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Found 5 results

  1. This is a forum game for pokemon lovers based off of the mystery pokemon that the show has in the middle of each episode. I will go first and who ever can guess the pokemon correctly will get to go next. 1. This pokemon is a dragon type
  2. For those of you who’ve played the game, what do you think? How about the final twist villain (no spoilers unless in box) and their fight? New forms? Other things? and also if you want you can show off your shiny collection. I have quite a few myself. (no spoilers, just lots of images of my shiny babies.)
  3. So I have been playing a load of Pokemon UNITE and I need a team so does any one else need a team? I am a semi-bottom path Lucario. I would love to play a round.
  4. I got thinking one day, people use Pokémon for battling...but how else do they impact daily life? In all the ways other animals do, I’m sure, but they can also magically heal and start fires and do all this stuff. What everyday things would you guys do with them? (This might be better suited to General Discussion, but it does say ‘Pokémon’ twice in the Entertainment Discussion I think this will work, but if the other way around is better, I apologize.)
  5. Whenever I get really bored and I happen to be into this or that, one way I like to pass time while working or walking my dog is entertaining this little geeky-as- hell hypothetical. "What if the cast of this thing I really like (i.e. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter, etc) were Pokémon trainers?" I applied this line of the wonderful world of Brandon Sanderson... mainly the Cosmere series, since I haven't gotten around to reading The Rithmatist, The Reckoners Trilogy or the Alcatraz series (is it even any good? What's the read on that?), but yeah. What if your favourite Cosmere protagonists and antagonists were Pokémon Trainers? Would they have a single-type thing going? Would they have any sort of unique theme that reflects their character? For instance... I can so see Vin as amassing a team of Dark and Steel-type Pokémon. And what Cosmere creatures would make great Pokémon? Calling it now- Chasmfiends? Either Ground/Insect or Insect/Water, since they're a type of Greatshell. Mistfiends are Ghost-type Pokémon, obviously, most Spren would be a Fairy-type with a secondary subtype save for Voidspren (Dark/Fairy, I'd assume), Koloss are Fighting-type (possible secondary typings: Steel? Dark?)... Heh, what do you guys think?