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Found 7 results

  1. QF42 Aftermath: I like French Fries Players, welcome to the wonderful world of talking to each other about the end of the game. As a handy primer, here are a few things you should know: GMs have feelings. You will spend the next few days or so trying to guess what everyone was really thinking and why. Just like you've done for the past five days. You will be wrong most of the time. I like French Fries. Congratulations to the Free Kingdomers! You've rooted out all of the Liebrarians who threatened to infiltrate your ranks and take over Watakotse! Another land saved from the rule of people crazy about rules! You know, I've never understood one thing: Why do all these megalomaniac dictators, secret societies, mad scientists, and totalitarian aliens want to rule the world? I mean really? Don't they know what a pain in the neck it is to be in charge? I've been running this game for five days and it's been crazy! Last minute actions, a gajillion PMs to read and then distribute every cycle. People are always making unreasonable demands of GMs. I think the Free Kingdomers are just saving the Evil Librarians from a ton of work. The_God_King has been lynched! They were a member of the Order of the Shattered Lens. The Free Kingdomers have won this round! Vote Count The God King (3) - Kynedath, Striker, Rathmaskal Striker (1) - The God King Player List Document of the Evil Librarians The Dead Doc GM Spreadsheet
  2. So there I was, facing down a horde with only one thing on their mind: Murder. They all looked to me, expecting something. A write-up, a game, something spectacular. It was worse than that time I faced down Alivened romance novels, despite the lack of paper cuts in this situation. What could I do? Did I bend to the mob’s will and provide them a way to continue killing each other, over and over and over again until none are left? Yes, because I’m a coward and a bit of a sadist. Welcome to Quick Fix 42! The answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything Whoops, wrong book. QF42, Alcatraz Versus the Watakotse Infiltration! Not a very creative name, but I’m not a very creative person. Bland as bland could be. Except for the slight sadistic nature that enjoys watching all of you lie, steal, and murder your way to victory. May the best players win! Here are the rules, I guess. Since you probably want to know them to play. You’re fighting in Watakotse. For any of you Hushlanders, that’s near Japan. The Smedry family will lead the defense, but some Librarians have infiltrated. They’ll be a problem if not dealt with quickly. Free Kingdomers: Stop the Evil Librarians who’ve infiltrated your ranks from taking control of the country of Watakotse. You must fight to stop all of the Evil Librarians to keep Watakotse from falling from the Free Kindgoms. Evil Librarians: Conquer the land of Watakotse in order to bring control to the chaos. You must outnumber or end all of the Free Kingdom resistance fighters. You all start in a doc together, to chat and stuff. Definitely not scheme. No scheming. General Rules: 24-hour cycles, day/night combined PMs are open and do not count as an action Only one vote is required for a lynch Tied lynches will be decided by RNG, since I can’t be trusted Each player has one action per cycle There are no hidden mechanics, rules, or roles, though not every lens will be in play Inactivity Filter: If a player does not post for 2 consecutive cycles, they will be replaced by a pinch-hitter. If no pinch-hitters are available, they will be killed and their lenses dropped Roles The game will begin Sign-ups will close Monday, January 20, 2020 at 11 p.m. PST. The game should begin shortly afterwards. Quick Links Rule Clarifications Player List
  3. A clever person can make anything turn to his advantage, no matter how much a disadvantage it may seem at first. Wise words from Grandpa Smedry. Unfortunately, they didn't help him much. Neither did his talent. He got killed dead enough that he could only arrive late to it, rather than avoid it. Impossible things are really rough to do, you know. Death also caught up to someone else. Aydee. She avoided death. Twice! But it would not last. She died too. Those librarians really seemed to be making up for lost time, huh? Good thing, too, since they also lost someone. Someone important. Good riddance, at least in the eyes of the Free Kingdomers. You know what Dark Oculators do? Give up their humanity for their work! Crazy. Just like wanting to rule the world. But I'll get to that later. Sorry about the delay. No, actually I'm not. Why else would I choose to go on an "errand" at 11 o'clock at night. The next turn ends on February 1 at 11 p.m. PST. Devotary of Spontaneity was lynched! They were a Dark Oculator! Elkanah has died! They were Grandpa Smedry! CadCom has died! They were Aydee! Vote Count: Devotary (4) - Elkanah, The God King, CadCom, Rathmaskal Striker (1) - Kynedath Rathmaskal (2) - Zillah, Devotary Player List
  4. Cycle Four: Rumbling Rawns! I'd like to take a moment to consider the Evil Librarians. They really are having terrible luck. I mean, I might feel bad for them. If they weren't an evil cult set on sacrificing people to the dark powers on an altar made from outdated encyclopedias, of course. You Free Kingdomers, though. Not much better on the luck front. I don't really feel bad for you either. Not because of any evil dealings you may or may not have. I just don't feel bad for anyone. You brought this on yourself. I have advice for all of you, that you all really should have followed before this game began. Don't play. Really. Just don't sign up. It may look fun. Let me tell you why. They are presented attractively for the same reason that kittens are cute - so that they can draw you in, then pounce on you for the kill. Seriously. Stay away from kittens. DeTess has been lynched! They were a Free Kingdomer. Elkanah was attacked, but survived! Vote Count Striker (2) - Elkanah, Rathmaskal DeTess (2) - Striker, CadCom Elkanah (1) - FeruSky Kynedath (1) - DeTess This turn will end at 11 p.m. PST on January 31. Player List
  5. Cycle Three: Shattering Glass! I've been sitting at my desk trying to think up something clever for the last hour. Honestly, it's not gonna happen. I could try doing analogies about thinking you're a Popsicle, or tell a strange story about a bunny with a bazooka. Instead, I'll just get to the point. Bastille is no more. Some of you may really be feeling the humility now. Realizing the way many of you do things might not be the best way. Well, don't. Humility is like asparagus and fish. It's not really as good for you as everyone says it is. Butt Ad Venture was lynched! They were Bastille. CadCom was attacked but survived! Again. Vote Count (Because I forgot this last time... my bad) Striker (1): Elkanah Elkanah (3): Kynedath, Zillah, Venture Venture (5): The_God_King, FeruSky, Rathmaskal, Devotary, DeTess Kynedath (2): Striker, CadCom Good news! Everyone voted! This turn ends at 11 p.m. PST on January 30. Player List
  6. Cycle Two: Aspiring Asimovs! Remember this, despite the fact this thread claims to be a "game," you must take all of the things said here extremely seriously, as they are quite important, are in no way silly, and will always make sense. Homework truth think you're without stab. Congratulations, Free Kingdomers. You've caught one of the Liebrarians. Poor Roychive Notalibrary. He was clearly not a librarian. Don't forget humility... Wait, what am I saying. Humility is the worst. Librarians, my condolences. I'm sure you'll do fine. Hopefully the rest of them will take my advice, ignore humility, and you'll be set. Kidpen has been lynched! They were an Evil Librarian. CadCom was attacked, but survived! The next cycle will end at 11:00 p.m. PST (of course) on January 29, 2020. Player List:
  7. Cycle One: Gack! I’d like to take this opportunity to point out something important. Should a stranger on the internet suggest you join a seemingly harmless game of forum mafia, you should flatly refuse them. Don’t take the spec doc either. If you do, it will lead you to fighting a war in a strange place that Librarians will tell you is just pure fantasy. It will make you paranoid, wondering who among you is a traitor or spy. You will stay up too late or wake up too early, wondering about who will die next or if you survived the night. Really, it’s just not good for your sleeping schedule. Why do you think I put rollover so late at night? Because torture is fun. Quick Fix 42 begins! You should all have received your role/lenses in a PM. PMs are open, be sure to include me. I ask that you please stop all PMs between cycles, for mechanics reasons. Remember, QFs go quickly. This turn ends in approximately 23-24 hours, closing at 11 p.m. Tuesday Night, January 28th. Player List