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Found 1 result

  1. Most people know Roshar for its storms. Perhaps they even know it for its legendary Heralds or Knights Radiant. But those days ended long ago. And on the hidden side of Roshar, in the Cognitive Realm, the spren know all to well the tragedy of their ending. For nearly every thinking spren alive at the time had died, killed by the Knights who broke their oaths. But necessity has overcome the decision to never bond with humans again. Because Taln has, after 4,500 years, broken under torture on Damnation. The True Desolation will shortly begin. The Fused are returning to Roshar, and the Unmade are loose upon the land again. And the spren know well that if Odium succeeds in destroying the humans, they will be gone as well. However, what the spren do not know is that Sja-Anat has learned how to Enlighten true spren. And Odium has directed Sja-Anat to corrupt or destroy all the remaining true spren, to prevent any new Radiants from ever being created. And so it began, that Sja-Anat started her insidious work in the shadesmar city of Celebrant. And the spren had no idea that upon the next few weeks hung the fate of Roshar... ----- Welcome to LG54, Cognitive Diversions! All players will be assigned a type of spren. True Spren want to eliminate all Enlightened spren. Enlightened Spren, along with Sja-anat, will want to outnumber the True Spren. Cycles will be 48h/24h, as per usual. The game will begin on 4/17/19, at 9PM MDT. (Please note rollover times will change if the game lasts until I get back home from college). Mailliw will be my co-GM. The Rules Player List Feel free to ask any questions about the rules. Quicklinks: