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Found 3 results

  1. After poking around their strange collection of objects for most of a day, J'aman voiced his own suspicion that Jariel was the killer, citing the fellow's partly empty flask of acid as a potential murder weapon along with a Korathi pendant tucked into Jariel's back pocket. An immediate impression filled J'aman and the other SPFers' minds that the accusation was incorrect, and the other folks refused to make their own voices heard. Whether this was due to an unwillingness to press forward so early into the investigation, or for more... nefarious reasons, remained to be seen. The Ja, sensing his communication had been successful, refocused his will in an attempt to give an extra clue to the Investigators. The effort exhausted him, but perhaps someone had received the message. xino, Cinnamon, Wiz, Bookwyrm, and Shining all failed to post in C1, and have been removed from the game. Xino has been replaced by @Whysper, so welcome her to the game! I'm waiting to hear from Stick and any other pinch hitters, but after a bit I'll announce any other pinch-hitters and where Accusation attempts have been redistributed to. Remember that removed players can still be Accused (and removed as the Witness). Spreadsheet The cycle will end at 5PM Eastern Time on Sunday the 19th! Oracle Clues: Player List:
  2. The Ja felt the moment of death, knew the killer at once, and began channeling his energy into communicating to whoever might be sensitive to his powers. The SPF gathered together in a room, each having felt the Ja's efforts to clue them into the identity of the killer. They all had brought their assorted exotic weapons, Investiture, and other random knickknacks, which meant the room was rather crowded, in particular with somewhat dangerous objects. The Investigators set to work, eager to solve the crime and disband before something deadly was set loose. The game has fully begun! My clues are listed below, and you can also see them in the spreadsheet. Begin discussing, and anyone is now allowed to solve the crime. Just remember to @ me or it won't be counted. Cycle 2 will be posted at 5PM Eastern Time on Saturday! Link to Spreadsheet Oracle Clues: Player List:
  3. The Ja could sense a change in the Cosmere. Someone was about to be killed, and it was too late to prevent it. He focused his willpower on the hostile intentions, hoping to perceive the details of the crime. Meanwhile, Investigators of the Silverlight Police Force were paying Jourth of the Jwilight (@Devotary of Spontaneity's character) a visit. Jourth was well known as a trader in oddities from all across the Cosmere, with a specific penchant for frivolous uses of quite dangerous objects. There were rumors that she'd been seen selling a tank of deathants, and that wasn't even the most... deadly of her wares. The SPF was hoping to procure a collection of these dangerous items, purely for educational purposes of course. Cycle 0 has begun, and will end at 5PM EST on Friday the 17th! PMs are closed (and will never be open in this game). Right now the player list has been set and everyone has been randomly assigned their Methods and Evidences. The starting tiles have not been chosen yet, so you can disregard those for now. You can view all of this in the game's spreadsheet, or click on the spoiler tag below: Feel free to chat and RP as you like while the Assassin makes their selections! All roles are present in the game, and everyone should have received a PM from me with your alignment, role, and Evidences+Methods. Player List: