other of whether they can actually hear Honor and Cultivation's tones: That's it. It just seems odd to me that we never see any other spren talking about the tones. (If I missed instances, please let me know) The main piece of evidence against the theory that BAM's imprisonment cut off the signal of the pure tones is the fact that Infused gems are able to pick up and echo the tones. But it's very faint and requires intense focus to hear. And given that it's really the Light that is picking up and and echoing those tones, and that the Light is itself Investiture brought forth from the Spiritual Realm, I don't think it completely destroys the theory. It would be weird if Investiture itself completely lost the ability to echo it's associated tone. As for what continuing impact the muffling or silencing of the pure tones might have on the spren, I don't really have any good theories. But if color is like flavor for spren, then maybe tones, especially the pure tones, carry some significance for them as well. I started this post genuinely questioning what impact BAM's imprisonment had on Roshar and the spren, but in the course of writing sort of convinced myself that it has something to do with a silencing of the pure tones of Roshar. But who knows, maybe I've got it all wrong and there's some other way that BAM's imprisonment damaged both Roshar and the spren. Do folks have other theories? I'd be interested to hear them.
  9. So I haven’t done a reread of RoW yet and I need some help figuring out exactly what we found out about Odium’s plans for the Cosmere war he mentions. Am I remembering correctly that Odium views Roshar as a training ground for the troops he will use in his war in the Cosmere? The Alethi mythology of the afterlife holds that those who are worthy are chosen to fight alongside the Heralds to reclaim the Tranquiline Halls, right? Does that mean that the battle to reclaim the Tranquiline Halls is actually this Cosmere war? And does this mythology therefore stem from Odium’s influence? Are those who are worthy being selected by Odium to remain as soldiers in this war? Or is this a future plan of Odium’s (not yet in motion)? If this is what is happening, and is already in motion, does this mean that Odium has been stopping those he considers worthy from passing into the beyond when they die? If so, where are all these souls? Would this have anything to do with the screams people like Szeth and Dalinar hear? If anyone remembers more clearly, I’d love to know what info there is about the Cosmere war Odium speaks of in RoW, and if this is connected in the book to the mythology of the Tranquiline Halls.
  10. Brandon said that it would be availible on this forum, but where?
  11. Was working on a different theory when I came across this brief bit from Adolin's perspective in RoW 75: So when he sees this, he's looking south from Lasting Integrity towards the solid ground that corresponds to the Southern Depths in the Physical Realm. What do we think might be causing the lifespren to blink on and off in a coordinated wave in this area? The only clue I can think of is the scene where we see how Rlain has taught the ardents at Urithiru to drum a specific rhythm to create an organic fabrial. The rhythm seems to draw Stormlight out of the gemstones, infusing the lifespren, which then presumably use the surge of progression to make the plants grow. But what would be causing a similar phenomenon to occur in this region of Shadesmar? Is there something in the ocean in the Physcial Realm (or on the land in the CR) that is making a similar rhythm to interact with the lifespren? And is this truly unique to just this area of Shadesmar? Curious whether others have any ideas on what this could be.
  12. Hello all! This is my first time posting in a spoiler forum so I hope I am getting it all correct. Please let me know if I should be doing something differently. I haven't seen this asked anywhere in my cursory inquiries so I decided to come out and ask it and ask for input on it. So a bit of back ground to my idea. There are some contradictory statements on if it is the Vessel or the Shard of Odium that wants to become the only shard in the Cosmere. I personally think that it was more because of the Vessel's ambition. My question to you is this:
  13. Essentially the title. I want to change the font for a thing I'm doing, but can't for the life of me figure out how.
  14. So there is relatively new WoB ( saying that a sure and replicable way to kill/destroy Cognitive Shadow (CS for short) is to chuck some anti-investiture at them (presumably attuned to the investiture that gives the CS their life). Per in-world information we have the following examples of CS Roshar - Fused, Heralds, possibly Stormfather (he is said to be merged with Tanavast's CS) Scadrial - our dear Lord of Scars Kelsier Nalthis - Returned Threnody - Shades What is of most interest to me, is this: When physical body of Herald/Fused are destroyed they do not die, yet to kill Returned that is seemingly enough. Since anti-investiture seems to have been introduced to facilitate killing of CS (per the linked WoB), I would assume that if you destroy their physical form they are returned to Cognitive Realm, but are not killed. So why are Returned seemingly different? Is it possible that since they require constant influx of Investiture, that when Returned 'dies' in Physical they enter Cognitive but truly die only later on because they cannot get needed Investiture to maintain their life?
  15. I know humans all have a little bit of Investiture in them right, and corrupted Investiture exists, so could a human become corrupted? I haven't seen this question anywhere so I wanted to ask it.
  16. Right, so it's in CH. 97 of RoW that Navani makes anti-voidlight, and this brought up a lot of questions for me, and maybe someone has some answers here. So in the previous Navani chapters she's learning a lot about Cosmere and Roshar and the three pure tones and vibrations and so on and so forth. She also gets an interesting tidbit from Raboniel that the interplanetary space in the Physical Realm is not traversable (yet), even by Radiants. They sent Fused into the sky with plenty of Voidlight but they still died. So Navani gets the idea to put the voidlight in a vacuum to divorce it from the tones of Odium "For the first time in its existence." So to my point. She divorced the Voidlight from Odium's tones. She divorced the investiture from... from what, it's Connection? It's Intent? And then warped it, changed it entirely. Anti-noise sounds a lot like normal noise but the entire point is that mathematically it's a dramatic difference. So, what was the Voidlight when it was in the vacuum? Just... Light? AdonalsiumLight? Could she have turn that Voidlight into Stormlight, or Towerlight, with different tones? Because if so, the implications there are massive. Or there's some WoB that's already out there that's going to massively disappoint me because "no that's not how it works at you're an idiot @The Technovore." Or I just completely misread that passage, but I do also notice that it's referred to as Voidlight and as Light inside the vacuum. So what's going on here?
  17. I know many folks were somewhat disappointed by the Venli/Eshonai flashbacks in RoW. I share that sentiment to an extent, and one area I'm particularly frustrated has to do with Venli's team of listener scholars. Background and Timeline If I have the timeline correct, sometime around mid-1167, shortly after Venli has revealed the secret to - and Eshonai has adopted - warform, Venli puts together her group of scholars. Here's the passage in RoW Chapter 73 Ok, so that's fine. She's got her scholars. They are partly serious and partly a front for revealing knowledge that Ulim provides. Fast forward about 6 months and we're in late 1167 when Gavilar is assassinated. Fast forward another 5 or 6 months and we're in mid-1168. And now we get the scene where Venli gives all five of them gemstones that purportedly contain Voidspren like Ulim. She also lets them in on the plan to ultimately summon the Everstorm. Next, we know that sometime in the latter half of 1168, the scholars began writing down the listeners songs using a form of writing that Venli developed. (In the first Eshonai Interlude in Wor, which we can fairly accurately place in late 1173 thanks to @Jofwu's excellent timeline, she mentions that Venli and her scholar began recording the songs five years ago). Then ... we have no idea what was going on with them for the next FIVE YEARS. I mean, yes we know that generally during this time the listeners were doing their thing, racing the humans for gemhearts. And we know that at some point in time, they figured out nimbleform. But, come on, Brandon. How can you tease us with five more spren like Ulim, who is a deliciously awful, then just not even mention anything about it? The next we hear about Venli and her team of scholars is in late 1173 when Venli is on the cusp of figuring out stormform. We know from WoR Interlude 13 that Venli's scholars, and Venli herself were among the first wave of listeners to adopt stormform. So presumably they all took part in the battle of Narak, but the only ones we ever hear anything else about are Venli, and Demid, who gets taken over by a Fused. So, with that summation complete, I have questions. Questions Who the heck are they all? As of the end of RoW we only know the names of 3 of them. Demid, Tusa (who gets one or two lines in RoW), and Mikaim (who was apparently a surgeon and the listener who helped care for Jaxlim when she fell) Where did Venli get the gemstones purportedly containing Voidspren? We learn in RoW 77 that Axindweth was supposed to have left a bag of gemstones for Ulim/Venli to collect, but she was found out and only left a note. So how did Venli come to have those gemstones? Were there actually other Voidspren in the gemstones Venli gave her scholars? I mean, I feel like there must have been for them to all keep working with her for the next five years. Or did Ulim just pretend to be 5 different Voidspren? (that's a comedy I would watch) What were they all up to for five years before the Battle of Narak? Yes, I know they were recording the songs. Plus I'm guessing from what we learned in RoW about how the Everstorm was summoned that it took some time for Odium to pull the chunk of the barrier storm that he broke off through Shadesmar to the Shattered Plains. And it also took a while for the listeners to be desperate enough to contemplate adopting stormform. But I'm really surprised we got nothing from those five years in the flashbacks. What happened to the others? Did Tusa, Mikaim and the two unnamed scholars survive Narak? In OB Interlude 1, we get this: Are these "loyal friends" the other scholars? If so, we never hear anything else about what happens to them. Demid is taken over by a high-ranking Fused. Were the others also taken over? Are they still kicking around in stormform? I would imagine no because Venli seems to believe she is the only one left until finding Rlain I think that's all of them. We probably just don't know enough to answer most of them. But it just seemed like a notable absence and I wonder if we'll ever get some more answers on some of them.
  18. I'm rereading Oathbringer (actually, relistening) , and just got to chapter 102: Celebrant. Towards the end of it, a Fused is talking to the dock registrar and says there were "2-3 humans, one honorspren, and one inkspren." Do we know why the Fused thinks there was an inkspren and not a cryptic?
  19. If you were to have a person that has a mix of two aspects of a magic system, what would they be? (eg. elscaller elantrian, Copper cloud with fifth heightening) I think a eleantrian that can store connection might be able to manipulate where he can pull the dor, which would be nice. a copper cloud with a large amount of breath could probably suppress the color aura to make them less suspicious. a coinshot windrunner would be the zoomiest thing. I think that’s my favorite. You could half your weight, fly about in so many ways, it would be great.
  20. this is just a random question I had Could a spren take up a shard I imagine I may have to be specific spren like for honor it may have to be either the stormfather or an honorspren, but as sentient beings could they Become the wielded of a shard?
  21. We know that Resonance occurs in Twinborn, and I was curious about F-Duralumin in the case of certain Allomantic abilities. Since tapping the metalminds gives spiritual connection, could you create a strong enough bond to temporarily share Allomantic ability? Or even Feruchemical? Since they are alterations to the Spiritual Web I am just curious on how others think this might work.
  22. So, the determinism vs free will argument is still going strong, so I came up with a question. <see title> IS THERE FREE WILL IN THE COSMERE? So everything has a soul, which is the free will argument, but does the existence of a soul dictate free will if even a rock has free will? Then again, the ability of the Stick to resist Soulcasting again implies free will. Next! Prophecy. Renarin's capability to foresee false events shows that there are false futures, so there are other futures. Of course, this could be him just being wrong about the one, singular future. As of yet, I have not actually determined whether or not there is free will in the Cosmere, so I would love to know what the brightest Cosmerian scholars have to say. Sharders, do your worst. Or best.
  23. Hello 17th Shard! I'm Tau42, a reader from Singapore. I have a burning question which I could really use some help with. I remember reading this quote somewhere but can't figure out which book it comes from. I believe it is something Dalinar said but can't be sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! "To feel no emotion is to be dead but to have no control is to be a child"
  24. So I am not sure how far fetched this theory/question is or whether it is a silly one. I am on my second reading of the Stormlight Archives as I realized I missed a lot of things during my first reading. Now we know that Brandon Sanderson has a habit of foreshadowing a lot of major reveals in the books. I was wondering whether Tien's fascination with rocks and the manner in which Rock got his original name (after a special rock that his father discovered a few days before his birth) could be a foreshadowing to something special in the series later.
  25. So, I recently had a friend ask me for other books similar to Brandon Sanderson's (I had recommended him to her earlier). Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of ideas, and I've actually been asking the same question myself. Does anyone here have any books or authors that you think a Sanderfan would like?