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Found 4 results

  1. Is it just me, or are keteks ridiculously fun to write? Here is a place that you can share any silly, stupid, or serious keteks you write. Rules for Keteks 1: The ketek must have a symmetrical structure, like "Vin was cool, was Vin." Changes in punctuation are fine, and so are changes in the form of each word (e.g. walk, walks, walking). 2: The ketek must be grammatically correct. It cannot be a sentence fragment, but it can be more than one sentence. 3: The ketek must be divisible into five distinct parts, which each convey some sort of idea. Example ketek Blackthorn, the killer. The Thrill, the killer. He, Dalinar - He killed the Thrill. The killed - the Blackthorn.
  2. So, I've already done something like this related to Cosmere poetry. Thought I'd make one for people to generally get poetical in. Here, share your favourite poems or release your own into the world. So, to start off, here's one I wrote this morning; I woke this morning Fire in my head And walked into the wood. The trees were standing Lit with light On water fed. I fancied saw the inward Flame upon a bud And reached my hand above. But it was lying When it glowed. As it should. For love is flaming On the treetops' tips While I'm below, disgraced. Inferno blazing In my head On my lips. Hold, hold, my inner conscience Let me not release The thoughts inside my heart That drives me out here In the calm Without ease. Let not the wishes dreamed of In the darkest night Come out amongst the light. That fire ought not Be released Blazing bright.
  3. I don't know if this has been attempted before (and if it was - I'm sorry, I'm not one for necroing threads) but I know quite a lot of sharders here are actually very, very brilliant poets and I thought it would be good if we could, like, post our poems in a single place. Newcomers could try their hand, experienced ones can read through and critic stuff like that. And more importantly, we can just write what we want when we want it. I'll start - here's one I wrote, it was originally for someone I knew and now it's just for someone, anyone. We Were Once a Bridge We can't expect things from each other. Except for the songs meant to drive us away. I mean it, reach out and hold my hand All I'll hold is the distance between us. Twisted fingers Broken glances Stories told underneath these covers Warm red sunsets Deep blue midnights Let's just settle for well used lovers When all is said and done Hold out your hands and reach for the distance. Maybe that way you'll find out That there's nothing to grab on to.
  4. There is a similar post on Fan Fiction, but it seems dead. So, I made another one. Post all your Sanderson-related poems on here. Sonnets, limericks, haikus, keteks, whatever. They can give us the feels or the giggles, or some mixture of both. I ask that they be Sanderson related, though, but any work by Sanderson is fair game. Use spoiler tags when necessary. I will go first, using the last post on the old thread (it was my poem, BTW) WoR spoilers