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Found 46 results

  1. Welcome! If you have taken this cookie, HA! The experimental new hemalurgically spiked cookies will soon take effect! To avoid the undiscovered side effects, join the Dark Alley and recruit new members by making a link to this page and calling it a cookie! Any questions? No? Good. Get recruiting. Any of you wishing to, insteading of spreading cookies for fun, become a full denizen and do hemalurgic research for fun go here!
  2. Yes, I know everybody loves Shai and no, I'm not adding Dilaf to the list!
  3. poll

    Narrating characters, so no Nightblood or Denth votes! (Also Nightblood would totally win) Mine goes to Vivenna. I loved her heel faced turn. Siri had a strong beginning, but stuff stopped happening in her chapters. Lightsong actively tried to make sure stuff didn't happen in his chapters, which was kind of fun, but I found myself skipping his chapters upon rereads. Vasher was fascinating and grumpy but I don't think we saw enough from his point-of-view to really feel as close to him as we did with the other three.
  4. Kaladin is my favorite character. In any series. Ever. He was already my favorite Stormlight character after The Way of Kings, and after Words of Radiance, I moved him all the way to the top spot. I was a little sad that he didn't get as much time on-screen in Oathbringer, but his return to his home and subsequent trip with the Parsh remains one of my favorite scenes.This brings me to my question: How do you feel about Kaladin? Since coming onto the 17th Shard, I have seen people who love Kaladin and those who don't find him all that intersting, or even find him a little annoying. This has made me curious: has Brandon Sanderson made a character who, if not universally loved, is at least universally not-hated? If you do hate Kaladin please comment and explain your reasons, do you find him badly written, does his character just not work for you, or is there some other reason? Feel free to comment no matter your opinion on Kaladin, I would love to "hear" your opinion.
  5. Personally I like my fantasy to reflect the middle ages, maybe some few powers or techs from latter era's but the second guns enter I get a little uncomfortable.
  6. What alignment, on the Dungeons and Dragons scale, do you think Nightblood is? I think Chaotic Good because he wants to do good (destroy evil) but doesn't know who to destroy and so acts pretty chaotically.
  7. vote in poll
  8. THIS IS A JOKE. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE ON THE LIST, SAY SO AND I’LL TAKE YOU OFF. It’s just what it sounds like, ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else! Vote for the administrator or moderator of the 17th Shard who you think is the least intimidating one. To those in the running: feel free to try and make yourselves seem more or less intimidating through posts on here if you want (but if you’re going for more, make sure it’s clear that you’re not going to do anything bad). To those not in the running: be nice, this is all in fun. (By the way, for those with the ability - you could pin this to the forum, so people could see it easier and more people would vote. I won’t say should because I don’t want to imply this thread deserves it - it doesn’t - and because I feel like that would be rude. But it’s an option you have. ) Edit: Mods, you’re all allowed to vote too.
  9. Just curious! I read SA first, but I know people who read others first. We'll see I guess
  10. poll

    I was curious which Radiant order is most prevalent on the Shard, so I started a poll.
  11. The answer keeps changing so the results aren't very accurate, but just check if you're right when you guess.
  12. A while ago, I had a disagreement with my friends about whether or not Kaladin liked Shallan and vice versa. What do you think?
  13. Pretty shocked we never got one of these up, but anyway, who is your personal favorite character in Warbreaker and why? Me personally? I deeply feel that Lightsong is one of the greatest characters Brandon has ever created and it will always hurt me a little that we only had him for one book and never got to see him interact with Nightblood. "I try to avoid having thoughts. They lead to other thoughts, and-if you're not careful-those lead to actions. Actions make you tired. I have this on rather good authority from someone who once read it in a book." Lightsong.
  14. Hi all - Adolin is definitely a sources of contention in many topics around here, so I was curious about the split in how people feel about him generally. I realize some people like or dislike him based on his character, whereas others do based on how he is written as a character, but I tried to keep this general.
  15. I recently read the archive questions from JordanCon 2018 and one was Brandon giving a rough timeline of the order for Cosmere books with one of two books for the break between Stormlight 4 & 5. I decided to make a poll to see which you guys would rather see.
  16. These are the Alleyverse elections. We are electing somebody to be our mayor of the Alleyvillage. They will be elected and everyone will have to do what they say, except Voidus, because he literally created the universe. If you create the universe, you kinda transcend this kinda stuff. Also, he's a mod, so he has that going for him. That's not to say he can't be elected, just that it would be redundant. So, the way it works is through a democommunicapitelectocollegsyste system, which is completely original. The way it works is that there are three parties, the pro hemalurgic party, the anti hemalurgic party, and the indifferent party. These are separate from guilds. To become a candidate, this is all you have to do: 1. Be nominated by someone else. 2. Accept that nomination. Name the party you plan to run for. Then I'll make a poll for it. This is definitely not a joke and should be take completely seriously. Nominations: Anti Hemalurgic: @Archer @AonEne Pro Hemalurgic: @ElephantEarwax Indifferent: @Gancho Libre @The Forgetful Archivist
  17. This is the poll for the official Alleyvillage leader.
  18. 31. Silva* 32. Amalek* 33. Jackson son of nun* In this discussion, if you are willing to participate in it, requires one to explain why they chose the person above in the poll. Please explain why they are the most powerful. This will also help determine the order of the powerfulest** characters, I do not mean to hurt feelings and such but to satisfy curiosity. As such is said, I hope that you vote honestly and not for yourself. Votes are made public so that we can know if you did such a thing. Please note that I will be using 17th Sharder usernames rather than their character names for ease as well as people who are not as familiar with the characters. Some questions to answer or consider. Is it because they have the most Investiture? Are they the most dangerous? Are the the most secretive or have the most to hide? Do they have knowledge of events(Future, present or past) that they otherwise should not know? *If these numbers are your vote please comment them ** A word that I just made, literally right now. Because why write most powerful when you can be lazy.
  19. I know that several people have asked, and Voidus is working on getting it for us, but this is my way of getting them to do it. Put all of our support into a single thread so that they can see the need.
  20. I couldn't find a poll for this topic and I love the Graphic Audio adaptations that have been done for the Mistborn stories so I thought it might be a good topic to put out there. Regarding my personal favorite, while not my favorite Mistborn novel as a whole, my favorite adaptation from Graphic Audio is Shadows of Self. The voice acting for everyone was top notch, hearing Sazed soothing voice again was a joy to listen to, the music was so fitting for the pacing and Wayne's collection of accents was beyond entertaining. Even the disturbing parts were phenomenally done, like the part with the chauffeur that encounter the Bleeder and thinking it was a Mistwraith of old, he started shouting in despair that he lost his soul. And the voice acting for that final scene man! I wanted to hug Wax so hard. So yeah, Shadowws of Self is my favorite one, though Final Empire and Hero of Ages come close, in that order. How about everyone else?
  21. I'm sorry if this is weird to anyone but I am curious to know on what makes up the community. If you are uncomfortable answering that is fine, this is just a generalization for me or anyone else who would like to know these facts. Again I am just curious as to knowing what the fandom is in general.
  22. We've had a lot of opinions and even arguments on this one. So many, that I am really curious about the one thing that in all this noise we very much still don't have: statistics. Please vote. Don't feel obliged to comment why you chose what you did (in some cases it might be better not to, especially if you have a very strong opinion on the topic). I'd like to keep it as cold and mathematical as possible in order not to discourage input from any side, but to see the full picture. I know I'm opening a can of worms, but I hope we can avoid a cremstorm until we get some results, including the voices that are usually not so loud.
  23. poll

    What is your favorite weapon for a Spren to transform into?
  24. Who should use Nightblood in battle?
  25. Inspired by the discussion on Discord!