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Found 3 results

  1. Something about both accusations being wrong, but the Investigators continuing to search. And them being a bit more enthused than when some random person that wasn't the Ja died. Cycle 2 has begun, and will end at 5PM Eastern Time on Thursday the 23rd! Link to Spreadsheet Oracle Clues: Also the spreadsheet since Aman keeps pasting it: Player List:
  2. A new contingent of the SPF, the "Accusers", had been formed in response to the death of the Ja. From their new contact, the Aracle, they knew the killer and several of their accomplices had infiltrated the Accusers, and that the murder had been accomplished with some of the massive stockpile of deadly animals, poisons, and other nasty trinkets the SPF kept on hand. After roughly a day's wait, the Aracle's second communication was received and the Investigators began working to decipher the clues. Round 2 has fully begun! My clues are listed below, and you can also see them in the spreadsheet. Begin discussion, and anyone is now allowed to make an Accusation. Also make sure to post once each cycle! Cycle 2 will be posted 5PM Eastern time on Wednesday. Link to Spreadsheet Oracle Clues: Player List:
  3. Welcome to round 2 of QF65! The complete rules can be found in doc form here, or in the spoilers below (note the inactivity filter!): And here is a schedule of events (the listed day is when that cycle starts): Signups will close at 5:00PM EST on Monday the 20th, and the game will start shortly afterwards. If you don't think you have the bandwidth to play as the Witness/Assassin/Co-conspirator, let me know in a PM or through Discord and I'll take that into consideration when building the distribution (no promises though). @Devotary of Spontaneity will be the IM for this game. Here is a link to the spreadsheet I will be using to run the game. Round 1 Player List (you need to sign up again, this is just to ping everyone): Quick Links: Pinch Hitters: