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Found 1 result

  1. Before the assembled squires stands a stern woman who has introduced herself as Brightness Kenara. “Welcome to Squadron Alpha,” she says. “You have been chosen as members of Alethkar’s first attempt to train Knights Radiant as warriors for the glory of the Almighty. A test group, as it were. You could become the legendary first squadron in a line of hundreds. “That, or you become a failure forever forgotten to history. Up to you.” There are murmurs. “Silence,” she says. “I’m not done. While you’ll be sent into the field soon enough, for now you’re only training. Specifically, rather than individuals, you have to learn to function as a single, coherent unit. “To that end, each recruit will step forward. List your name, previous occupation, and and anything else you think it’d be useful for the squadron to know.” She looks at the person at the end of the line. Welcome to QF25: A Sundered Sky! Housekeeping No minimum of votes to lynch; tied vote results in a coinflip. I will take writeup requests, both in the form of full completed writeups and anything the player wishes included upon his or her death. On a similar note, if you are certain that you will not RP, tell me so that I can use your character in the writeups at my discretion. PMs are completely open. They can be sent at any time to anyone, including group PMs. (The only rule is that you cannot add players to already extant PMs.) Rollover is tentatively set to occur at 9pm PDT / 5am BST. There is a 2-cycle inactivity filter. If you do not post or PM for 2 cycles without explanation, you will be killed. Factions Squires: Village faction. Must kill all Skybreakers to win. Skybreakers: Eliminator faction with a doc to communicate, and a kill each turn. Must kill or outnumber all Squires to win. Roles Lightweaver: You may protect one person from attacks every cycle, through changing their appearance to look like something else. Elsecaller: You may survive one attack or lynch, through transporting yourself somewhere slightly less dangerous. Stoneward: You may use your surge of Cohesion to make a player change their vote to any player who has already been voted on. Dustbringer: You may use your surges of Division and Abrasion to knock out a player for a cycle, rendering them unable to vote (though they may still take actions). New Recruit: You are too new to being a squire to have any powers which you can actually use yet, but you’re learning. You may be of any order (and I will accept requests), but have no other actions. Truthless: You want to die. Specifically, you want everyone else to come together to kill you, because that is what you deserve. Your win condition is to be lynched. However, anyone who votes on you the cycle you are lynched is attacked. Quick Links: