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Found 3 results

  1. Here it is! The 17th Shard’s Christmas Advent Calendar. Each day up until Christmas a prompt will be given by either me, @Ookla the Shadowed, or @Ookla the Channelknight, or @Ookla the Ethereal. The prompt will be 1-5 words, and you then make something (art, writing, music, ect.) about it. In addition to the word/phrase prompt, there will be an emoticon prompt. Feel free to do two separate things, combine the words and emoticons into one thing, or just use one of them. You’ll put whatever you make in this thread so everyone can see! You now have the next 24 hours to post your creations for today, then there will be a new prompt. You don’t have to do every single prompt, though doing so would be extra awesome! Today’s Prompt: Tree Today’s Emoticon(s): @Nathrangking @Ookla's Dice @Ookla the Rhadamanthine @Ookla The Female Chicken @Ookla the Shadowed @Ookla the Ethereal @Ookla the Sarcastic @Aspiring Writer @Ookla the Sly @OoklaWasTaken @Ookla the Channelknight @Chasmgoat @AmazingGoob @Ookla the Grammatical @Ookla the Naxdin @Ookla the Sprinkle @Ookla's Dice @Ookla the Tortured @Ookla the Steampunked @Ookla the Empyreal @Ookla the Bored
  2. There may already be a poetry corner, but I'm going for something different here @Channelknight Fadran has his writing tips so I decided to take a page out of his book so to speak. People have asked me about writing poetry in the past so here is where I make good on that. I can provide tip, offer challenges and prompts be challenged and have discussions, improve people's skills or just have a fun time! Tip #1 Let your passion be your muse.
  3. Here is the advent calendar thread! How it's going to work: each day until Christmas, everyone participating will recieve a 1-5 word prompt which they will use to make something based on the prompt. Art, writing, music, anything else you wanna do! First we need ideas for prompts, so please post in this thread ideas that you have. Once it starts(in the less-then-24-hours) someone that has all the prompts, will put it in the thread. We'll probably have people post what they do each day in this thread. So. Get thinking! @Nathrangking @Ookla's Dice @Ookla the Rhadamanthine @Ookla The Female Chicken @Ookla the Shadowed @Ookla the Ethereal @Ookla the Sarcastic @Aspiring Writer @Ookla the Sly @OoklaWasTaken @Ookla the Channelknight @Chasmgoat @AmazingGoob @Ookla the Grammatical @Ookla the Naxdin @Ookla the Sprinkle @Ookla's Dice @Ookla the Tortured @Ookla the Steampunked @anyone else who I might have missed/want to participate in christmas fun!