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Found 10 results

  1. From the album The Stormlight Artchive

    © conjchamberlain

  2. That lake must be either extremely young or there is a force that removes the crem.It also contains magic fish. And it's behavior during Highstorms is also very hard to naturally explain. And why doesn't it overflow whenever a Highstorms passes? They drop a lot of rain and the Purelake is incredibly shallow. So I think there is a perpendicularity in it or very close below the ground it rests upon. I think it is Cultivation's as it is so nicely about growing. That means that the one in the Hormeater Peaks must be Honor's, which explains why Urithiru is located close to them.
  3. From the album Stormlight Landscapes

    Another painting inspired by the descriptions from Oathbringer. There are three cremlings hiding below the surface.
  4. From the album Stormlight Landscapes

    A painting of the western end of the Purelake.
  5. - Words of Radiance, Location 1272, Kindle Is this the same fortress that the Ire are set up in? It doesn't match Kelsier's description of the fortress, but then again it is existing mostly in the Cognitive realm, not the Physical one, in Secret History. But Kelsier states that he can tell the bricks came from somewhere else... If it is the same Fortress, it did didn't originate on Roshar, though. The plants on Roshar are more than just "green," they're hard and crusty and mobile. And still... this is the second fortress in the middle of a giant body of water that we've come across. And what happened to the fortress on Roshar if it is no longer there in Dalinar's time? I think the fortress might represent a way to travel between worlds that doesn't involve Shardpools. Afterall, I don't think the Ire got to Scadrial via either of the pools there. And if the fortress is an alternative means of transportation (or is located on one), it would explain why the 17th Shard is looking for Hoid in the Purelake. --- So my theory is this... the fortress originated on Sel and it is Elantrian architecture. It was built in the middle of a lake or ocean (possibly Lake Alonoe) and the Ire somehow uses it to travel between Shardworlds while they search for a Shard to bring back to Sel. They came to Scadrial first to try to capture Preservation after Leras was killed. They set the fortress down in a giant ocean. The water helps the bricks of the fortress hold on to their "identity" in the cognitive realm. After the Ire failed to capture Preservation, they moved to Roshar to try to capture Honor after Tanavast was killed. Unfortunately, Honor was splintered by Odium in the Desolation despite the Ire trying to stop that from happening (Dalinar's vision). Having failed a second time to capture a Shard, the fortress is then moved to another yet-unknown planet. This explains why the fortress is now gone in modern Roshar. ...OK how crazy am I?
  6. So we know that the Purelake plague is the common cold. To us this makes the term "plague" seem extreme. It seems to be a called a "plague" because of the fear it has created. I have a couple of ideas concerning diseases on Roshar that may be why the common cold has everyone so frightened. First, we know that the higher investiture on Roshar makes people generally more healthy. What does this mean for disease? From Kaladin's perspective we know that medical knowledge exists beyond surgery. There is the slave with the grinding cough in Tvlakv's wagon as an example. I think that the higher investiture/health means that what we think of as minor diseases, the things that our bodies feel beat up by but fight off routinely, just don't exist on Roshar. Or maybe they do, but the vitality provided by a higher investiture environment means they don't suffer from the symptoms. Second, I think that viruses as we know them are foreign to Roshar. There is relatively little mammalian or avian life on Roshar. Removing these two animal groups removes much of the opportunity for zoonotic transmission and mutation of viruses. Without the constant mutation and transmission between species, I believe the heightened Rosharan immune system has effectively wiped out viral diseases. So finally, our friends from the 17th Shard arrive and bring with them the common cold. A viral infection that spreads and mutates quickly between humans, and due to its viral nature, Investiture cannot simply overcome the symptoms. So you have an outbreak of people becoming visibly sick, in a world where minor diseases are foreign. I think under these circumstances, fear and some level of panic are justified. I know there is a good deal of speculation here, but I don't think it's unreasonable.
  7. Just had a random thought that turned into this theory that Hoid caused the "plague" in the Purelake. Why were the 17th Sharders looking for Hoid in the Purelake? Because he left a trail for them to follow him there, and theoretically uses the Purelake to worldhop. What caused the plague (Common cold) that was reported in the Purelake? A worldhopper traveling through. (see paraphrased signing report below) Who is the likely suspect? Hoid, since he likes to gather investiture. How did Hoid get sick? He went to Ashyn to try to study their form of magic. Weiry asked: whether the plague on the purelake has anything to do with the fact that the magic fish form symbiotic bonds with spren? no worldhoppers brought a disease to Roshar that they didnt have before its the common cold. rosharans investiture makes it so they’re usually a healthy bunch so something like the cold is kind of frightening "its a plague of the sniffles”
  8. So I was browsing the Coppermind when I came across the page for Trelagism, the religion of the worshippers of Trell. Some background: Trelagists believed that there were two gods, Trell and his healous brother Nalt. They thought that the night was sacred, as they could see the thousand eyes of Trell, the stars. They believed that in the day, Nalt shined his single eye (the sun) on the world, blocking the trelagists from seeing Trell's eyes, as he was jealous of their worship. Now, this strikes me as very similar to the religion described by Ishikk in the Stormlight Archive. They worship Nu Ralik, but they pretend to worship Vun Makak, his jealous brother, the source of all of their misfortunes, to appease him. I think that this is intentional, and that we will see something about this in some of the later Cross-Cosmere books. Thoughts? TL:DR - Religious conspiracy. Purelakian religion is very similar to one of the Scadrian Religions. Expect to see explanation later in the cosmere.
  9. I've been thinking. In WoK, we encounter three foreigners in the Purelake, looking for Hoid. In Hoid's note, he is said to have laid a false trail for them to follow. Assuming these are the ones he laid the trail for, I have to ask the question; What is so important about the Purelake that the people of the 17th Shard would believe Hoid would spend time there? Just a question, I've got some theories, but nothing definite. The Purelake drains during Highstorms, right? That isn't exactly natural, so maybe it is draining to protect it's waters from being polluted by the Highstorms? Purelake. Maybe it -is- a Shardpool and as such, it is defending itself. Maybe it has something to do with the Keep Dalinar saw during his vision out in the Purelake? I don't know, but its some food for thought for all of you.
  10. I noticed (while looking at the Alloy of Law map of Elendel) a small annotation in the bottom right corner, by a character named Nazh. I have never heard of 'Nazh' but I believe that he may be the third man at the Purelake, Blunt by name. Blunt is from Taldain, I believe, and I'm curious, what does anyone else know about either Blunt or Nazh. Chime in, please!! EDIT: Fixed a typo