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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! For a little while now, I've been planning to make a fun project. It is (Drumroll) a guide to investiture! Wait, it said that in the title? Whatever. Basically, I've searched many a time for things similar to this, and have found no results. I am going to change that, and have been planning for a little while now, so here it is! Click this link and you can comment, if you want full editing powers, PM me and ask! Please note it is nowhere near completion, so I would really appreciate anyone's help!
  2. This is a summary of the basic premise of the world for my current project, Glowdrop. Highmount is a city that pierces the sky. This city, isolated on the small continent of Vibrolan, is built completely around a massive volcano called the Glowmount. However, this is no ordinary volcano. The Glowmount fires a strange substance called Glowdrops into the atmosphere before night falls every night, to keep the darkness of the Night away. The people of Highmount worship the Glowmount and what it does almost like a deity, and shun darkness. All who possess qualities of darkness, from hair to skin color, are subjugated as "darkshades". Darkshades are fed endless propaganda and are forced to live at the very bottom of Highmount, barely able to see the sky. All the while, brightshades, with hair and skin from blonde to blue, revel endlessly under the light of day. On the topic of Glowdrops, not all of them make it to the atmosphere. Some wayward glowdrops return to earth, and some even crystallize into a stone known as Tearstone. On its own, Tearstone is a particularly ordinary stone, but some of the inhabitants of Highmount have the ability to use Color Weeping, an ability that allows them to create a physical representation of their emotion, a technicolor substance called Emotion. Using Emotion, they can bond it to an object made of Tearstone and give it a special power depending on its structure. For example, a Tearstone Sword, given enough Emotion, can become up to four times as powerful as an ordinary sword. There are six levels of Emotion production that are categorized at the amount of Emotion released every ten seconds. At maximum Emotional Level, a special power is reached that depends on the emotion used Sadness creates the Blue Dampening, a blue aura that decreases the effect of Emotion on Tearstone Happiness creates the Red Awakening, a red aura that increases the effect of Emotion on Tearstone Love creates the Green Dispersion, beams of green light that give some of the user's Emotion to whoever they touch. Hate creates the Yellow Redirection, beams of yellow light that take people's Emotional storage and give it to the user when they touch someone. Other Emotional Powers are rumored to exist, but none have been officially documented. And that's the basic world premise for Glowdrop! Feel free to ask me any questions.
  3. Recently, @Botanica and I have been thinking of putting together a digital fanart magazine (zine for short) for the cosmere fandom. Right now, the plan is for the fanzine to showcase new fanart from all the major series/worlds created by a variety of artists in the fandom. For those unfamiliar with the term, a zine is basically a magazine/collection that features fanartists art in a collection...which are generally a new piece of art for the zine. It's sort of like an anthology, but for art instead of short stories. Anyway, it's a bit like the feature art article we did before, but First, though, we need to chose a name. So, to help us chose one, we created a short poll with five different names for the zine: At the moment, we’re looking for 10-15 artists to participate in this project. The zine will feature art based on characters and scenes from the whole series. And, with permission, we hope to do this zine for either profit or charity, though the goal is still to compensate the artists who participate if possible. Despite this, the project is still in the very early stages of development, so more information will be forthcoming over the next several weeks. I will post the results for the poll on Friday of next week. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me or botanica regarding this project, or just comment on this topic and I will get to it asap. Other than that, we’ll keep you informed as more information becomes available! (The original version of this post can be found here, but some definitions are provided).
  4. I would like to start a project. This project is meant to pinpoint inspiration and reignite the spark of imagination. Here it is:!forum/the-spark-of-imagination
  5. Greetings, Sharders and creators! The King of the Kobolds here, speaking from an undisclosed pocket universe. (Don't try to track me. I have more Cerberi standing watch than you could count.) In this post I brought up a potential project for the worldbuilders among us. The project aims to create a functional fantasy setting through collaborative effort, with various members working together to flesh out different regions of a magical world. There are no requirements save a zeal for creation and an active imagination. There are few rules, save for the following: Try to stick to the C.O.P. system whenever possible. For those unaware, "C.O.P." stands for cool, original, and plausible. Obviously plausibility has different meanings for different people where fantasy is concerned, but unless everyone wants to create a deliberately ludicrous Wonderland let's try to be reasonable. (Bear in mind that a deliberately ludicrous Wonderland is not off the table, should everyone want one.) Once regions are available and you have claimed one, please refrain from spreading your creations to adjacent lands without the consent of their claimers. This is just to prevent one person from creating a race of indestructible vampire dragons that take over the world and leave no room for anyone else. Have fun, or else. To join, just state your interest below. Here are a few questions for us to ponder before getting started: Will magic be abundant or rare in this new world? Will the climate and background ecology resemble that of Earth, or will it be entirely different? What kind of biomes do people want access to? I've contacted a cartographer who might be available to help with maps, and I'm sure it'd be helpful to this individual to have an idea of what regions are in the highest demand. The world of Diaemus rises! EDIT: SOME IMPORTANT LINKS: Diaemus Wiki Early Climate Map of Diaemus The Three Most Abundant Races of Diaemus A Color Guide to Lumuoles, Magical Microorganisms Rachnyx Document Discussing the Theory of Lumuoles Other Diaemus Project threads: Biology (List of species, guidelines for wildlife, etc.) Cartography (Geographic and political maps of Diaemus)
  6. I'm sure most of you will have seen the following comment time and time again. I'm new to Sanderson. I'm thinking about reading on of Sanderson's Cosmere novels, but I don't know where to start. This post is for them. Some bright spark in the Discworld community had a similar idea. They made a sheet (shown above) which has a sort of reading guide of what you should read first. It's by no means completely linear, but it helps. So, I'm trying to organise something similar to be made. I have done a basic map of what cosmere books should be read first, though it is by no means final. From there, we can finalize it/ make it look fancy. So hear it is. Version 0.1. EDIT: Thanks to navybrandt, we now have an awesome version 1.0. Thanks! Image below.
  7. Hello Everyone, For a School project that i am doing i have to make a presentation to my Librarian on seven books that i have read, and in the presentation i must recommend whether the book should be added to the library's collection, or i can recommend that it be removed. The decision to add or remove must be based on the gender stereotyping found in each book and what people will learn about the role of gender from reading it I am basically done with the presentation but i feel like i am repeating myself throughout the presentation and i have run out of good ideas/examples. So i thought that i would turn to the community that i know best and that i have found to be extremely intelligent and fair in regards to discussion/argument of a topic. Which is why i humbly come to you now. The seven books (Note that i can use an entire series as a single book) that i have chosen to analyse in terms of Gender stereotyping are as follows: 1) Stormlight Archive 2) Mistborn 3) warbreaker 4) Elantris 5) The Painted Man (Peter V. Brett) 6) The Name Of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss) 7) The Black Prism (Brent Weeks) I look forward to the discussions we will have around this sensitive topic. if i do use any ideas or comments from our discussion i will reference it completely.