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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all. I've finally made it from the cosmere to the Alleyverse You mere mortals are fortunate, as today is a day of brilliance! I write this in a small corner as I scrawl a new diagram on the wall of this alley. This new diagram predicts even the most unpredictable, such as Ioc, and mandates the perfect formula to rule the Alleyverse! Come Diagramists, come Silent Watchers, come all who are loyal to the brilliance of the boon. I know you are out there, hiding in the shadows, waiting for the oppurtune time. That time is now, we will rise like the sun over a horizon of darkness, this time not to save, but to rule, stabilize, and protect. What price are we willing to pay to see this realm secured? The answer is any. The protection of the entire homeless race cannot be measured in single lives of men. Join with me, for a better tomorrow, for a better Alleyverse, and ultimately, for a better Brandonverse. To join us, you may talk to my advisor, or me directly. Find the Diagramist extension agent near you and give him the code word 'coup d'etat' to be referred to me. I prefer to handle all recruitment myself, but unfortunately, the flood of new members must be handled with absolute efficiency. Therefore, anyone higher than the rank of Militia Battalionlord or Silent Watcher may recruit new members. The ranks are as follows: Note: All ranks are filled by NPC's until I have members. Also, the militia does not exist for the moment. Upon arriving to the Alleycity, we will stake out a portion of territory for ourselves. This area will be well maintained, protected, and policed by our militia. With regard to the diagram: Non may see the Diagram except for The Most Brilliant, the Advisor to The Most Brilliant, and the Most Brilliant's Ward. It is a specific document, and non may dispute my orders if they come from the diagram. Here are the oaths you swear to join. Members are free to pursue whatever interests they might have until they are called to duty. If you are caught betraying your oaths, you have but one chance at redemption. If you betray our trust yet again, you will be executed. Oaths: Diagramist Disclaimer applies to pretty much every word* *The disclaimer may or may not actually exist