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Found 1 result

  1. QF28: Minimalist Elimination Silence is golden. This game is a roleless QF game. Each Turn will last 24 hours. It will begin at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday next week. Each Turn, the player with the most votes (or a player randomly chosen between tied players) will be lynched and an Eliminator (chosen in sequence) will be asked to kill a player. There will be a number of people selected as Eliminators, and everyone else will be Villagers. The Eliminators will know who their allies are, but unlike normal games, they cannot communicate in secret. The game ends when the Eliminators equal or outnumber the Villagers (Eliminator win), or the Eliminators are all dead (Village win). But that's not too interesting - What's the twist? Well, there are two twists, you'll be glad to know. One large, and one small. The small rule change is as follows: Instead of the GM posting the votes for the lynch each Turn, a spreadsheet will be provided with far more information. The first tab will be a summary of how the votes ended each Turn, which is basically your lynch summary that you get in normal games. The other tabs will be a list of every vote that player made each Turn, and whether or not they were retracted. Therefore, all the previous turn's information will be available for everyone at all times at a glance. The large rule change is that players may only post one of two things in the thread - 'Voting for [Player]' or 'Removing vote from [Player]'. Not even RP or bluetext is allowed. You also may not vote for a player and then remove that vote from the same player within the same post. Therefore, this game is designed to have analysis easily accessible, and to require less time commitment from everyone. It will also test your ability to manipulate people and figure out peoples' alignments solely with votes, and not with words. The game will begin at 21:00 GMT on Wednesday next week Player List Quick Links: