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Found 2 results

  1. Well the release date is just over a month away now but we've run out of free previews and so the only solution is to honor the noble cryptics and create our own. I've been posting a few of my own in the comments under the 'official' previews on but I've also noticed a few being added on the chatbox here over the last few days. These poor orphaned snippets of dubious canonicity need an official home and here it shall be. Warning - Outrageously suspect spoilers lie within ---------------------------------- How about that assassination attempt with the spandagger fabrial in chapter 26, there Kaladin was inspecting knives in the armory when one of them leapt off the rack straight for his eye. Luckily he was saved by a nearby (hidden) King's Wit who managed to steel push it off course, the assassin hidden at the back of the room getting yanked into the open by his conjoined weapon. -------- Also try not to get too attached to Teft cause that bit where he dies at the end is heartbreaking - "Teft!" Jasnah screamed, holding his bloody body in her arms "Why?" He didn't respond. He just stared into the air, eyes glazed over, his spirit gone. She shivered, pulling him close as his body cooled. "You can't die, you can't. Please." It was no use. Teft was dead. Really dead. As dead as a corpse with burnt out eyes. So very, very dead. "But you had so much more to teach me about the Radiants" She felt at his pulse, just in case. There was nothing. "Oh cruel world" she said sobbing. She poked him in the ribs, it could have been a bad joke. But there was no reaction, seeing as how Teft was completely and utterly dead.
  2. I decided to take the initiative and make a topic where we can all freak out about the upcoming "glimpses" until the actual release. Feel free to ignore this until next Tuesday . For those who don't know, now that the major previews are all out, Tor is doing some thingy where they release little snippets by email. You can sign up for it here. This finally got me to sign up for a Tor account. I'll probably be spamming the WoK reread with comments now.