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Found 2 results

  1. Eliminating Elysium First off, there are massive spoilers for Defending Elysium, a short story Brandon wrote, in this game. Thankfully, the story is free to read on Brandon's website. Here's a link to it. Now then, on to the game itself. Chaos has erupted in the Outer Platforms after it has been revealed that rogue aliens have been impersonating humans in an attempt to gain superior weaponry. Unfortunately for the visitors to Jupiter Platform 19, their missile station has just been infiltrated. The bunker has been cut off from the outside. If the aliens gain control of the missiles, who knows what chaos they might cause. Cytonics: The ability to sense other minds is present in all intelligent lifeforms. During the night cycle, a player can protect himself from the actions of another player. If that player tries to use an action on the protected party, it will not happen, and the other player will be immediately killed. Cytonics does not count as an action, so Cytonics cannot block other Cytonics. For example, Tom, a normal human, sends in his night action to protect himself from Steve. Steve tries to investigate Tom during the night. It will backfire hilariously, and Tom will kill Steve instead. Oops. Or Tom could protect against Bob, an alien. If Bob tries to attack Tom, Bob dies instead. Yay. Roles: Firebrand: You can rile up the crowd, and make people look worse than they actually are. Each night, instead of using Cytonics, you can place a secret vote on a target player. Soldier: You won't go down without a fight. Well, as long as the aliens don't kill you with their mind. If you are lynched, and the person you guarded against voted for you, then you will automatically kill that player as you die. Politician: You know how to judge a crowd, and can figure out who is suspicious of you. Each night, instead of using Cytonics, you can detect who guarded against you. Cyto Adept: You're a quick learner, and have figured out how to guard against multiple people. You can target two players with your Cytonic powers. UIB Agent: You suspected that the Phone Company had infiltrated the base. You didn't expect to find aliens here too. Instead of using Cytonics, you can target one player during the night to learn that player's role. Phone Company Operator: You realized that this was a prime target for the aliens, and teleported here as fast as possible. You can target two players with your Cytonic powers. Furthermore, instead of using Cytonics, you can kill a target player. Alien: You swapped minds with a human, and now look just like one of them. You have a Google Doc to conspire in, and you have a group kill. Quick Links:
  2. Day 1: It was an unusual day for Jupiter Platform 19. A group of politicians were going to be touring the facilities, so everyone had to look their top shape. They were just starting to examine the missile launch systems when klaxons rang out. Everyone looked up, startled at the turn of events. "Attention all platform residents." came a voice from the loudspeakers. "Aliens are attacking the facility. They aim to launch the missiles stationed here at earth. We believe several of them to be impersonating humans. Whatever you do, do not let them fire the..." The voice cut out, and muffled shouting and screaming could be heard from outside. Per operating procedures, the base entered lockdown mode. No one got in, no one got out. The visitors were trapped in the missile room. If one of the aliens got control, who knew what would happen. And so the seventeen survivors began to squabble. And one of them would not make it out alive. Welcome to QF24. I'm a little late, so this day will be lengthened slightly. It will end on Friday at 7 PM Eastern, 6 PM Central Time. Player List: