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Found 5 results

  1. Ironsides had moved to her chair. She couldn't handle standing anymore. Pilots, good pilots, were dying because she had walked them into a trap. A trap she had foreseen. The radio besides her crackled. She tuned into the comm line, fearing the worst. "Report?" she said weakly. "Good news, Admiral!" Pegleg's peppy voice said into the line. "We gottem!" Ironsides straightened. "Who?" "Me and Lemon- he's a cutie- shot down Vandal and Bad Wolf. Looks like those Krell stuck with their sus name choices." Ironsides relaxed, a smile almost coming to her face. But then she understood that only two out of ten had survived. Only seven had even had a chance. "We're on our way back." Pegleg continued. "See you soon!" The line went silent. Ironsides stood and walked to the hangar where the remaining members of Shard Flight would return. When she arrived, Pegleg and Lemon were already there. They opened their cockpits and Ironsides' heart shattered. Inside were not humans. She wasn't sure what they were. Crab looking somethings that no doubt were Krell, but she had never seen- Ironsides screamed. "Oh, hello!" the one on the left said, in Pegleg's voice. "Nice seeing you, Judy." "What is the meaning of this!" Ironsides sputtered. "Where are Wolf and Vandal!" Neither of those were phrased as questions. "Oh, we weren't lying." said the other, in the voice of Lemon. "We shot them down. Wolf pulled some fancy light-lance trick but they're long gone anyway." All puckering sounds that Lemon had once endearingly made were gone. As if reading her thoughts, Pegleg continued. "It was a pain to impersonate your species. So... aggressive." Pegleg visibly shivered. "But the disguises and translators were necessary. As were the adoptions of human characteristics, though I must say I'm disappointed no one responded to my flirts." Ironsides was beyond furious, but she could do nothing except slump to the ground. The real Pegleg and Lemon had to be dead, if they existed at all in the first place. "But the real victory here," Lemon said, "was breaking you, Judy. Now we'll be free to send an all-out attack that you won't have the strength to command." They closed the cockpits and took off, leaving Judy Ivans on the floor, broken. Alta was doomed, and it was her fault. Devotary of Spontaneity was exed! She was a DDF Pilot! Elandera was attacked, but survived! Vote Count: Devotary of Spontaneity (3): Archer, Elandera, Elkanah Archer (1): Devotary of Spontaneity The Krell Commanders have won! Congratulations to Archer and Elkanah for an efficient game. I guess it's a weird time for SE where not many people are signing up for games, which is tough for the GMs and the people who do sign up, so thank you for making this game even possible to be ran. I'll post my full GM thoughts later today, but I have to go in about ten minutes Here are the doc links: Master Sheet Dead/Spec/GM Ramble Doc Player List:
  2. Ironsides couldn't believe her eyes at the size of the Krell attack. She was used to the Krell rarely varying from their usual numbers when attacking- just enough to be a massive irritation but never so much as to truly wipe Alta off the map. She never had understood why; she was fairly certain the Krell had the numbers to do so. But the fleet of six ships she saw approaching made even less sense. The Krell had to know that the attack was futile. Ironsides smelled a trap, but the attack was still an attack. She radioed into the comm link of an available flight, one of her best. "Shard Flight, I need some fighters for an unusually small skirmish. Who's in?" Welcome to QF55: Battle of Traitors! I will be the GM for this game, and @Araris Valerian will be the IM. Here are the rules for this game, and they're also in doc form: Signups will end in a little over a week on Monday, August 23rd at 7:30AM, PST. The game will begin shortly afterwards with the normal rollover time of 8:00AM PST. I'll be gone camping some of the days during signups but will be back a few days before the game starts. For flavor purposes, this game takes place in an alternate version/timeline of Detritus, before the events of Skyward. RP Characters would benefit from a Callsign. Player List: Spectators: Pinch-Hitters: Quicklinks:
  3. Ironsides knew things were getting worse when the radio abruptly cut out, leaving Shard Flight in silence. Shard Flight never flew in silence. Most members of the flight were equally quiet as they tried to figure out what to do. Fib had just been shot down, and he hadn't said a word since the battle began. No one was safe. Ironsides wanted to scream directions into the comm line, anything to help her pilots out, but for once in her life, Admiral Judy "Ironsides" Ivans found she had no directions to give. Lotus was exed! She was a DDF Pilot! Droughtbringer was killed! He was a DDF Pilot! Vote Count: Elandera (2): Archer, Lotus Lotus (3): Elandera, Devotary of Spontaneity, Elkanah The cycle will end in a bit under 24 hours, on Sunday, August 29th, at 8am PST. I may not be able to put up the next thread afterwards because of my schedule, I don't know yet, but I'll be able to close it. There will be a majority execution today, with no vote minimum. Tied votes will result in a random decision. PMs are closed for the duration of the game. Don't forget to submit your actions! There is an inactivity filter in place of two cycles. If you don't post in that timeframe, you will be replaced or killed. Player List:
  4. Maximum, the Flight's Scout, had already been shot from behind and no one quite knew who had done it. Ironsides liked to think that she never relaxed, not truly. To her it was a mark of a true soldier and commander, always on guard, ready for anything. She found today, however, that perhaps she was typically more relaxed than she had thought. Ironsides listened to the comm line in silence, tapping her foot in nervous anticipation. The other Krell among Shard Flight would attack on a moments notice, which made flying back to the base not an option. Besides, Ironsides did not want Krell in Alta. She shivered at the realization that there already had been. Well, no more. Finally, she came to the point where she couldn't stand the silence. "Status?" she barked into the line. Steel, Flightleader, reported in first. "Unsure, Admiral. We have to be pretty careful who we kill, as it'd be a shame to lose one of our own. More of our own." Someone else interrupted. "Steel, everyone knows that. Why don't you stop stating the obvious and help us figure it out?" Ironsides was at a loss as an argument erupted. But nothing could have prepared her for a bang, and then a true silence. "...Admiral?" a weak voice on the line said. "Steel's dead." Steeldancer was exed! He was a Flightleader! The Unknown Order was killed! They were a Scout! Vote Count: Elandera (2): The Unknown Order, Elkanah Elkanah (1): Steeldancer Archer (1): Elandera Steeldancer (2): Archer, Devotary of Spontaneity This cycle will end in a little under 24 hours, on Saturday, August 28 at 8am PST. There will be a majority execution today, with no vote minimum. Tied votes will result in a random decision. PMs are closed for the duration of the game. Don't forget to submit your actions! There is an inactivity filter in place of two cycles. @Droughtbringer, if you do not post this turn you will be replaced or killed. Player List:
  5. Ironsides stared down her crew as they arrived. It wasn't as many as expected, but they should be more than capable of taking down the few Krell ships approaching. Ironsides read off their Callsigns to herself as they prepared their ships, knowing that if some didn't return it would make it that more painful. She didn't care. If she were sending pilots into battle- any battle, even this small one- she wanted to know who they were, what they looked like. Maximum, Vandal, Lemon... Pegleg, Fib, Ghost... Steel, Bad Wolf, and Impostor. Ironsides thought. Huh. She didn't recognize that last one. It should have been the first clue. But Ironsides was still in a strange mindset from the Krell's odd attack. So she dismissed the thought. And up went Shard Flight. She tapped into their comm line, raising an eyebrow at the radio playing alongside it, though said nothing. All flight members reported in, heading for the Krell in formation. The aliens were far out, long past the base. It took the ships a decent amount of time to reach them. Ironsides was satisfied by how quickly they overtook the Krell. She relaxed. Guess I was worried for nothing. Then screams filled her headset. She sat up, alert. "Ghost is down!" someone yelled. "By who!" barked Ironsides, phrased as a command and not a question. "By Impostor... oh." the same pilot responded. "Scud. Hold on, Admiral." After a few tense moments, the pilot spoke. "I got them. But how could this happen?" Ironsides knew. Oh, she knew all too well. "The Krell have hidden among our ranks." She said, voice uncharacteristically weak. "They never fly alone. Impostor wasn't the only... impostor." She forced her voice to firm up. "But we better make sure that Ghost is the only casualty." Callsign: Ghost has died! They were a DDF Pilot and an NPC! Callsign: Impostor has died! They were a Krell Commander and an NPC! The game has begun! The cycle will end in a bit over 24 hours, on Friday, August 27th at 8:00am PST. There will be a majority execution today, with no vote minimum. Tied votes will result in a random decision. PMs are closed for the duration of the game. Don't forget to submit your actions! There is an inactivity filter in place of two cycles, though depending on the situation it may be less because of how few players we have. If you fail to post during this timeframe you will be warned, and then replaced or killed. Because of the player count it'd be really nice to see everyone active, so please and thank you If you didn't receive a PM, please PM me as soon as you can. Player List: