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Found 13 results

  1. Which one of these words are what the stormfather (stormfaker?) Is Looking for Winner gets to be torched by voidbrings for eternity Introduction "You must find the most important words a man can say. Those words came to me from one who claimed to have seen the future. 'How is this possible?’ I asked in return. ‘Have you been touched by the void?’ The reply was laughter. 'No, sweet king. The past is the future, and as each man has lived, so must you.’ ‘So I can but repeat what has been done before?’ ‘In some things, yes. You will love. You will hurt. You will dream. And you will die. Each man’s past is your future.’ In some things, yes. You will love. You will hurt. You will dream. And you will die. Each man’s past is your future.’ ‘Then what is the point?’ I asked. ‘If all has been seen and done?’ ‘The question,’ she replied, ‘is not whether you will love, hurt, dream, and die. It is what you will love, why you will hurt, when you will dream, and how you will die. This is your choice. You cannot pick the destination, only the path.’ This started my journey. And this begins my writings. I cannot call this book a story, for it fails at its most fundamental to be a story. It is not one narrative, but many. And though it has a beginning, here on this page, my quest can never truly end. I wasn’t seeking answers. I felt that I had those already. Plenty, in multitude, from a thousand different sources. I wasn’t seeking ‘myself.’ This is a platitude that people have ascribed to me, and I find the phrase lacks meaning. In truth, by leaving, I was seeking only one thing. A journey. The eighth parable I walked from Abamabar to Urithiru. In this, the metaphor and experience are one, inseparable to me like my mind and memory. One contains the other, and though I can explain one to you, the other is only for me. I strode this insightful distance on my own, and forbade attendants. I had no steed beyond my well-worn sandals, no companion beside a stout staff to offer conversation with its beats against the stone. My mouth was to be my purse; I stuffed it not with gems, but with song. When singing for sustenance failed me, my arms worked well for cleaning a floor or hogpen, and often earned me a satisfactory reward. Those dear to me took fright for my safety and, perhaps, my sanity. Kings, they explained, do not walk like beggars for hundreds of miles. My response was that if a beggar could manage the feat, then why not a king? Did they think me less capable than a beggar? Sometimes I think that I am. The beggar knows much that the king can only guess. And yet who draws up the codes for begging ordinances? Often I wonder what my experience in life—my easy life following the Desolation, and my current level of comfort—has given me of any true experience to use in making laws. If we had to rely on what we knew, kings would only be of use in creating laws regarding the proper heating of tea and cushioning of thrones. Regardless, I made the trip and—as the astute reader has already concluded—survived it. The stories of its excitements will stain a different page in this narrative, for first I must explain my purpose in walking this strange path. Though I was quite willing to let my family think me insane, I would not leave the same as my cognomen upon the winds of history. My family traveled to Urithiru via the direct method, and had been awaiting me for weeks when I arrived. I was not recognized at the gate, for my mane had grown quite robust without a razor to tame it. Once I revealed myself, I was carried away, primped, fed, worried over, and scolded in precisely that order. Only after all of this was through was I finally asked the purpose of my excursion. Couldn’t I have just taken the simple, easy, and common route to the holy city? For my answer, I removed my sandals and proffered my callused feet. They were comfortable upon the table beside my half-consumed tray of grapes. At this point, the expressions of my companions proclaimed that they thought me daft, and so I explained by relating the stories of my trip. One after another, like stacked sacks of tallew, stored for the winter season. I would make flatbread of them soon, then stuff it between these pages. Yes, I could have traveled quickly. But all men have the same ultimate destination. Whether we find our end in a hallowed sepulcher or a pauper’s ditch, all save the Heralds themselves must dine with the Nightwatcher. And so, does the destination matter? Or is it the path we take? I declare that no accomplishment has substance nearly as great as the road used to achieve it. We are not creatures of destinations. It is the journey that shapes us. Our callused feet, our backs strong from carrying the weight of our travels, our eyes open with the fresh delight of experiences lived. In the end, I must proclaim that no good can be achieved of false means. For the substance of our existence is not in the achievement, but in the method. The Monarch must understand this; he must not become so focused on what he wishes to accomplish that he diverts his gaze from the path he must take to arrive there. The man and a stone I once saw a spindly man carrying a stone larger than his head upon his back. He stumbled beneath the weight, shirtless under the sun, wearing only a loincloth. He tottered down a busy thoroughfare. People made way for him. Not because they sympathized with him, but because they feared the momentum of his steps. You dare not impede one such as this. The monarch is like this man, stumbling along, the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders. Many give way before him, but so few are willing to step in and help carry the stone. They do not wish to attach themselves to the work, lest they condemn themselves to a life full of extra burdens. I left my carriage that day and took up the stone, lifting it for the man. I believe my guards were embarrassed. One can ignore a poor shirtless wretch doing such labor, but none ignore a king sharing the load. Perhaps we should switch places more often. If a king is seen to assume the burden of the poorest of men, perhaps there will be those who will help him with his own load, so invisible, yet so daunting. Candles I stood in the darkened monastery chamber, its far reaches painted with pools of black where light did not wander. I sat on the floor, thinking of that dark, that Unseen. I could not know, for certain, what was hidden in that night. I suspected there were walls, sturdy and thick, but could I know without seeing? When all was hidden, what could a man rely upon as true? Candle flames. A dozen candles burned themselves to death on the shelf before me. Each of my breaths made them tremble. To them, I was a behemoth, to frighten and destroy. And yet, if I strayed too close, they could destroy me. My invisible breath, the pulses of life that flowed in and out, could end them freely, while my fingers could not do the same without being repaid in pain. I understood in a moment of stillness. Those candle flames were like the lives of men. So fragile. So deadly. Left alone, they lit and warmed. Let run rampant, they would destroy the very things they were meant to illuminate. Embryonic bonfires, each bearing a seed of destruction so potent it could tumble cities and dash kings to their knees. In later years, my mind would return to that calm, silent evening, when I had stared at rows of living lights. And I would understand. To be given loyalty is to be infused like a gemstone, to be granted the frightful license to destroy not only one’s self, but all within one’s care. Stack of stones I passed a curious pile of stones along my path, of a type I found remarkable. The fractured shale had been weathered by highstorms, blown up against stone of a more durable nature. This pile of thin wafers lay as if stacked by some mortal hand. But no man had stacked these stones. Precarious though they looked, they were actually quite solid, a formation from once-buried strata now exposed to open air. I wondered how it was possible they remained in such a neat stack, with the fury of the tempests blowing against them. I soon ascertained their true nature. I found that force from one direction pushed them back against one another and the rock behind. No amount of pressure I could produce in that manner caused them to shift. And yet, when I removed one stone from the bottom—pulling it out instead of pushing it in—the entire formation collapsed in a miniature avalanche. The epigraphs As I began my journey, I was challenged to defend why I insisted on traveling alone. They called it irresponsible. An avoidance of duty and obligation. Those who said this made an enormous mistake of assumption. If the journey itself is indeed the most important piece, rather than the destination itself, then I traveled not to avoid duty—but to seek it. It becomes the responsibility of every man, upon realizing he lacks the truth, to seek it out. Yes, I began my journey alone, and I ended it alone. But that does not mean that I walked alone. other quotes The answer is here folks we just have to find it. Anything Stand out to you?
  2. Could the prologue chapter in stormlight archive book 5 be that of gavilar and tell us all the secret, like how he got the antivoid light.
  3. Crazy Theory: Gavilar was trying to take up the pieces of Honor and become a shard. Here's my reasoning: 1) We know that Gavilar had been receiving the same visions Dalinar received from the StormFather, so he knew Honor was dead. 2) He was on a first name basis with the Heralds and they worked together, so he could possibly have had more knowledge of the cosmere and shards. 3) What he says to Navani: What has he discovered the entrance to? Maybe Braize, maybe Shadesmar, who knows? But he may believe Honor's power is kept there and he himself can take up the mantle. Or... he just was on firemoss and is now obsessed with a palace storage room.
  4. I was rereading the start of The Way of Kings, and a sentence caught my eye. It was during the chapter from Cenn's perspective, when Kaladin and Dallet are discussing a lighted officer who had just come onto the battlefield. "Kaladin turned toward Dallet. 'That's one of Hallaw's officers. He might be the one.'" (Page 34.) Does anyone know what he meant by that? I think I'm missing something. I initially thought that he just meant that killing the brightlord would get his squad to the Shattered Plains, but that doesn't make sense with what comes next. "'You don't know that, sir.' 'Regardless, he's a battalionlord. If we kill an officer that high, we’re all but guaranteed to be in the next group sent to the Shattered Plains. We’re taking him.'" So what does he mean by "the one", then? What have I forgotten?
  5. Hello! I've been trying to write something like a book for a while now, I've had all the ideas in my head but I can never quite get them on the page. This marks my first attempt at actually trying to construct a prologue for what will hopefully be a book (I've only ever done short-stories before), so that's exciting! I guess. I'd appreciate feedback, prologues/chapters and the like are new to me. When I was writing this, though, I kept getting the nagging feeling like I was writing a ripoff Reckoners book, since it's meant to be a superhero story. But I guess everyone's first book is a ripoff of someone, right? So, yeah, the prologue (sorry for rambling). This isn't actually from the POV of the main character, and its meant to be set 20 years before the events of the story. In it, stuff happens. So, yeah, here we go! I've included the prologue itself in a spoiler tag below, and beneath that I've got a Google Doc link in case any of you want to give feedback that way. Otherwise, any sort of comment in this thread would be greatly valued by me. Thanks! Prologue: Link:
  6. This is the prologue for my novel, which I have entitled A Plague of Fear. Spoilered for length, please tell me what you think.
  7. So, we know that we will have at least five accounts of that fateful night. I can't help but notice a pattern: WoK - Kaladin's book - Szeth Prologue WoR - Shallan's book - Jasnah Prologue Othbrngr - Dalinar's book - Eshonai Prologue Eshonai/Szeth book - ??? Prologue Szeth/Eshonai book - ??? Prologue So, there is a connection between Kaladin and Szeth - both were WIndrunners and designated enemies which culminated in Kaladin killing Szeth at the end of WoR. Shallan is apprentice of Jasnah, there is a connection. Both Eshonai and Dalinar are generals in their respective armies and Eshonai tried to seek out Dalinar to make peace while Dalinar was the only highprince who thought of trying to understand why Parshendi killed Gavilar. There are various characters who were present that night. BTW, I wonder whether we will get Gavilar's perspective on that night; it would be certainly carrying a lot of knowledge. Anyway, it's possible that in Eshonai's book we would get Dalinar's PoV - but he didn't do much and all three characters (Szeth, Jasnah, Eshonai) were doing something very unusual as for the feast night (Szeth - assasinating, Eshonai - orchestrating assasination, Jasnah - meeting with assassin). So maybe someone else. I think that in Szeth's book we might get Nalan's PoV - he surely was there and he certainly was doing something there and his connection to Szeth is indisputable. What do you think? Who could get the other two PoVs? (BTW, I wonder whether the back five will have Gavilar's assasination - I doubt it. Brandon may be exceptional writer, but doing ten different viewpoints of the same event, with each being interesting and unveiling some new events? I don't think it possible. Maybe the back five will have another important event for prologues.)
  8. Hey, 17th Shard! It's been a while since I've actually logged in on here and done stuff (I've been lurking for a while, again), but I have something I think you guys will appreciate. I am working on a game based in the prologue of the Way of Kings (the Szeth part). You are Szeth. You have been instructed to kill King Gavilar on the night of his treaty with your masters, the Parshendi. You will wield Surgebindings and a Shardblade as you fight through the palace corridors to hunt down your prey. A friend and I have figured out how to program some of the Surgebinding powers already, we just need to work on refining them a bit. We also made it so that controls will switch depending on which wall/ceiling you're on, so that you can run around like normal while there (if you don't do this your controls will get really messed up when you go from the floor to the wall, or vice versa). I know how to code first person better, but I'm thinking I'm going to learn how to code a third person game, because it's a lot better for the gravity switching and other shenanigans that happen on screen. Anyways, here's some of the artwork I've been working on for the game! Some of this I've already started modelling. Firestorm (Gavilar's sword) is going to be flipped and copied in photoshop so that it's symmetrical, that's why I only drew half of it here. It's based off of the illustration in Words of Radiance of Shallan's drawings of the Kholin Shardblades. Jezrien's blade is based off of the cover art of Words of Radiance (I think it's straight in the book, but I can't find enough descriptions of it to make it look distinctive. Plus the cover art version just looks really cool. ). The other stuff is based off of a few descriptions in the books + my limited knowledge of medieval era weapons. I want a second opinion on one thing, though. Part of me feels like Alethi bows would be like composite bows, because of the amount of shell/horn material around and the relative scarcity of wood because of Highstorms. Another part of me, however, feels like because of the Alethi soulcasters supplying plenty of wood that they would just use bows similar to European longbows.
  9. So, story time. Today I was catching up on all threads on 17th Shard, especially ones in this board. This involved me going through RShara's wonderful Word of Brandon thread, and I saw this: Meanwhile, I go looking on my Words of Radiance term sheet for new wiki articles, because, y'know, I'm a giant nerd. So I go searching for the terms that don't have wiki articles. One near the top? Ash. And what do we have in the Prologue? This passage is way the heck more weird when you know that Ash is the nickname of Shalash. And they suspect she's getting worse. On first reading with this revelation, I want to say that the others are Heralds too, but then they are refer to, presumably, Szeth carrying "their lord's" Blade. I don't know what to think about that. However, this can't be coincidental. There are lots of mentions of "Ash's eyes" in the book, which now we know refer to Shalash thanks to that quote above. These people knew Shalash. That much is certain. EDIT: It occurs to me that the "my lord" could refer to Jezrien, as he was the King of Heralds, and Szeth holds his Honorblade.
  10. Something that caught my attention in Jasnah’s prologue, that I haven’t seen discussed yet, is one of Jasnah’s comments about the Parshendi Jasnah believes there is something, some ruins of importance, that the Parshendi have access to. I think it is safe to assume these are the ruins we see in Eshonai’s interlude, at the center of the Shattered Plains. So, what are these ruins? The obvious answer is that these ruins are Urithiru. But that may not be the only answer. In tWoK Jasnah is quite adamant that Urithiru is not on the Shattered Plains. It is possible that she is incorrect, but I find it unlikely that she would be so certain without reason. Jasnah’s notes refer to Urithiru being “Westward,” and it is hard to get less westward than the Shattered Plains. There has been specualtion that Urithiru is located in Shadesmar. The first WoR chapter provides some support for this, So, for the moment let’s assume that Jasnah is correct in tWoK and the ruins on the Shattered Plains are not Urithiru. What else could they be? At the Seattle signing in October I asked Brandon to indicate on my map in tWoK something that might be of interest to characters in the book, something that had been searched for. Above the Shattered Plains he wrote “Great Magic unleashed here.” I would guess that this unleashed magic is what caused the plains to shatter. But what was this event? 1. Perhaps some kind of physical manifestation of Honor being splintered. This would release the splinters, and could be the unleashed magic. 2. Magic on Roshar is very spren-dependent. And as Jasnah discusses in the first WoR chapter: Perhaps the Shattered Plains is a location where this “leakage” occurs… or perhaps it was a dam that burst. 3. If Urithiru was in Shadesmar, it may have had some physical correlate. We don’t yet know how relative location and distance works in Shadesmar, or how cities created in Shadesmar might manifest in the physical realm. Maybe Urithiru, and its assumed destruction, created some echo of ruins in the physical realm. I’m just throwing out a couple ideas, but I’d love to hear more. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from lurking around these forums it’s that 17sharders are boundlessly clever.
  11. We have WoB that we will see the Prologue chapter in all the first 5 books but from a different POV. so far we have seen, Nalan, Jezrien, and confirmed WoB that Shallash destroyed her statue the night of the assassination. There is also speculation that Nalan was talking to Kalak in the Prologue. So with the exception of Taln (or the man Brandon wants us all to think is not Taln) being the only herald that couldn't be there. Am I crazy? Thoughts?
  12. Spoilers. I've finally started my final reread of the Way of Kings (what with Words of Radiance being so close), and I've already made a theory. The Battlefield mentioned in tWoK prologue/prelude thing... is what later becomes the shattered plains. Or so I think. Now of course, this isn't our modern-day Shattered Plains. But keep in mind, what we're seeing here is hundreds of years prior to the rest of the book. It sounds like something that might eventually turn into the SP, right? Especially when you remember that, after all, crem does grow stone... sort of.I haven't checked every WoB, but I saw nothing 'bout this during a cursory check. I also searched the forums and saw nothing about this idea, sorry if it already exists. Edit: added a sentence or two. Or so.
  13. With the Spokane reading from the WoR prologue, we have a Jasnah POV for the night of Gavilar's assassination. This thread is to discuss what we have learned and what hints we can find. Here's what I noticed: The reference to a creepy slave seems like it could well be Szeth, in which case we get some more backstory for him. If true, it still doesn't explain how/why the Parshendi had him and why they thought they could entrust the assassination to him. Jasnah hiring assassins is a new side of her. It seems to hint that she is not unwilling to use them as assassins, an interesting activity for a budding Radiant. Does she develop her Radiant abilities later or is assassination compatible? When considering the party, she thinks of her uncle's activities, but not her brother, mother or father. While it could be a personal connection to one of many getting smashed at the party, it seems a bit odd. When combined with her not-close interactions with her mother in tWoK, it suggests to me that there is a story that may predate her father's death. Shallan doesn't seem to have witnessed any spymaster activities, so either she stopped at some point or she has been hiding it from Shallan. If Jasnah can arrange for a maid to be released and another hired, Jasnah presumably already has a highly placed agent in her sister-in-law's entourage. Are some of these whiffs? What else is there?