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Found 13 results

  1. A few of my predictions for the remaining six Stormlight Archive books: Odium, Honor, and Cultivation will be re-shuffled. Honor is already shattered, so maybe parts of Honor will be taken up by the vessels of Odium and Cultivation, making War and Science. Or something else. In any case, I predict that they will in some way be re-combined. Lirin will become more important than he has been so far. TaravOdium will stick around, but if he doesn't (and maybe even if he does), Hoid will be significantly changed. Dalinar will be dead or enslaved to Odium before we get far into the back 5. Hoid's Trailman's Flute will play the pure tones of Roshar.
  2. Reading Warbreaker and the amount of breath for each heightening, I noticed that the amount of breath followed some kind of exponential function. So I tried to find the math law that they follow I started by plotting the amount of breath versus the level (Figure 1) taking into account an error of 1% for each level. This is because it is written that the amount for each level is not exact, so I assume a value that increases as the level does. ↑Figure 1: BioChromatic Breath for each Heightening Then I tried different basic functions, but I found that it doesn’t follow those. Eventually I divided every amount by 50 (Figure 2) and by the level squared (Figure 3). ↑Figure 2: Figure 1 divided by 50 ↑Figure 3: Figure 2 divided by Level Squared With this i started to try again with this formula () and found values for A, B and C that approximated the curve. then i expanded the formula so the results approximated Figure 1, i got Eq. (1) Using OriginLab I plotted Figure 1, and fitted using Eq. (1). And i got Figure 4: ↑Figure 4: Figure 1 fitted using Eq. (1) The values for this formula are: Replacing the level we got this values: This aren’t very accurate, but they are very near, and may be the real values that are approximated in the books. Be aware that there is an unknown error to this values, they could be less or more Conclusion The most probable thing is that Brandon picked random values for each level, but it still was fun to try and find out this law. Replacing for an 11th heightening we get around 120000 breaths for it. If in the future there are more levels, and they follow this formula i would be very happy. Keep in mind they will most probably not follow this.
  3. What are your predictions for lost metal? My predictions 1. Hemalurgy would be explored it much more detail. 2. A new autonomy based magic system will be introduced. 3. We will see more of autonomies God metal. 4. Kelsier will be take about nut not see on screen but Marsh will be. What are yours?
  4. Am I the only one who thinks that The knights radiant will lead an attack against khabranth once they find out Who the new Odium is and lose the contest of champions?
  5. Give we are told by ishar that he is trying to bring back the oathpack. Given that we are told several times that cognitive shadows are closer to Spren then they are to people. Given that the key difference between the Heralds and other connective creatures are there physical bodies. Given that we see ishar trying to give physical bodies to cognitive beings in the form of high Spren. Is ishar trying to figure out how to give a cognitive being a physical body? If so dose he intended to use this to create new Heralds to replace the old broken ones?
  6. We have seen that Sanderson has been inspired by biblical themes before in mistborn with moash becoming blind do you think he is pulling from the story of paul? After he was healed paul became the apostle of the gentiles, will Moash become the Herald of the singers?
  7. I would like to discuss young Gavinor’s role in the Stormlight Archive. Obviously this is pretty far future speculation, mostly for the Back 5, but I think it would be interesting to make predictions now. If you have a prediction I have not listed here please feel free to add it below!
  8. Is anyone else getting major ‘Empire Strikes Back’ vibes from what we’ve seen so far? I know Sanderson has only released a few chapters, but every word I read of this book seems to carry a certain malaise about it. To make matters worse, all three of the previous books ended on some kind of a high note- and if we want some kind of suspense for the final book in the arc, then Rhythm of War is almost certainly going to have some form of downer ending. So, for those of you who are pessimistically inclined and have similar feelings, my question is: what do you think is going to go wrong? Who dies, what happens, how do you reckon it ends? And to our more optimistic Sharders- are we being TOO negative? I’m interested in hearing what y’all think.
  9. I have recently started reading Aether of night, and I have decided to make a thread with my reactions and predictions. Please only post spoilers that go up to chapter eighteen. Reactions as of Chapter 6: Aether is a very cool magic system. I like the family element in the story. Predictions as of Chapter 6: Raeth's dad knew about the shadow attack beforehand, that's why he told Raeth he was proud of him. Darro killed Hern. The Aethers are split into two groups, each connected to a different one of the twins. The shadow attack was caused by one of the twins breaking out.
  10. Haven't seen a lot of speculation on truthwatcher abilities, but I was wondering what people thought 'real' truthwatchers would be able to do ? Currently I reckon they can see the whole spectrum, instead of being able to manipulate it, as in, they can see x-rays and ultraviolet and things. And maybe hear through walls in some way ? More of a seeing interpretation of the wavey surge than an actively changing one. I also think they would be able to see (in some way) through the other realms, maybe cognitively for telling truths ? Or spiritually for futuresight, but undecided on whether that's an odium thing or just a more secret truthwatcher thing.
  11. I know it is a long way of but I keep thinking that the novels will end with the convergence of adolnasium and hopefully the major characters
  12. After the Alloy of Law I had the feeling of having a good idea where the era is going. With it being the start of an entire series, of course those things would be important but self-contained within Scadrial. Exploring its current culture and world, setting some stepping stones for its future development (without completely reshaping the world again), building up a final confrontation with the Set and the most important thing at the end of something along the lines of the Set’s breeding program explaining why there are Mistborn again in the next era. Then there’s some foreshadowing for elements such as the Scadrial civil war and possible of world interference. After Shadows of Self I’m not so sure anymore. I suppose it started with the title. Given that it is very much an already established term certain expectations came with it, at least for me. Not that those matter anymore, given the actual book had fairly little to do with cognitive shadows. What we got instead was naturally also very good but headed into a direction I did not see coming and I wonder if it will continue in that direction. Miles’ warning/threat at the end of Alloy could be taken as something only coming into fruition with the next era but now with Trell being so aggressive in supporting/manipulation Paalm I would find it rather unsatisfying if it never came up again. Furthermore, the Set was reduced to essentially a cameo, certainly not adding to a build up for a confrontation. So I wonder what you people think. Do you think era 2 will turn out to have greater Cosmere implications and deal with whatever off world threat actually hides behind Trell or if Trell will just kind of take a backseat and if they deal with it in any major way, do you think such an event with rather Cosmere important consequences was originally meant to be skipped over or only added in with this new set of books? Will they deal with both Trell and the Set in the following two books or might the Set actually turn out to be not as important, with maybe only the plot around Wax’s family member getting resolved? Another thing in a similar vein, these first two book titles have been rather esoteric, referring to the book’s themes and not so much the actual plot. Yet, the other two titles we have been given, Bands of Mourning and The Lost Metal, seem to directly refer specific objects in the world, which makes the wonder, are they actually that straight forward or are they decoys and something different turns out to be the meaning behind them. For example bands of Mourning having a theme of people being brought together by mourning a common loss.
  13. Now that WoR is just 4 days away, i think its a good time to show our Honour to our lord Odium by making some crazy and wacko predictions. The rules are: 1. Each person must make 10 predictions 2. They must not be overly generic 3. Each person may make only one post relating to their predictions 4. Whosoever gets the max no of predictions right (according to u) after reading Words of Radiance, must get five upvotes from u on any of their posts 5. Predictions must not be based on already released excerpts 6. You are free to speculate based on the Glimpses released by Tor I'll begin........... Here are my predictions for WoR 1. Kalasnah is definitely going to be a thing 2. Adolin does not become a Radiant in WoR 3. Sadeas does not die in WoR 4. Szeth defeats Kaladin but is intercepted by Taln who defeats him 5. Renarin does not die in WoR 6. The Parshendi "gods" turn out to be the Voidspren. 7. Elhokar dies 8. Shen betrays the Alethi but saves Bridge 4's lives 9. Kaladin learns to read and reads Jasnah's journals to learn more about Windrunning 10. The Parshendi release their gods accidentally who then take control of them. Eshonai is the one of the few who escapes because her Shardplate protects her.