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Found 20 results

  1. The weaknesses were inherently tied to Calamity's corruption(/presence), because when an Epic faces their fear, they also drive back the darkness, which we know was because of Calamity and his contempt for humanity (and fear/startlement of the physical world). Now that Calamity is gone (or in the case of the otherverse already left a long time ago) does that also imply that the Epics no longer have weaknesses? Does that mean Megan literally can't die and David is literally invincible to all physical damage? Is this why Obliteration is still wreaking havoc in the otherverse even though they have an actual Superman expy helping them out, because he can't be killed since he just teleports forever?
  2. Know powers of void powers 1. Future sight (Renarin) 2. Passion control (the unmade, ulim) 3. Teleportation (ulim) 4. Connection (Venli) 5. Lighting (stormform) 6. Mindnight Essence 7. Surge binding mimicry (unmade) Any more I missed
  3. Reckoners fans young and old, new to or well known with the great series. Today I put forth to you all, create as many epics, be they high or lesser tiered epics, the more the better. Cant wait to see all the concepts you lot create. Now then onto some info to rehash people's memories or catch the new readers up and also of course explain the template. Template Explained Codename - the codename should be one word it can be two words combined but still be one word, an example would be "Steelheart". Known Name - This would be any nicknames or false names they have, for if that epic has destroyed there past or changed there name, or could be if they just use a short hand of there Codename. Real name - The real name for said Epic. Gender - Male/Female. Age - From what I remember kids weren't picked so anyone over 20 should be fine. Backstory - The Epics aren't good, they aren't ordinary people, they are the 'bad' guys (with some exceptions). They don't "live with thier parents" or "go to school" since there is no school, there are factories that only citizens go to. Epics do whatever they want since they arent judged in court for their deeds. So what are they up to now and what did they do before they became an Epic, this would also mention the event that caused there trauma or speak on how there belief/personality grew so we have some idea how they gained there weakness. Personality - There Personality this is important if there weakness links into it. How they act, what they believe in and what they do thanks to there new evilness, though if you've popped in backstory what they do it can be ignored here no point putting it twice afterall. Appearance - What they look like, eyes, face, height, clothes, all that good stuff. Epic Status (High or Lesser) - High Epic: an Epic whose powers prevent them from being killed in conventional ways. This term is called a Prime Invincibility. Anything without such is a lesser epic, just cuz there a lesser epic doesn't mean there not useful though. So if you wanna do one don't be shy. Power set - list there powers what can be done with them and the like. Also there power sets and how any powers combine in cool ways. The powers, it's limits and what it can do. Also there power set listed, I.e Power one, power two ect ect Weakness trigger : Some things that will trigger your weakness, some examples being if your weakness is smoke, cigarettes or a fires thick smoke would affect you, another example is explosions, loud noises or flashes could affect you. This will be linked into your backstory or personality. Weakness - there is a weakness resulted from a trauma you had before becoming an Epic, or something that makes you feel week by attacking your personality or your beliefs. That weakness completely disables your power or weakens it if you conquered your fear. Examples - loud music, loneliness, compliments, losing, fire, being outsmarted etc etc. [The Template] Codename - Known Name - Real name - Gender - Age - Backstory - Personality - Appearance - Epic Status (High or Lesser) - Power set - Weakness trigger - Weakness -
  4. So I know this topic isn't Brandon or Cosmere related in the slightest, but I thought this is probably the best place to ask considering the type of community this is. What magic systems or individual powers have you had that you think would be fun to explore or just cool to see? I ask this here because I'm kinda bored of the same powers like shooting giant fireballs, flight, etc and I would like to know if there are any unique magic powers, like the ones Brandon creates, that any of you have thought of. Thanks for any input, Merrickz
  5. This is a topic for you to tell the Shard about the superpowers that you have. For example, I have the ability to attract people of the same name. In my neighborhood there are at least five people with the same name, probably more. This past summer I worked at a Boy Scout camp, within a few weeks there was a new staff member in my tent with the same name as me. My other powers are podal dexterity ( I can stuff with my feet, like open doors or tickle people) I can unintentionally memorize quotes from movies, TV shows, etc. as well as fact retention. What are your powers?
  6. Alright! I'm new to the 17th shard, and for my very first topic I thought that I would propose something we would all have fun with. Which kind of surgebinder would you be and how would you use your powers in OUR world!? Would you be a graceful yet erratic Edgedancer slicking around skateparks, a Lightweaver,using your powers of illusion strictly for good (I would steal only one cookie.) Or a Windrunner, gravity itself at your beck and call. Keep in mind, surgebinder, not Radiant. You aren't bound by pesky morals and obligatory oaths!
  7. So at the end of Calamity, David's dad says the steel transfersion powers were a lot more usable than David thought. Any thoughts how?
  8. I know I'm supposed to be on a 17th Shard break, but a recent reply to my Transfersion thread has forced me to elaborate on the concept of "power ownership" that I used in my Transfersion theory. This concept covers Epic powers in general, so I'm (re-)posting my thoughts on it in a separate thread. One thing I haven't seen discussed here is how Megan prevented Calamity from taking away her powers, as well as how Prof regained his powers after Calamity removed it. After reading these scenes, as well as thinking about the concepts of Gifting and Assuming, I think it's apparent that there are levels of power ownership. Here's my speculative list of ownership levels from lowest to highest, including how I think one advances from his current level to a higher level: Level 0: You did not receive any power. Advance by being Gifted. Level 1: You received power, but it retreated from you, either via Epic Downfall (i.e. your weakness was triggered) or when the one who Gifted you takes the power back. Recover from Epic Downfall by escaping your weakness. If you are below Level 5, you may advance to Level 5 by using the weakness of the one who Gifted you. Level 2: Some, but not all, of your powers are not working properly. Usually a sign that your Epic Downfall was partially triggered. Level 1 conditions apply. (I was thinking of naming this Level 1.5. What do you guys think?) Level 3: Your power only has weak effects. Advance by using your powers more. Level 4: You can use your power at full strength, but the Downfall Avoidance of your power becomes more intense. Advance by sending yourself to Level 1 or Level 2 before using the weakness of the one who Gifted you. Level 5: You are now resistant to the Downfall Avoidance Rule, but you might revert to Level 4 if you use your power too much. Advance by fully accepting your power as part of yourself. Level 6: Highest level of ownership. Epic Downfall can send you back to Level 1 or Level 2, but after escaping you will return to Level 6 I base Level 6 on the scene where Megan finally freed herself from the darkness for good, back when she "defied" Larcener: Note that for the first half of the series, Prof was at Level 4 while Megan was at Level 3 (though she's Level 4 just after resurrection). When Prof Gifts his powers, he usually only lets the Reckoners have his powers at Level 3, and he always takes the powers back when no longer needed. Calamity, on the other hand, is at Level 6 and he Gifts powers already at Level 4. What do these levels entail? First, it appears that the powers can detect an Epic's level of ownership, as well as the chain of transfersion from him, to the one who Gifted him, to the one who Gifted the Gifter, etc. As long as the Epic has not reached Level 6 (total ownership), his power will defer to the next Epic in the chain of transfersion with a higher level of ownership. By that I mean the power will readily pull back either at the whim of that higher owner or automatically in reaction to that higher owner's weakness (as per the Downfall Avoidance Rule). Here are some things explained by these ownership levels: Megan reached Level 5 by first facing her weakness (moving temporarily to Level 1) and then using Calamity's weakness by selflessly trying to save someone. This was also the same thing that David did. Prof was sent to Level 1 without his consent, but that didn't really matter. The important thing was that he was at Level 1 when he tried to help David, and that was enough to send him to Level 5. Level 6, actually. See here. Calamity being at Level 6 is the reason why the darkness still affected Megan even after she reached Level 5 (but only when she used her powers too much). Megan reached Level 6 before David did (he reached it just before he turned the space station to steel), but it's possible that Dawnslight reached it way before anyone except Calamity. That's why he could freely use his powers without succumbing to the darkness. Strangely enough, Obliteration implied he's been at Level 6 for five years now. I'm speculating that his fear was of a crazy religious nature, perhaps the idea that God was using him to bring about Armaggedon. Coupled with another crazy notion that he can save people's souls by sending them to heaven before they have the chance to commit grave sins, Obliteration could have reached Level 5 by murdering innocent civilians in the name of his "holy task" via non-Epic methods (a conventional bomb, maybe?). Level 6 was probably reached when he blew up Houston. The reason why most Gifters can retrieve the powers they Gift is because the people on the receiving end often have a low level of ownership compared to the Gifter. The Diggers went crazy after using Digzone's power to create the Newcago's underground tunnels, but they seemed sane enough at the start. I think they were at Level 3 at the start, but prolonged use of the powers sent them to Level 4. Digzone himself was most probably at Level 4. Because the Diggers now owned the powers as much as Digzone, their power started skipping Digzone and deferred to the next Epic in the chain: Calamity. Hence, the descent into madness (which was simply the Rending). All other Gifters would have the same issue as Digzone. This is why Prof said that a person "changes" when Prof gives too much of his power to that person. I speculate that he Gifted too much of his powers to someone during his early exploratory days, and that someone became a Level 4 Epic. At that point, Prof no longer could take back the power because he was Level 4 himself, and he might have had to kill that person.
  9. I'm pretty new to the 17th Shard--and forums in general, really--but I've been an avid reader of Brandon's works since I first read Elantris about five years ago, and I've been aware of the greater Cosmere since I noticed Hoid world-hopping in Warbreaker. As such, I figured I might as well join the discussion, but please bear with any forthcoming ineptitude on my part. All that aside, I figure that with Mistborn: Secret History out we know more than enough about Realmatic Theory to be able to start to analyze and classify the magic in the Cosmere. Moreover, perhaps we might be able to explain exactly what is occurring in the Cognitive Realm when certain things happen. (EX: What happens to someone's Cognitive Shadow if they're killed or maimed by a shardblade?) I also thought it might be fun to speculate about how different powers would interact. Like what would happen if a Mistborn tried to burn a gem filled with stormlight, or if a Surgebinder tried to draw investiture from a filled metalmind. I apologize if somebody's already made a similar post to this one.
  10. So, since we learn from the first two chapters of Calamity that (spoilers for safety) I'm wondering what Knighthawk's powers are. From other threads I gather that the mobiles are Epic tech, probably gained from Knighthawk himself. So he likely has some form of telepathy. I would like to suggest that he has reverse gifting: He has the Epic powers of all the Epics around him, synthesized by keeping Epic mitochondrial DNA around him constantly.
  11. In the Ars Arcanum for Shadows of Self, there's a statement in the "Combinations" section that each unique combination of an Allomantic and Feruchemical power creates "something distinctive," so the person has two powers and "an effect." I tried searching for a topic on this, but couldn't find it. Has there been a discussion about these "effects" and what these could be, especially for Wax and Wayne? Has anyone asked Brandon about these "effects" on his recent book tour? I definitely think it is worth asking him if anyone is going to one of his signings (if there are any remaining). To me, the "effect" is not simply the fact, for Wayne, that he can increase his weight and push on something, the "effect" thus being that he can then use his increased weight as a battering ram or to smash through floors. I was thinking it was more of an indirect side effect. This works better for Wayne, who does not have a simple, obvious "effect."
  12. If David gets Rended in Calamity, (or if his rending actually took permanent effect in Firefight), what powers/weaknesses would he have? Would he have water powers, with a fear of sharks? (As in Firefight) Would his weakness be a fear of murdering innocents? (His thoughts of killing Sourcefield after she turns normal) Will he have a cliché of not wanting his frends to die? Or will it involve his incredibly bad metaphors? Post your ideas about his powers/weaknesses below.
  13. I recently noticed that all of Epic's weaknesses had to do with something in their past life, not just their greatest fears. For example, someone's greatest fear could be something like spiders, but they've never had any bad events in their life relating to spiders. Could the process of becoming an Epic somewhat like "snapping" in Mistborn, where a bad event would trigger acquiring superpowers?
  14. I keep seeing this trailer for a show called "Powers" on YouTube. I'm sure that the show isn't remotely similar to Steelheart in its content, but every time I see this ad I'm consistently reminded of the Reckonerverse. Am I the only one who can forge the connection that unites the books and the Playstation trailer--the theme of normal humans rising as heroes in a world of demigods?
  15. So if being a epic comes with these assumptions... Weakness = Biggest fears and Powers = Some semblance of control over those fears (Regalia thought David would get water control powers because he was afraid of water) What could have given Megan reality controlling powers? Bonus question: If alt reality Megan was a human torch because Megan weakness is fire (her opposite) would alt reality Megan's (who's a human torch) weakness be reality? Loss of reality? Reality TV?
  16. On page 179 of Firefight, Tia mentions that Sourcefield was poisoned as a little girl, not with cool-aid, but with a generic juice drink. Sourcefield was still weakened by the kool-aid. So my question is will an Epic be weakened if they're confronted by what they believe is their weakness?
  17. In Mitosis, David says that Mitosis gets stupider with each new clone. He's proven wrong about this. But later on in Firefight, David also says that Obliteration has a cooldown between teleports, when he doesn't. It's revealed that Regailia removed that from him. So what if she also removed Mitosis's Stupidity?
  18. So i have been reading a lot of the posts and I wanted to wind a few of the theory's together into one idea. Prof: The best concept
  19. So i have been reading multiple theory's about the world of Steelheart and i wove a few of the ideas together to make a single concept. Please let me know what you think: Most of this is pure speculation and after a few days of forum digging...collecting the best theory's. Much like David my analogies leave something ot be desired...take with a grain of salt. Epics: Candidates: People with great hubris or pride. Saw themselves better than others...apart..unique...but suddenly lose everything...triggering a fight or flight demand of Calamity. Trigger: Humans were gifted powers when they had a "Great need" for something. The need had to be so great that they were willing to give away everything (their soul/spirit/sense of self?) to gain the powers. Primary Powers: A solution to their "Great Need" Secondary Powers: A direct correlation to your skepticism. Secondary powers usually balanced or enhanced your primary powers. Imagine you and a friend making up a superhero. Non skeptics would just want 1 or 2 powers. Skeptics would be like " invincible...but what if someone is far away (laser blasts)...well what if i need to get around fast (Flight)...well what if Bla bla bla. (This concept plays into weaknesses and steel heart and pride later on). Strengths: Situations where their most powerful. These are always situations/feelings from their past as a mortal when they felt their strongest. Weaknesses: Your darkest insecurity...internal weakness or fear. Often observed as an object or reality it's a state of mind that weakens the epic. Situations/feeling from their mortal past when they felt weakest. Overview- Basically all powers and weaknesses seem to be a direct feed into the psyche or mentality of the one gifted. Why Do we get powers?: Calamity itself is an epic/original epic/ source point to unlimited power. Calamity itself has discovered that using the powers brings out the worst in you and corrupts you, so calamity is trying to "Gift away" its powers to try and restore its own sense of self. basically : Calamity gives you your deepest desire for selfish reasons, but it can only give them to you if you want it bad enough and are willing to soil to do it. Note about powers: Powers are fluid...they gain in Strength as your confident and wane when you feel weak. (ex: Steel heart is the most confident and most indestructible when its Epic vs. Epic. Other epics lose to him or seem to have weaker powers when they fear him...or feel weaker. Additional example...there is no reason death point shouldn't have been able to kill steel heart except steel heart came in with so much made death point question his power. )(3rd Ex: Tensors were "fake/smokescreen" and really just gifted powers to the team. Davids powers stopped working during the conflux heist because the professor was insecure about being able to protect his his gift weakened. That's why he told david to "try again" and david said "he felt the power but it was harder to reach".
  20. As you already Know, Radiants have 2 surges. I speculate that this surges can be categorized as a Specialty Surge and a Basic Surge. The Specialty Surge grants the Radiant 2 powers whilst the Basic Surge grants only 1 power Examples Windrunners have Gravitation as their Specialty Surge so it grants them 2 powers (Basic Lashing and Reverse Lashing). On the other hand Adhesion is their Basic Surge so it grants them 1 power alone (Full Lashing). Edgedancers have Progression as their Specialty Surge so it grants them 2 powers (Growth and Regrowth). On the other hand Abrasion is their Basic Surge so it grants them 1 power alone (Slicking). No Radiant orders have the same specialty even if they share surges. For example Windrunners and Skybreakers share the Gravitation surge but Gravitation surge is the specialty surge for Windrunners alone which means Skybreakers specialty will be Division. Using this info we can predict which of an Orders surges is the Specialty or Basic surge. This info lets us know how many powers each surge will grant to each order. We can further speculate on what this powers are using the info weve been given via books or via Brandons definition of each surge. Using this theory I’ve created a powers list for yet to be revealed order. Order of Skybreakers (Specialty: Divison Basic: Gravitation) 1. The 1st Division Power is Destruction-My guess is that this is the power to create miniature earthquakes hence the name skyBREAKERS. 2. The 2nd Division Power is Decay-I suspect it is the power to cause living things to decay on contact. 3. The Gravitational power is Basic-Lashing. Order of Dustbringers (Specialty: Abrasion , Basic: Division ) 1. The 1st Abrasion Power is Slicking-we saw Lift demonstrate this one. 2. The 2nd Abrasion Power is likely related to Burning- Dustbringers manipulate friction to produce burning heat 3. The Division Power is Decay. Order of Truthwatchers (Specialty: Illumination, Basic: Progression) 1. The 1st Illumination Power is most likely related to Seeing-Lightweavers are able to manipulate waveforms so that they can see things-even the Future. 2. The 2nd Illumination power is most likely Lightweaving but my gut says its something else. 3. The Progression power is Regrowth. Order of Lightweavers (Specialty: Transformation, Basic: Illumination ) 1. The Illumination Power is Lightweaving 2. The 1st Transformation Power is Soulcasting 3. The 2nd Transformation power is unknown but I suspect It involves transforming ones essence into one of the essences-Ill call it Selfcasting Order of Elsecallers (Specialty: Transportation ,Basic: Transformation ) 1. The 1st Transportation Power is Realmatic transition also known as Elsecalling 2. The 2nd Transportation Power is Motion-My guess is that its will be some form of Telekinesis 3. The Transformation power is Soul-Casting Order of Willshapers (Specialty: Cohesion , Basic: Transportation ) The Transportation Power is Elsecalling The 1st Cohesion Power is likely what I call Shaping.-the power to Harden, Soften , increase Elasticity of objects by manipulating molecular bonds The 2nd Cohesion Power is likely what I call Bubble- the power to Slow down, accelerate and Freeze objects by manipulating molecular speeds Order of Stonewards (Specialty:Tension, Basic:Cohesion) 1, The 1st Tension Power is unknown and I have no guesses. Dont quite understand Tension 2. The 2nd Tension Power is equally unknown 3. The Cohesion Power is likely what I call Bubble Order of Bondsmiths (Specialty: Adhesion ,Basic: Tension ) 1. The 1st Adhesion Power is Full Lashing 2. The 2nd Adhesion power is Unknown and I have no guesses 3. The Tension Power is Unknown and I have no guesses