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Found 12 results

  1. I can be a bit short and cranky at times can we all I suppose...but now I have a great excuse ( that no one I know will understand but it will be funny to see their reaction) I will say I just used my superpowers and that makes me cranky!!!
  2. Hello, 17th Shard. Here's a question. As you probably remember, towards the end of Steelheart, Prof caught David alone and apologized to him for having been inappropriately harsh and cold towards him earlier (while under the influence of his Epicness, although of course David did not know this at the time). They discussed the incident, which David believed was caused by some sort of traumatic experience in Prof's past involving the tensors. In the course of the conversation, Prof offered to answer one question about his past. David considered asking something about the tensors, such as "How did you create them?" or "Why does using them mess with your head?", but eventually he decided to ask something else. If David had asked any direct question about the tensors, a truthful answer would have pretty much boiled down to "Because I'm an Epic". So, if David had asked such a question, how would Prof have responded? I actually think he might have told the truth. While David was thinking about what to ask, he noticed that Prof seemed to be "bracing himself". I think Prof was aware that, given the conversation they'd just been having, it was likely that David was thinking of asking something about the tensors. He knew he might be put in the position of having to either tell a convincing lie or admit to being an Epic, and the idea of "bracing oneself to reveal a secret and deal with the possible fallout thereof" makes more sense to me than "bracing oneself to tell a lie". We know that Prof has no qualms about lying like a rug if it'll serve the cause, so why would he be visibly anxious about doing so here? Moreover, why offer to answer a question as a gesture of apology if he wasn't prepared to answer a very likely line of questioning honestly? Why not just avoid the situation altogether? I don't know. It seems like a strange and perhaps unwise decision to make such a game-changing revelation on the eve of the big battle, but I'm pretty sure he was at least considering it. What do you all think?
  3. Founder of the Reckoners, Prof Jonathan Phaedrus, drawn by me in good old-fashioned colored pencil. Original size: 9x12 inches.
  4. I think I am not the only one that still has questions open after the end of Calamity. Some of them are obvious ones created by the ending like "what kind of didgerido was Calamity actually" "How did obliteration get rid of his darkness, when his mentality is a perfect example for Calamity's twisted view on humanity" or "How exactly have things worked out in parallel universes" and some worldbuilding that's following the tip of the iceberg principle ala "What's the deal with the other Coven members and Night's Sorrow." However, I also am left with some questions that are more subtle and maybe anyone of you can help me find answers. Who actually killed Prof's class? Coming to the old theory that the Epic that killed his class was he himself. Apart from it just being something I'm curious about the answer to this question also would have worked wonderfully into Prof's struggle with failure. What happened in the first year after Calamity showed up? Not only have the effects of Dawnslight powers appeared effectively around the same time as Calamity in Steelheart Prof also claimed he has been an Epic "since Calamity" not since the beginning or anything like that but since Calamity, which would have been a year before Epics are supposed to show up. The first got ignored and the second arguably retocned. Why did Calamity interact with Regalia? Not only is it a break of his no involvement rule, for which he already has the Larcener persona, but he also effectively came at her beg and call to upgrade and create Epics for her, which goes entirely against his motives as displaed in Calamity. I also have a hard time buying him not knowing about Regalia's plan, so the question becomes what his endgame was for that. How are the Epics powers actually determined? We know that Calamity can alter them after he gave the Epics powers, so they can't be set in stone, so did Calamity just sit down for every Epic and decide to give them some random package of powers or is there some kind of guideline he has to follow? How inert are weaknesses actually to the powers? The way they are explained and Conflux reporting of them growing weaker seems like they come purely from Calamity, yet Tavi and Megan post claiming her powers still have weaknesses. Are they internal to the powers but Calamity just ramped them up somehow? Are they connected to fear by nature or are they random and it's Calamity's fault that all of them ended up being connecting to fears?
  5. Me and Ilwvyn (aka Steve) and a non-Sharder all in costume as Prof at the Calamity release party at the Orem Barnes and Noble.
  6. I have 2 theories about the weakness. 1. His fear is a world completely destroyed by epics. If this is true, to stop Prof the epics have to completely destroy everything. 2. His fear is Tia dying and/or becoming an epic. I have lots of evidence for this. a. In Firefight he only changes the frequency/password to Tia's and his own mobile, because he is "paranoid". b. His friends all became epics. He might be scared that Tia will as well (or has she already?) c. They were dating, people. 'Nuff said. d. He gives Tia the job of staying back and not getting into danger. If this theory is true, Tia has to die or become an epic for the Reckoners to bring back/kill Prof. For more info, check out my Tia theory on the introduce yourself! forum.
  7. Did anybody else notice the suspicious little blurb about Prof's dislike of contests? Before Calamity, he even refused to put a quarter in a slot machine. I wonder if this could be a clue...
  8. A song about what we currently know of Prof's life, set to the tune of the greatest theme song ever written. Inspired by this conversation, where Prof was re-imagined as a late 80s/early 90s rapper named Jonny Phaedru$. Apologies if you have the aforementioned theme song in your head for days after reading this. Now this is a story all about how The world got flipped, turned upside-down And I'd like to take a minute, just sit there, son I'll tell you 'bout the damage Calamity's done In modern America, born and raised In a classroom's where I spent most of my days Teaching fifth graders inside of a school Equipping them for the next year with all the right tools When a big red star that was up to no good Started shining in my neighborhood I went on a Rending and Tia got scared Said "The sparks, Jonny, it's like you don't even care!" I found Abigail and guy named Mirkwood Formed a team, like superheroes should But the corruption was strong and Abby kinda sucked We parted ways and that idea was chucked I wasn't quite sure just what to do Calamity was 'bout to drop the other shoe When I started a team, made of regular guys Said "Let's take these monsters down before they can rise!" Well, we killed Redleaf and Fortuity Picked up a kid who said "Listen to me, "You kill small 'taters, and yeah they've got to go "But kill Steelheart so your strength'll really show." So I fought Steelheart there on Soldier Field ​Would've died but with the quickness I healed Would've lost my mind, but David won Finished him off and I said "Good job, son." Then Instabam lured us up to Babilar With flowers that looked super bizarre ​Now Regalia's cookin' up some crazy scheme Like corrupting ME? Nah, just a pipe dream!
  9. Myself as Prof and Callie (not sure if she is a member) as Megan, from Salt Lake Comic Con 2014
  10. Just reading Firefight right now to music, and Monster by Skillet happened to come on. It is perfect as a themesong for Prof. Just something I noticed. Happy Sharding! This secret side of me, I never let you see, I keep it caged but I can't control it. So stay away from me, the beast is ugly...
  11. Myself as Prof at the Firefight release
  12. So I reread "Steelheart" today, and I noticed 2 things. 1. In the prologue, David notes that Epics only started showing up a year after Calamity. 2. In the climax, Prof says that he's been an Epic since Calamity arrived. That makes Prof the "oldest" current Epic by a long shot, and a definite outlier. This, I feel, is significant. He's also got Wolverine levels of healing power and he's effectively impossible to contain; given the sheer speed of his regeneration, I believe that it constitutes a Prime Invincibility, and that even Steelheart could not kill Prof (Prof gets his head crushed by Steelheart and is projecting forcefields MAYBE a minute later; at this rate Steelheart could blow him up all he liked, Prof'd just regenerate when Steelheart got tired). Plus, the tensor powers make him impossible to contain, and if he's feeling like it the protective field makes him basically invincible. Prof clearly hates Steelheart intensely, and possibly other extremely powerful Epics. His hatred of Steelheart is even present, and possibly strengthened, when he is using his powers. I don't know why, but this also seems significant. I have no idea what Prof's weakness is, but it appears that Epic weaknesses are linked to something that their former selves cared about or spent a long time around (c.f. Mitosis). Does anyone else have thoughts or ideas about Prof/Jonathan Phaedrus and/or his powers and weakness?