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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I am new in the forum I hope we can have very nice discussions!!! By the way ,I have a question about in which subforum i must post a doubth i have about the womens script of the stormlight archive. Thank you all and i hope you have a nice evening. Journey before destination.
  2. Hi

    Hello everyone, My name is Matteo aka matfire1999, I'm 18 and currently live in Florence. I first stumbled upon Brandon Sanderson with a promotion for The Last Empire in my local bookstore(Feltrinelli). I read the first trilogy in a few weeks and immediately bought the second one. Then I started reading the Way of Kings and I'm currently finishing up Worlds of Radiance.
  3. Hi to all the people of the Seventeenth Shard! Here is a Brandon fan from Rome in Italy. Yes I'm italian so excuse me for bad english and errors, 'cause I'm not mother tongue and I'm not really good at it. I study computer engineering at university here in Rome. I have been a BIG reader since I was a little kid. The first real novel was 20000 leagues under the sea at the age of 8. And this is when and how I started reading. Since then I read a lot of things, and obviously a really big part of thoose were fantasy books. Here is my story about how I got to know about Brandon works: Like many others It started with Wheel of Time. I started reading it in 2011 Fall, and In three months I read the first 12 volumes transleted in italian. In february 2012 Midnight towers was published in my country, so in about 4 months I read more than 10,000 pages. Then There was a very long year of waiting until AMoL. A that point I was so eager to read the end, that I bought the english hardcover from Amazon, and that became my FIRST english novels. Obviusly It was a difficult reading for me at times, but I enjoyed it so much that It was worth the trouble. I think that what Brandon did With WoT was beautiful and that the end was magnificent. At this point I had the mix of joy and sadness that always follow when something big for you end. And so I had the need to find something else to read, I started Mistborn and I loved it. But the real thing appened around a year ago, when in a bookshop I picked up the Way of Kings. I read It in 4-5 days and I found myself thinking "SOMETHING HAS CHANGED". For me WoK changed everything and after a week Words of Radiance was out. So I bought the ebook, and was true love. What follows It is history, I read every Brandon's work and followed his blog and sometimes this forum. I never signed up 'cause I didn't want to loose myself even more. But today I decided to make this big mistake of dedicating my life to this board and to the art of theorizing. So here I am. I regret that to drive me to join was the blog-post about the changing to the end of Wor on Brandon site. But i'll express my opinion on the metter in the proper thread. Sorry about this long post, I hope I'll find home here, and I am eager to start theorizing about how investiture affects people and other things with the lot of you.
  4. Well, hi everyone. I'm from Catalonia, Spain, and this is the first english forum I have never been at. While I have a decent english level, I'm still doing some big mistakes (and I'm not native, so I won't get some of the expressions you constantly use), but I think that joining this fansite after being around for a year worths it. Nowadays I have read all the Brandon's published works, and I even got White Sand and Aether of Night by mailing him, beeing TWoK my favourite book so far. While the translation complicates some aspects of the understanding of the cosmere, I got there when I read THoA and TWoK and I saw "something" in both books (you know) that took my curiosity up so I surfed the internet looking for information and here I am. That said, I hope to be fine there, and to debate the theories of this site with other users. Cya!