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Found 1 result

  1. “Part of our story begins in the Court, as it welcomes the very first group of students...” “Hello, everyone.” An aged but powerfully built man stood at a podium, looking down at the strange assortment of humans and creatures that stood in the hall. “I am Sir Young, Dragonslayer, and one of the Founders of this place. I summoned you here because I wished to welcome you before classes begin. “Although Coyote has rent the Gillitie from our Court, and regular passage between the two is currently difficult, if not impossible, it is our hope that this institution will continue to serve as a place where humans and etheric beings can live in harmony and learn from each other. “Moreover--” “Is that so?” A voice spoke from the back of the crowd, scarcely loud enough for everyone to hear. To the left of Sir Young, a bored-looking man with close-cropped blonde hair suddenly stood at attention, reaching for something concealed beneath his cloak.. “Then what are you doing with the trees?” “They are being cleared to make room for additional lodgings and residential areas. Your lodgings, I might add.” “Is that all? This place that the Seed has created is enormous, and continues to grow despite Coyote’s intervention. It may well be larger than Gillitie Forest already. Surely we can find space for ourselves, somewhere in the expanse?” “...Coyote’s intervention?” There was a faint creak as the blonde man strung a longbow. The crowd shuffled away from the speaker, revealing a tall Anwyn. “Blast, I’m not supposed to know about that, am I? The way the Forest’s magic has begun to rebel against the Seed? Eh, it’s no matter, I suppose. I am not the only one Coyote sent to bring light to your misdeeds.” “What is the point of this? Why are you trying to reignite the conflict between our people? Is that not what Coyote created to gorge to stop?” “It didn’t stop you, did it?” The elf pointed towards the archer, accusing. Young glanced to his left and nodded, almost imperceptibly. “Steadman.” The Anwyn seemed enraged by the lack of response. “We know--” Between one heartbeat and the next, an arrow was drawn, nocked and loosed, as the Archer proved his name. Rik (Yitzi2), has died! He was an Anwyn! Day One has started. You have 48 hours to decide who you want to lynch and who you wish to represent you as Medium. Good luck. (Quick reminder, PMs cannot be sent during the day, unless you’re the Telepath.) Player List: Locke Tekiel (Orlok Tsubodai) Elbe (Elbereth) Budgie (A Budgie) Altea Meza (Crimsn-Wolf) Carrie Brule (Burnt Spaghetti) Clanky (Clanky) Anwir (Drake Marshal) Anansi (Metacognition) John (Winter Devotion) Small Large (Stink) Lyren (Droughtbringer) Shqueeves (Shqueeves) Pickle (asterion) Lopen (TheMightyLopen) Tarek (Randuir) BrightnessRadiant Ecthelion Quick Links: