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Found 2 results

  1. Wol the messenger sighed wearily as he wrote out his Master’s third last will and testament. The dull rumble of the ball turned debate turned lynch mob downstairs was making it hard to concentrate on his master’s voice. Usually when the mobs came for his master, they were quieter about it. Lord Hadrian Penrod paused in his dictation. “How long have you been with me Wol?” “My lord? At least 4 years now sir?” Hadrian nodded. “That sounds right. And how often have you seen this situation play out with me?” Wol smiled softly at their similar train of thoughts. “Absurdly often my lord. I couldn’t count.” “Is there anything I did wrong this time? Anything I should have done differently?” “I don’t think so, my lord. Certainly, this time, they could not have used the excuse that you remain below observation and concealed—indeed, your provocative stance seems to have drawn the ire of this group.” “So what ought I to do?” “Clearly, sir, the solution is to return to your previous strategems once this is said and done.” “And be accused of the same, and killed for it.” Wol grinned. “What else, my lord?” Hadrian grunted. “Nothing, I’d suppose. Very well, Wol. Continue. The desk in my study with the secret compartment shall be left in the hands of my oldest and most trusted advisor, a count in Luthadel by the name of...” On the stairs, the footsteps of Elend’s men grew louder. Hadrian smiled thinly. They came to arrest, not kill. Perhaps, this time, when the crisis blew over, he may not have to go to the trouble of dying anyway. He signalled Wol to cease scribing, perhaps to hide, and rose to his feet. He would face this group, and allow them to do their worst. The door burst open. Everyone quieted as the Subordinate formerly known as Count swept into the room. Some of them looked up eagerly, others suspiciously. They knew him for what he was, an opportunist who had abandoned Elend for Cett, and now served their master. They knew his loyalty was to his purse, and they knew that he could very well be their only chance at success in the city. “Well Count? Where is your ally?” The Count looked at the group, hiding his true thoughts on the matter. “Gone. He didn’t show up to our appointment, so I checked in on his house. He’s gone. The house is unguarded though, so we will be able to take all the weaponry we were going to buy. A net win.” He didn’t speak his worries. Fynn had been one of the few who could go toe to toe with the Mistborn that was now hunting them. What could have happened to him? “Good. Then tonight, we can start killing off Elend’s supporters. Who shall be the first we dispose of? Jastes is on a timetable, here, Count. And so are we. That army must enter the city.” Senn Conrad nodded briefly. A heartless man, but then again, most groups he worked for contained such figures. An edge of grimness entered his voice, though. This group meant business. “A good question, sir. Let us get to work.” Araris Valerian was lynched! He was a Elend’s Loyalist Soother 2! Vote Count: Araris (8): Fura, Bard, Devotary, Steel, Ark, HH, Stick, Straw Bard (4): Elandera, Rae, Rath, CadCom Rae (1): Rand CadCom (1): Adavantos Lumgol (1): Araris Joe (1): Lumgol Steel (1): Maill Night 1 has begun! It will end in approximately 23 hours, on Sunday 19 May at 9:00 PM EDT (-4:00 UTC if you need to calculate). PMs are OPEN, as at least 1 player holding Tineye 1 is alive. Please abide by the following rules when creating PMs: 1) One-on-one PMs only. Please include me in all PMs. 2) PMs are Night only. When the Night ends, so does your PM. 3) You may only PM living players listed on the player list. The updated playerlist is provided below for your convenience.
  2. Well folks, 21 fantastic Rithmatists are entering the arena, but only 1 will emerge as the champion. Tom, the excitement in here is deafening. Can you talk a bit about the strategy that's involved here? It's all about defense Ron. Do you play it safe and risk an imperfect circle, or do you rush into battle, hoping to overwhelm your opponents? It's always a tough decision. And we certainly can't forget about politics. Making alliances is crucial to surviving the early stages. Still, there's nothing preventing sudden betrayals. That just makes it interesting. Indeed. As a reminder, in your role PM, please respond with what defense you would like to draw. For 48 hours, and only for these 48 hours, PMs are open. Make sure to include both myself and Alvron in them. This round lasts 48 hours, and will end on Thursday, January 10, 2018 at 4:00 PM EST. Good luck. Player List: