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Found 12 results

  1. Starting a new podcast with a couple of friends, and have released the first of our monthly episodes today, talking about what the Cosmere is, and some recommendations for first time readers. We’d love to have your feedback, and questions, or something you want us to talk about. Appropriately, the release of episodes will be the 16th of each month.
  2. For the second episode of the Worldhoppers Podcast, (the non spoiler discussion avoiding the rest of the Cosmere and the last two books of era 1) I would like to bring some fun facts regarding the lore of the Final Empire. What were some popular theories before the next book was published? Is there anything interesting surrounding that time? Any other facts in the style of the ones Drew from Inking out Loud brings to the end of their Wheel of Time episodes? (If you have some for the other Mistborn books, they're welcome, and I'll bring them up when we get there) Spoiler bits of lore are also welcome for our full spoiler discussion.
  3. Hei alle nordmenn! I shamelessly plugged in Discord, and figured I'd do the same here! We (two who have read most of Cosmere, and one who has never really read fantasy) have started a Norwegian Cosmere readalong podcast called Mer Kos Med Cosmere. We're reading the books in English and talk in Norwegian (Trøndersk and Bergensk, might be hard enough to listen to even for some of our fellow countrymen) and hope at least some want to listen! We should be on any podcast platform you like, or at Mistborn: The Last Empire parts 1 through 3 is out with the rest of the book on their heels! Feel free to listen, or contact us!
  4. So my friend and I started a podcast back in March, it's not Sanderson related directly but I thought I'd share it on here since the most recent episode covered The Stormlight Archive. It's called We Rate The Dads, and basically we rate Dads. I mean it does what it says on the tin *shrug emoji* It would be really cool to get some feedback, or chat with anyone else who has a podcast. We've been doing this for fun, and really enjoing it, but also we have no idea what we are doing!
  5. We are so happy to announce the coming of The Stormpod (A Stormlight Archive Podcast) Shawn Q; a veteran of Mr. Sanderson's work, and Jack; a newcomer to the Cosmere, dive deep into the world of Roshar starting with The Way of Kings. Shawn and Jack's background as avid D&D/RPG players and GMs give them a unique eye and perspective on the Epic Fantasy story of Voidbringers and Knight Radiants. They will follow the Codes and not spoil anything past the Chapters they are covering each episode. We would love to collaborate with any Cosmere fans out there, whether it be through sharing Fan art, guest appearances on the show, or any other way under the three moons of Roshar. On Wednesday November 4th, the first 3 episode are available anywhere you listen to podcasts. Come and reread the series with us or get someone new into it. Life Before Death, Strength before weakness, Journey before Destination
  6. Hello Everyone my name is Zach. I am the Game Master for a New Actual Play TTRPG Podcast Based in the world of Scadrial From Mistborn Called ASHES & ALLOMANCY (A&A). We will be launching our first Episode or Chapter on June 8th! The game will take place during the first book so if you havnt read the first 3 books this show will contain spoilers if not now eventually. Now a quick note because it is a TTRPG obviously there may be some time line issues along the way so know that i intend to stay as close to the book as i can without sacrificing fun and adventure and player choice. The player will be having their own adventures but occasionally cross paths into the main story to experience all the big moments from the books that can be experienced from an outside character and as for the moments that they can experience i will be re skinning those experiences for the players themselves to see firsthand along with their own stories. The Players of A&A have not read the Books and will be experiencing these stories on podcast. Please follow us at for a teaser and every episode that launches. also show your support by following us at Thanks in advance for joining us and I hope to interact with you in the future.
  7. Hello everybody. As a huge fan of Sanderson work I tried for a long time to make my friend start reading his work. Finally he relented and started reading WotK. So we decided to try to make podcast out of this experience. It will be kinda similar format to Tor reread series just in audio form. We are kinda new to this and English is not our first language so please be gentle with us. Any critique and advice will be greatly appreciated. We are currently on episode 6. I think newer episode are better than older ones. I think as time go by we are improving little bit. So far it has been hell trying not to spoil anything for my friend. I hope you guys will enjoy it. PS huge thanks to Eric for giving us permission to shamelessly advertise it here. Here is link to episode 1 :
  8. Hey all, I need some suggestions for podcasts! I already listen to Writing Excuses, Judge John Hodgeman, a number of HowStuffWorks shows including Stuff you Missed in History Class, and Stuff You Should Know. Beyond these are several NPR shows, including Hidden Brain, Planet Money, and How I Built This. However, sometimes I just want something new. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Is the Shardcast going to be put on itunes? Or is it under a different name? I couldn't find it at least. And whenever I put in the Soundcloud RSS feed link myself, the earliest episode that shows up is only WoR Chapter 59. I haven't listened to any episodes before and was wanting to listen to everything starting from the beginning.
  10. Hey fellow Cosmere enthusiasts, I am a big fan of the Cosmere. For years I have been reading almost every single post in the Cosmere and Stormlight section of the forum. I have read every of his books at least two times. The community here is great one so I thought I might give back a bit. Keep in mind that this is purely a passion project for the community. The feedback you can give me and suggestions for improvement is what I need. I want this to be as good as it can be. If people are new to there Cosmere, I thought that this podcast might give them a proper introduction to the Cosmere. Once I've covered all the basic, I wanted to dive into some theories and speculation. This is my first podcast episode ever and I haen't figured it out all yet. So please, if you have any suggestions to make send them to me. They are very appreciated. Also, if I misstate some facts, please correct me. Your corrections will be included in future episodes. If you have any wishes for future episodes, please let me know. My pronounciation may also not be on point as I am not a native English speaker but I am giving my best. Hope you like it. Cheers Philipp
  11. Any friends of the show here? For those of you who haven't heard of it, The Weekly Planet is a podcast where two Australian guys talk about comic book movies. It's really funny, but not in a rehearsed kind of way. They do swear. If that bothers you, consider yourself warned. If you've never heard of the show, watch this clip. It's pretty great.
  12. Though I was at the midnight release of WOR I just barely finished the book due to a crazy busy couple of weeks... and IT WAS AMAZING!!! I told myself I wouldn't come on to the forums until after I finished so as not to be tempted to peek into others minds before I came to my own conclusions. Upon return I noticed that you are sterilizing the chapters in a podcast, COOL! I am also an accomplished voice actor and would love to lend my skills sand abilities to the Splintercast if possible. I don't know who sees these things and hope I can get in touch asap. Thanks for reading and for having this awesome site for such an awesome author. -Awesomespren (Lucas Henry)