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Found 9 results

  1. From the recent spoiler stream, Brandon talked about possibilities for book 5 title. If "o" and "t" can be moved around, we can come up with possibilities for: oKWt oKtW tKWo tKoW KoWt KotW KtoW KoWt KWot KWto toKW otKW I might have missed some combinations. None of the other titles have reused the same major word (again omitting "of" and "the"), so Way and Kings should probably not be used. Knight or Knights is pretty obvious for "K". Knave is a possibility. Knife... Knowledge. Kingdom... Keeper War is almost too obvious for "W" Now for ideas: King of the World (will it be tOdium or Dalinar) the Knave of Whimsy (Hoid messes up the contest for his own ends) The Kingdoms of Woe (Roshar ends up split between factions permanently) Knight of the White (this is Szeth's book after all) Ideas?
  2. Reckoners fans young and old, new to or well known with the great series. Today I put forth to you all, create as many epics, be they high or lesser tiered epics, the more the better. Cant wait to see all the concepts you lot create. Now then onto some info to rehash people's memories or catch the new readers up and also of course explain the template. Template Explained Codename - the codename should be one word it can be two words combined but still be one word, an example would be "Steelheart". Known Name - This would be any nicknames or false names they have, for if that epic has destroyed there past or changed there name, or could be if they just use a short hand of there Codename. Real name - The real name for said Epic. Gender - Male/Female. Age - From what I remember kids weren't picked so anyone over 20 should be fine. Backstory - The Epics aren't good, they aren't ordinary people, they are the 'bad' guys (with some exceptions). They don't "live with thier parents" or "go to school" since there is no school, there are factories that only citizens go to. Epics do whatever they want since they arent judged in court for their deeds. So what are they up to now and what did they do before they became an Epic, this would also mention the event that caused there trauma or speak on how there belief/personality grew so we have some idea how they gained there weakness. Personality - There Personality this is important if there weakness links into it. How they act, what they believe in and what they do thanks to there new evilness, though if you've popped in backstory what they do it can be ignored here no point putting it twice afterall. Appearance - What they look like, eyes, face, height, clothes, all that good stuff. Epic Status (High or Lesser) - High Epic: an Epic whose powers prevent them from being killed in conventional ways. This term is called a Prime Invincibility. Anything without such is a lesser epic, just cuz there a lesser epic doesn't mean there not useful though. So if you wanna do one don't be shy. Power set - list there powers what can be done with them and the like. Also there power sets and how any powers combine in cool ways. The powers, it's limits and what it can do. Also there power set listed, I.e Power one, power two ect ect Weakness trigger : Some things that will trigger your weakness, some examples being if your weakness is smoke, cigarettes or a fires thick smoke would affect you, another example is explosions, loud noises or flashes could affect you. This will be linked into your backstory or personality. Weakness - there is a weakness resulted from a trauma you had before becoming an Epic, or something that makes you feel week by attacking your personality or your beliefs. That weakness completely disables your power or weakens it if you conquered your fear. Examples - loud music, loneliness, compliments, losing, fire, being outsmarted etc etc. [The Template] Codename - Known Name - Real name - Gender - Age - Backstory - Personality - Appearance - Epic Status (High or Lesser) - Power set - Weakness trigger - Weakness -
  3. I made this crossword a couple months ago, it is not perfect, but it might be a fun challenge for a big Sanderson fan! There are clues related to Mistborn, Elantris, Stormlight, Warbreaker, Whitesand, Alcatraz, and Reckoners. If anyone tries it out, let me know if you liked it. Here is the link if you wanted to do it online: There is also attached a pdf if you prefer to print out. And in the interest of you not pulling your hair out at some of my lame clues, there are a couple that are initialisms in there. Turns out making a really big crossword is not easy. Anyway, enjoy! (I will put screenshots of the answers in a comment below) Cosmere(andBeyond).pdf
  4. I know that to that this has been discussed to an extent, but I'm not sure if this angle has been explored. Does anyone have any proofs or rebuttals to this theory?
  5. I read ES again today and noticed something odd. however... Now these cases could be just hypocrisy at work however the fact that they are on the same planet and in the case of ES no real reason is stated for the hatred I am inclined to think that there is something else at play here. Any thoughts?
  6. So, me, my friend @Kplynch21, and one other decided to do a Sanderson character fantasy draft. Since the other kid was behind us, we limited the books we could choose from to Stormlight Archive, Reckoners, and the first Mistborn book. Please tell us who you think would win and why! We decided not to use OP characters such as Hoid. All of the characters are at the end of the book or series except Szeth, David Charleston, and Prof (Prof at the midst of book 3). Please ask any clarifying questions. Oh, and we also had two joke picks. ------------ Lwarch Kplynch21 Szeth-Son-Son-Vallano Prof (Jon Phaedrus) Rashek, the Lord Ruler Obliteration Kaladin Megan Dalinar Kelsier Marsh Cody Zane Steelheart Raoden Galladon Jasnah Kholin Meridas Amaram Adolin Kholin Lift Gavilar Kholin Storm Form Eshonai Shallan Nightwielder Moash OreSeur Torol Sadeas Regalia Dilaf Abraham Graves Mraize Mizzy Hrathen Hammond Exel David Renarin Kholin Lopen Stick Numuhukumakiaki’aialunamor Kabsal Roial The ugly crab-lizard thing
  7. In honor of March Madness, it is my idea that we should create a tournament of our favorite Cosmere characters and then put them to the test against each other. Right now, I need help with picking the 64 characters that would be put in the tournament, so far I have... Kaladin Shallan Szeth Dalinar Navani Adolin Jasnah Elhokar Sylphrena Taravangian Eshonai Kabsal Sadeas Talenel Lift Vin Kelsier Sazed Elend venture Marsh Spook Breeze Ham Clubs Dockson Straff Venture Zane Ashweather Cett Tindwyl Allrianne Cett TenSoon Yomen Quellion The Lord Ruler Alendi Kwaan Waxillium Ladrian Wayne Marasi Colms Miles Dagouter Steris Harms Ranette Edwarn Ladrian MeLaan Bleeder Claude Aradel Telsin Ladrian Raoden Sarene Hrathen Dilaf Kiin Galladon Siri Vivenna Lightsong Vasher Kenton Khrissalla Baon Ais Aarik Hoid And last, but definitely not least the stick. That is just my idea, if anyone has a suggestion for a character, or potential seedings of the bracket, then your help will be welcomed. Thank you. Also we can do it based off of whoever would win in a battle or the characters that we like the most.
  8. It's been close to a year since I finished Words of Radiance, and so my memory of the book is a bit fuzzy. My friend picked up the book himself recently, and we are both somewhat confused about how the seas of souls, regret, and lost lights work. Could someone help me gain a better understanding of how they work, and maybe even what they hold?
  9. I thought I would start another round of the classic forum game, Hurt'n Heal. On your post, subtract 1 point from one villain, and add 1 point to a different villain. Bold the characters that you changed. You have to wait until there are at least 2 posts after your last one before you can post again. You also have to wait at least 2 minutes after the last post before posting again. The last villain alive wins! 1. Hrathen- 5 2. Dilaf- 5 3. The Lord Ruler- 5 4. Marsh- 5 5. Ruin- 5 6. Trell- 5 7. Miles- 5 8. Bloody Tan- 5 9. Bleeder- 5 10. Denth- 5 11. Tonk Fah- 5 12. Odium- 5 13. Sadeas- 5 14. Amaram- 5 15. Taravangian- 5 16. Straff- 5 17. Suit- 5 18. Szeth- 5 19. Mraize- 5 20. Tyn- 5 I will go first: Heal Szeth, Hurt Dilaf 1. Hrathen- 52. Dilaf- 43. The Lord Ruler- 54. Marsh- 55. Ruin- 56. Trell- 57. Miles- 58. Bloody Tan- 59. Bleeder- 510. Denth- 511. Tonk Fah- 512. Odium- 513. Sadeas- 514. Amaram- 515. Taravangian- 516. Straff- 517. Suit- 518. Szeth- 619. Mraize- 520. Tyn- 5