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Found 3 results

  1. Hi folks, Chapter 3. Usual routine, if you're willing. Any and all comments gratefully accepted. There is 'only' one 'F' word, but I've tagged it anyway. Chapter Recap: - is this helpful? I'll keep doing it anyway 01 - In small town in British Columbia, Q and M close out the Not-All-That-Curious Case of the Stolen Art; 02 - Q and M decide on what to do next, all the options seem to have some issue or other. Q's ex-father calls; Cheers, Robinski
  2. Hi folks, Chapter 2. Same routine, if you're willing. Any and all comments gratefully accepted. Chapter Recap: - is this helpful? I'll do it anyway. 01 - In small town in British Columbia, Q and M close out the Not-All-That-Curious Case of the Stolen Art; Cheers, Robinski
  3. Hey everybody! I'm just going to dive in. Apologies to Silk, but the slot's still there, dang it! So, now that this second novel in my future P.I. series is complete in first draft (as of April), I would like to pass it through that sharp and reinforcing filter that is Reading Excuses! Some of you 'old stagers' have read this first chapter three times before (June '17, Jan. '18 and Feb. '18), sorry, but if you're willing to give it another go I would be grateful. I am very much interested in fresh eyes on it though. While it is the second novel in a series, it is designed to be self-contained, so those with no prior knowledge of Q&M should have no problem absorbing it, I trust! Tagged L for Language (always); and Sr for sexual references. Chapter 1 - EXT, night: How appropriate on July 1st that we find our protagonists north of the 49th parallel... Many thanks for any and all comments. Nothing specific, just everything and anything Cheers, Robinski p.s. - Sorry I'm a bit behind with my critiques. I'll be catching those up over the next couple of days now that other deadlines are behind me.