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Found 6 results

  1. polls

    I'm interested in a Reckoners world RPG, and the Reckoners RPG is dead, and it seems to me like it's harder to reboot something than it is to start a new one. I also get the feeling that I'm probably not the only one interested in a Reckoners world RPG, and we all just don't know there are more of us. Please take my polls and let me know if I'm right or wrong?
  2. If your choice is "Other," post your opinion below.
  3. Ok so I'm going to do a few polls up top establish some basic ideas then take some ideas from the replies then I'll start another thread for worldbuilding/history and we'll do the same thing for that thread then make a characters/theme thread then I'll put it all together.
  4. I want to draw a series of the various Assassins (and some Templars) as Radiants. The images would be of the Assassin (or Templar) with the Order symbol behind them and their Spren. Possibly with a unique oath or truth. So I need opinions on which Order they belong in. Yes, Orders can repeat. Altaiir - Skybreaker (I mean, he is the original Assassin in white...) This one isn’t changing. Maria - Windrunner Ezio - Edgedancer Yusuf - Windrunner Haytham - Elsecaller Connor - Stoneward Aveline - Lightweaver Edward - Willshaper Adewale - Windrunner Shay - Willshaper Liam - Skybreaker Arno - Windrunner Elise - Willshaper Jacob - Dustbringer Evie - Elsecaller Henry - Truthwatcher Lydia - ? Bayek - Skybreaker Aya - Edgedancer Kassandra - Dustbringer Darius - ? Jun - Edgedancer Arbaaz - ? Nikolei - Windrunner Aguilar - Windrunner Maria - ? Eivor - ? Desmond - Truthwatcher Lucy - Lightweaver Bonus: Which unmade does Alexios get? This is a rough sketch of Altair:
  5. feature request!

    As far as the site goes, there are not too many polls, and most are scattered far and wide, and only happen to receive a vote from the sharders who make an effort to go through lots of old posts. Could we have a special forum, maybe even category, about polls, where polls can gather and receive hundreds of votes, instead of dozens? ~ Thanks, Roadwalker
  6. Ok so, a big question debated between my friends is whether a jedi could fight a mistborn and win assuming a lightsaber is an investure-charged metallic object and the force can be sensed using brass. I for one go for the jedi but what are your opinions?