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Found 71 results

  1. So this is something that I have wondered recently, as I’ve been more active on the Shard. There’s quite a few here who change their profiles a lot, and quite a few others who just have one profile picture that they keep through the ages. There’s also the thing of changing profile picture for special events, such as the recent green pfps for stress awareness. This post will serve two purposes: one, to gather data on Sharders’ profile shifting habits (anonymously), and two, to ask a few more in-depth questions. One habit that I have found myself in is associating the Sharder with their profile picture. Now, this isn’t that surprising of a thing, but where it goes sideways is when communicating with Sharders that have the base picture. While it can just be someone that is literally a blank slate, as in a 12 post newbie on the Shard, it could also be someone like @cometaryorbit or @therunner, who are certainly not a blank slate in influence and reputation on the Shard. Is this a common experience? And for those that have a profile picture, what does it mean to you?
  2. Would it be possible to set up a forum to discuss Intentionally Blank? I don't know how many people on here listen, but I'm willing to bet it's quite a few. Might be fun to have an area in the General Brandon section to talk about the ridiculous nonsense they talk about, and to continue lobbying for Hollywood to green- light the great British bake-off movie featuring The Rock. Post here if you support the idea so we can see if it's worth it, but it would be fun to have.
  3. poll

    Cats are obviously far superior.
  4. Welcome! If you have taken this cookie, HA! The experimental new hemalurgically spiked cookies will soon take effect! To avoid the undiscovered side effects, join the Dark Alley and recruit new members by making a link to this page and calling it a cookie! Any questions? No? Good. Get recruiting. Any of you wishing to, insteading of spreading cookies for fun, become a full denizen and do hemalurgic research for fun go here!
  5. How do I make a poll in these 17thShard forums?
  6. The pronunciation of Jorgen’s name is a highly debated topic at times, and I’d like to make a poll to see what people think.
  7. Should Dannex change their PFP to this?:
  8. So I've been watching the Studio Ghibli movies and I'd forgotten how awesome the songs were, and as such, I've decided to arrange a piano medley. I'm still choosing which songs to include, so I thought it might be a good idea to check in with you guys as I know there are some fans here. I put a couple of the songs I've been considering in a poll above- I'll probably pick the top four or five to put into the medley. Feel free to suggest songs also cause I definitely missed some good ones. After I figure out my song list I'll arrange and record it...might put it in the Creator's Corner if people are interested in hearing it.
  9. So, what are everyone’s views about Moash, especially considering recent actions seen in the preview chapters? I understand there is a lot of grey area; perhaps you think that Moash is a good, but misguided, person. Or perhaps you think he is corrupted by the Unmade. Or maybe you can’t decide. As for the second question, the options once again have a fair bit of ambiguity. If Moash doesn’t get redeemed, he might just die without much of a conflict. Or perhaps Moash will live/die unredeemed, having destroyed Bridge Four and wreaked havoc everywhere. I am interested to see what everyone thinks about these questions.
  10. poll

    This is an argument that I have been having with my brother for a long time, would a mistborn or jedi win in a fight. The mistborn is era 1 and thus has access to atium but not guns/era 2 metals(bendalloy,chronium, ect).
  11. I'm curious as to how many of you are planning to read/listen to the sample chapters for the Secret Project books and start theorizing, and how many are wanting to go in fresh when they're released next year? I am undecided and see merits to both. Please comment on your plan (Yay or Nay) and why!!
  12. Hey, I just wanted to throw this poll up here, so we can see things like: Which Stormlight Archive book is the most popular, and which Knight Radiant orders people think they'd be in and such. Have fun! (It's on google forms, but you don't even have to be logged in to gmail to vote. I decided to do that instead of a 17th shard poll so that non-forum members could vote.) Vote on the poll here! (Keep all responses family friendly of course! Your responces will be public, but nothing else will be recoreded, including who said what.)
  13. Who would win? @AonEne, or @Channelknight Fadran. This came from a discussion on the Random Magic Systems thread. Votes aren't public so that Ene can't take revenge.
  14. Hi all, a quick question for everyone. As we know, Hoid and Jasnah are now romantically involved. I'm not going to lie––I was definitely a bit surprised here. My personal theories had been that Hoid was carrying a torch for someone from his past and that Jasnah didn't want a romantic interest, but here we are. I would usually never complain about a well-balanced intellectual relationship between some of the most beloved characters in the series, but I'm a bit concerned for these two. First of all, Hoid and Jasnah are both incredibly ambitious individuals. They both have their own agendas and, while they may line up at the moment, I'm not sure how much longer that will last. We know Hoid has to have some sort of end goal, but is it even something that we would consider "good" and not "evil"? We can't tell. He's been working to achieve something for thousands of years, so I think it's unlikely that he would stop for a single romantic interest, unless his relationship with Jasnah develops pretty seriously over the course of the series. Also, Jasnah has a very strong set of convictions and morals. She probably wouldn't change her entire mindset around just to accommodate any sort of emotional intimacy with Hoid, even if she enjoys it. In my opinion, while they both like being in a romantic relationship, they're both using each other for something. Hoid requires a social standing and access to resources (and an incentive not to kill him, even when he's being... himself), which Jasnah can provide him. Jasnah, on the other hand, is a scholar at heart. She wants knowledge about the Cosmere and its workings, and who better to aid her than the worldhopping, quick-witted menace himself? Another point of concern for me stems from the language that they use. Hoid tells Jasnah that he loves her for her paranoia, out of all of her qualities. I thought this was a little bit suspicious. It definitely doesn't seem romantic; if anything, it seems like he's seeking protection from something. Jasnah's paranoia could be keeping them both alive, sure, but a constant state of stress is not something that someone wishes on a partner. This seems especially unbalanced when we take into account the fact that his presence seems to put Jasnah at ease. At the very least, they seem to have some... minor communication issues. A third thing could be Jasnah's asexuality. Hoid doesn't seem to be completely considerate of that, hoping that his kisses and touch can spark something in her, when that's just not how it works. Jasnah does participate in physical intimacy for his pleasure, but I still think he should be more understanding about her preferences. To be honest, I'm kind of rooting for them. Hoid and Jasnah would make an unstoppable power couple, and I genuinely believe that they like one another and that they could actually fall in love. They just need to have a serious talk about what they want from each other, how far their relationship will go (unofficial lovers? marriage? plenty of possibilities), and their personal plans for both the near and far future. And if they decide that they can't speak about those things, well... that kind of speaks for itself. For future Stormlight books, I would love to see one's reaction when the other is in serious danger (it might be a bit difficult to find a circumstance that could kill Hoid, but Nightblood's on Roshar, so anything is possible). With any strong relationship––especially romantic ones––a reaction in that situation says a lot about the personalities of and dynamic between the two characters. And, I know between now and the next Stormlight book, I'm definitely going to be looking through everything Cosmere with a fine-toothed comb for mentions of Hoid and his end goals. Hoid and Jasnah are both already so interesting as individuals, so there's obviously a lot to analyze when considering them together. Thoughts? Opinions? P.S. I almost considered doing an astrology-esque analysis of Radiant order compatibility. Are a Lightweaver and an Elsecaller as meant to be as an Aries and a Libra? Or are they completely doomed, like a Taurus and a Leo? (I'm sorry if these relate to your life in any way––just picked the first ones off of Google. ) If anyone has actually done a zodiac-style analysis of the Radiants, I would love to see it. If not... well then. I guess I have a new project on my hands?
  15. Personally I’m partial to Idos Domai and Blargedorf
  16. I considered putting this in 17th Shard Discussion, but I am frightened to discuss non-technical site-related things there. So, status updates. When we follow people, we are aware that more of these may now appear in your notifications. If you reply to one and get unlucky, your notification box might get flooded with the Shard telling you every single other person who commented after you, and if you're really unlucky, two Sharders will choose to have a super long conversation in the replies of one! Oh, how quickly the joy fades from my twenty-one notifications when all are simply... "[Sharder] has replied to a status update." Intro aside, what kind of things do you prefer in status updates? You can select multiple options, and feel free to discuss if you like. Do you find some annoying, or too often, or something else? And if I missed a type of update, let me know!
  17. So, I realized that as much as I am a religious geek in real life, I am a geek of all the many cosmere religions and love them all differently and uniquely (much as I do IRL, but I digress). This poll was just out of curiosity, maybe promote discussion? I love most of these religions, but my top favorite is Survivorism (solely because I love Kelsier). (This is in a RoW thread because... I have a fear of accidentally spoiling it?)
  18. Yes, I know everybody loves Shai and no, I'm not adding Dilaf to the list!
  19. (Here's part 1:) I initially wanted the Wit tales to be the third poll, but then I decided that I'll do that one separately eventually, once the spoiler policy changes, so I can include the non-Stormlight story as well! I went for the Whelan covers instead. These are the paintings in question (spoilered for size): Also, as a reminder, here's links to the summaries of the prologues (Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer, Rhythm of War) and epilogues (Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer, Rhythm of War). I also took Keteks and the Sleepless prophecies on the back covers into consideration, but I didn't think readers have strong opinions on those. Let me know if you think otherwise! These are my personal picks: Prologue: Way of Kings for me, easily, because Szeth. Epilogue: This one's a bit tricky for me, but I'll go with Oathbringer. Seeing Wit openly use a magic system from another series is neat, and him bonding a spren was such a nice surprise. Cover: Rhythm of War - I love the sense of space in this painting, as well as the moody colors. I love Way of Kings and Oathbringer as well. Words of Radiance is also good, but I don't like the colors quite as much and the poses of the characters look rather unnatural to me. Still a good cover, but I don't like it as much as the rest. The color combination of Way of Kings is so beautiful to look at, by the way. So . . . what do you think?
  20. Narrating characters, so no Nightblood or Denth votes! (Also Nightblood would totally win) Mine goes to Vivenna. I loved her heel faced turn. Siri had a strong beginning, but stuff stopped happening in her chapters. Lightsong actively tried to make sure stuff didn't happen in his chapters, which was kind of fun, but I found myself skipping his chapters upon rereads. Vasher was fascinating and grumpy but I don't think we saw enough from his point-of-view to really feel as close to him as we did with the other three.
  21. So there's a bunch of "traditions" with Stormlight books. And I'd like to know: Which book is your favorite in each discipline? Some reminders what you’re voting for, in case you forgot some of these . . . Interludes: Way of Kings: Szeth as main interlude character, Rysn in Shinovar, Axies the Collector, Ishikk at the Purelake, etc. Words of Radiance: Eshonai as the main interlude character, Rysn visiting the Reshi islands, Lift’s interlude, Taravangian’s first interlude, etc. Oathbringer: Venli as main interlude character, Rysn defending the vault, Kaza’s interlude in Aimia, Teft’s alcohol problems, etc. Rhythm of War: Taravangian as main interlude character, Chiri-Chiri, Syl, Sja-anat, etc. (you probably remember most of these) Epigraphs: Way of Kings: Death Rattles, Hoid’s letter to Frost, Jasnah’s Notes about Voidbringers, The Way of Kings Words of Radiance: Navani’s Journal, Listener Songs, Words of Radiance, Frost’s letter to Hoid, The Diagram Oathbringer: Oathbringer, letters from Endowment & Autonomy & Harmony, Gemstone Archive, Hessi’s Mystica about the Unmade, Dawnchant & The Way of Kings post-script Rhythm of War: Navani’s Fabrial Lecture, Harmony’s letter to Hoid, Rhythm of War, Kalak’s Journal, El’s Musings I might do a follow-up with Prologues, Epilogues and Wit stories. The site only allows 3 polls per thread, so this has to do for now. My picks are: Interludes: Words of Radiance. It has so many small beautiful stories. Eshonai's recurring interludes aren't my favorites (those would be Szeth), but there are so many iconic chapters among the other ones. Taravangian's first POV ever introduces his curse and boon, Szeth's interlude in Urithiru is just epic. Ym is my favorite one-off interlude character (rest in peace, he'd been right at home in Urithiru . . . sigh.) Rysn visiting the Reshi islands is still my favorite Rysn interlude by a long shot. Also, Lift's interlude is the longest ever, it's a good bit longer than a few Cosmere short stories (like The Eleventh Metal and The Hope of Elantris) and is so well-done. Epigraphs: Oathbringer. Everyone of them is great. The three letters are my favorite epigraphs ever. The Autonomy section in particular is making me excited and giving me headaches to this day. The Gemstone Archive has a lot of bits about the False Desolation and also some emotional moments ("I'm going to miss that"). Unmade lore is always great . . . and the fact that Part 5 changes from one book a another at the decisive moment in the story has such a neat additional effect. I just love it, in my opinion these will be hard to ever surpass! Flashbacks: Oathbringer (Dalinar): Well, I guess this is the easy one of them, but I still like the Kaladin flashbacks a lot. Dalinar's backstory just has such a wide range of emotions. Some scenes are badass, some are terrifying, other ones are heart-breaking. The perfect combination of everything, and Jasnah reading The Way of Kings to Dalinar is one of my favorite Stormlight moments to this day. So what do you think?
  22. I think I'm getting addicted to the poll feature... It's simple! Answer the poll. I've included two criteria. Whether you want a redemption or not, and whether you think it's actually going to happen or not. I saw a thread on this and wanted to a visual on people's opinions and thoughts. Personally, he makes such a good villain through his ideals vs. Kaladin's ideals that I no longer want a redemption.
  23. I'm not sure if this is already a topic somewhere or not, but I couldn't find it, so if it is, let me know! Anyway, what's your favorite Mistborn Era so far, and why?
  24. Pretty shocked we never got one of these up, but anyway, who is your personal favorite character in Warbreaker and why? Me personally? I deeply feel that Lightsong is one of the greatest characters Brandon has ever created and it will always hurt me a little that we only had him for one book and never got to see him interact with Nightblood. "I try to avoid having thoughts. They lead to other thoughts, and-if you're not careful-those lead to actions. Actions make you tired. I have this on rather good authority from someone who once read it in a book." Lightsong.
  25. So, one of the biggest bombshells in the series so far came near the end of Rhythm of War; Rayse is out of the picture for good, and Taravangian has ascended to become the new Odium. I'll admit it took me surprise; I thought there was a decent chance Rayse would die before the end of the series (and Taravangian was on my shortlist for people likely to take up his Shard) but I didn't think it would happen until Stormlight Five at the earliest. Which does lead one to wonder - with the apparent 'big bad' of the series dead four books in, who will end up taking his place as the greatest threat to Roshar? I have some thoughts of my own, but I'm curious as to where the overall opinion of the fandom is leaning at this stage.